The Bank Of Sonic Official!… Sort Of.

The Bank of Sonic - Halifax are going to have to do better than 'Howard Brown' singing 'Who let the dogs out?'

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a little fed up with seeing The Queen’s mug plastered all over our glorious British currency? It’s just me? Oh. Well still, that hasn’t stopped the great seller tycoons of eBay has it? While doing my regular (money draining) browse for Sonic related merchandise I couldn’t help noticing something out of the ordinary, a familiar styled note with the smirking face of Sonics beaming on the front!

What sort of insane magic produced this!? I can’t think of any better way to pop down to GAME and lay a pre-order on Sonic Chronicles than using your very own money from the Bank of Sonic! I wonder if this is what ‘mobiums’ would look like if they existed in our society? Unfortunately though, it doesn’t look like you’ll be spending this exact note any time soon because the Bank of Sonic surprisingly enough does not exist. Well, not until the world comes to its senses and creates it anyway.

While we’re on the same note (pun intended), perhaps you’d want to buy a vintage Sonic money bank to keep your Bank of Sonic novelty note and any spare Rings in? Or maybe we’re just, getting a little ahead of ourselves now…