Back Stealth’s Vertebreaker on Kickstarter With Money (and try out the Demo!)

One of SAGE’s hottest showings this year was a little demo for a rather spooky game called Vertebreaker! It’s being developed by Head Cannon, one of the driving forces behind Sonic Mania, and now it’s come to Kickstarter to get a boost in funds to become a full-fledged indie title!

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Sonic Mania Programmer Creates New Spooky Platformer “Vertebreaker”

Sonic community veteran and Sonic Mania programmer Simon Thomley aka “Stealth” of Headcannon is working on an original, new 2D platformer reminiscent of the old-school SEGA glory days, and it’s quite a spooky one!

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New Mega Drive/CD title in the works

The Sega Homebrew community are currently working on a new Mega Drive and Mega CD game called Pier Solar and plan to release it on cartridge for Mega Drive and of course CD for Mega CD. The game is not licensed, produced or endorsed by Sega so I don’t know how they plan on mass producing it on cartridge and CD to the public.

Anyway, the game is an anime stype RPG and look’s quite good from the screenshots and trailer. The guys have even made an official website for the game.

The game is set for a Fall 2008 release.

In other news Sega have re-released Boarder Down on to their Dreamcast console, the game looks to be produced on the Dreamcasts GD-Rom disks. The game is released today at 7,140 yen.

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Sega announces Beijing 2008

Sega have today announced they are making a real official Olympics game called Beijing 2008, real meaning non-cartoony like Mario and Sonic. The game is being made for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. The development team working on the game is Eurocom Entertainment Software. The title is planned for release in the Summer when Olympics hype will be at its best. Nothing else is known about the game at present.

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Yakuza 3 Demo on PSN

Popular German gaming site ‘Gamefront’ reported earlier today that SEGA are planning to release a downloadable demo of the highly anticipated PS3 exclusive Yakuza game sometime this January.

The game is set for release in Japan on March 6th of this year and the demo has not yet been confirmed it’ll be showing its face on the US or EU Playstation Network.

Those unfamiliar with the series can check out the Japanese website for the upcoming game here or brush up on your knowledge of the previous titles at Wikipedia.

Yakuza has become a big franchise for SEGA, with promise that this third title in the series will not disappoint.

Ohshima and Sakaguchi Announce New RPG

Not exactly pertaining to Sonic, but we all like to know just how well Naoto Ohshima is getting on since he separated himself from SEGA to form Artoon some years ago. Turns out the original character designer is teaming up with Mistwalker’s Hironobu Sakaguchi to create an action RPG for the Nintendo DS called Away.

Not a lot of details are known about the game, as it has just been revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu in Japan. What we do know is that it involves rescuing helpless villages from underground dungeons – with the environments changing every so often, forcing you to constantly adapt to your surroundings. Rescuing more people will expand the village and open up new events and secrets too, we’re told.

Sounds like an interesting concept, we’ll be keeping our eyes on this one.

Sonic Riders interview, and SEGA go bananas!

‘Gamespy’ have conducted an interview with ‘Sonic Riders’ producer Takashi Yuda. Basically Yuda talks about already well know aspects of the game, so nothing new there.

Sonic Riders Takashi Yuda interview

In other news SEGA has announced a brand spanking new game, and TSS has known about the game’s existences for sometime now.

It was when visiting ‘SEGA of Europe’ that TSS stumbled upon some conceptual art, but the good people of SEGA vowed to “staple our nuts to a stack of paper, smack us in the face with an eraser” unless we promised not to spill the beans. And no, Eminem wasn’t really there. Continue reading Sonic Riders interview, and SEGA go bananas!

Super Monkey Ball DS: Confirmed

A Japanese video game magazine has provided an article, including pictures, which confirms the existance of Super Monkey Ball for the Nintendo DS.

Super Monkey Ball is a very popular video game series by SEGA that has had a number of console and handheld releases over the years. Many gamers have enjoyed the simple, yet challenging and addictive gameplay and the host of mini-games.

The article comes from a currently unamed video game magazine written entirely in Japanese. Most probably, it comes from Famitsu, one of the most famous and popular magazines in Japan. Continue reading Super Monkey Ball DS: Confirmed

Disappointing US Sonic Gems Collection Update

In what may be yet another blow to US fans Sonic Team’s latest compilation, Sonic Gems Collection, will once again not contain bonus additional MegaDrive/Genesis games, just as it is with the previous modern collections.

The Streets of Rage trilogy which was confirmed to appear in the upcoming title has been revealed to not feature in the US version of the game, as reveled by GameSpy in a preview recently published online. SEGA told GameSpy when questioned:

“While Streets of Rage will ship with Sonic Gems Collection in other markets, the more mature game does not conform to the E-rating of Sonic The Hedgehog games in North America.” Continue reading Disappointing US Sonic Gems Collection Update

Sonic Gems Collection to Feature More SEGA Gems

Earlier today IGN published an article disclosing what sources close to them indicate will be the hidden games to be featured as unlockable bonuses. The games rumored to be appearing include the classic Genesis/Mega Drive Streets of Rage series, a port of SEGA’s classic Bonanza Brothers and additional titles undisclosed at this point in time.

Sonic Gems Collection is expected to launch later this year on Playstation 2 and GameCube. At this point in time SEGA have also announced in the US the title will be a GameCube exclusive, however have not yet specified if this also applies to the games PAL release.

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