UPDATE: The Spin: A look into Sonic’s history with Nintendo


UPDATE: I just found out and added that Marvelous (then known as MarvelousAQL) helped with Mario & Sonic London 2012 3DS!

Hello again! 🙂 Over the past while I’ve made lookbacks covering two Sonic games on Nintendo systems, specifically Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and Sonic Unleashed, both for Wii, and I thought, you know what, why don’t I just cover the whole history? Of course, the opinions in this article reflect my own thoughts and may not reflect the thoughts of the other Staff members. With that, let’s start from the very beginning…

Mario & Sonic Together

A rivalry past, comes friendship to last

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[UPDATE] Lost World Charity Marathon Forges Ahead on October 26th, Prizes Announced


UPDATE: The marathon will be going live at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern over at the event website, on Twitch.tv, and on YouTube. Original post follows.

Along with the successful funding for effective livestream equipment, David Oxford of Nintendo Force is pleased to announced that the Sonic Lost World First Play Charity Marathon will forge ahead this Saturday, October 26th!

Oxford will be joined by Ian Flynn, who many will recognize as the writer for Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, and Mega Man series, as they tackle Sonic’s latest gaming venture over the course of 24 hours in hopes to raise money for the Sick Kids Foundation.

With the hosts themselves bearing little to no experience of the game itself, Flynn having played no more than the San Diego Comic-Con demo and Oxford going in blind, they will also be holding an open chat where viewers are given the green light to ask questions as the playthrough goes on, and with the recent universal reboot of the Archie Sonic comics following the mega Worlds Collide crossover, there is possibly no better chance to get some answers regarding Sonic’s brave new world than this!

In an email Oxford sent our way, he has stated that, thanks to their generous sponsors, numerous prizes will be raffled off to those who donate over the course of the Marathon, which include but are not limited to:

  • Four green Sonic Lost World lanyards from the Sonic Boom 2013 convention, featuring images of the Deadly Six and Sonic on one side, and the game’s logo on the other;
  • Four digital one-year subscriptions to Nintendo Force magazine;
  • 12 different Archie Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe comic collections and magazines, and;
  • Four hardcover first editions of UDON Entertainment’s The History of Sonic the Hedgehog book!

And the two grand prizes?

  • One customized Sonic Lost World “thank you” illustration, featuring the winner’s name, by fan-favorite Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man artist Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante!
  • One Wii U Deluxe Set from Nintendo with a copy of Sonic Lost World!

While concerns were initially raised over the date of the event due to the delay of the North American release, it appears that the kind folks at SEGA have given a helping hand to Oxford and Flynn by granting them an early copy of the game, thus allowing the charity event to proceed as planned.

Oxford and Flynn are hoping to raise a total of $1000-1500 through the Charity Marathon, and if those numbers can be broken, then all the better for Sick Kids! Help kick off the holiday season right by donating to this wonderful cause!

[ UPDATE: A Facebook event page and a Google+ event page has since gone live. ]

Once again, the Sonic Lost World First Play Charity Marathon will be held this Saturday, October 26th, over at Nyteworks.

New Mario & Sonic Sochi 2014 Trailer, Release Dates Revealed


In additional crossover news, we’ve got more intel concerning Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games!

Announced in the recent Nintendo Direct (along with a smashing reveal), release dates have finally been set in stone for the fourth instalment of the Mario & Sonic at the Olympics series. European fans can expect it on their shelves on November 8th, with North American players receiving it on November 15th. A bundle package containing a themed Wii Remote Plus is also set to go retail!

Along with the dates came the surprise announcement of online multiplayer for the Olympic Games sponsored sports title, so friends can now go head to head via the Nintendo Network rather than viewing global rankings alone as in previous instalments. A major plus!


Source: Nintendo Direct

Sonic Rejoins the Brawl! Blue Blur Confirmed for Smash 4 via Nintendo Direct!


IT’S HAPPENING! Sonic the Hedgehog returns to the Brawl in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U!

Wanted to have the 90’s Console War mascots deck each other in the face once more after Super Smash Bros Brawl? Wanted more Sonic and Mega Man action after Archie Comics’ Worlds Collide crossover? So did we!


The surprise announcement came by way of today’s Nintendo Direct, and along with Sonic’s sudden confirmation comes his own stage representative, Windy Hill from Sonic Lost World!

Check out the gallery below!


sonicsmash1 sonicsmash2sonicsmash3 sonicsmash4 sonicsmash5sonicsmash6 sonicsmash7 sonicsmash8 


Sonic Lost World eShop File Sizes Revealed


Thanks to Nintendo Life, the file sizes to the digital editions of Sonic Lost World have been revealed, and I’m warning you right away: this game’s been dreaming of pounding your sorry storage device. Those hoping to go digital for either the 3DS or Wii U versions, take note of the following!


For 3DS owners, Sonic Lost World will be clocking in at around 1.25GB. To those curious, standard Nintendo 3DSes come with 2GB SD cards, and XLs already have 4GB ones loaded into the system, so if you’re hoping to go digital, now would be the time to invest in a bigger memory card.

Not that the Wii U version is any better, with the file size going for a massive 8.37GB. Owners of the Basic Edition might as well go for the retail disc or get an external hard drive, while those with the Deluxe Edition might not be better off what with a decent chunk of their console’s memory used up. Another downside, the Deadly Six Edition appears to be retail-only (thank you Parax for the heads-up!)!

What do you plan to go for? Are you picking up your game in the shops or waiting for the midnight digital release? Let us know down below!

Special thanks to YoshiUnity of the SSMB for the tip.

Sonic Lost World Delayed to October 29th in North America


Above you, we have the North American version of the extended Deadly Six Trailer, showing off the Sonic Lost World antagonists in action… but there’s bad news bears for some.

While this doesn’t affect the October 18th release for eager European fans, SEGA of America has pushed the North American version of the game by another week, widening the gap between both regional releases. This purportedly makes it the last version of the game to be sold on retail, with Australia still getting their mits on Sonic’s Nintendo-exclusive adventure on the 19th Japan still receiving it on the 24th.

That clocks the North American street date of Sonic Lost World to October 29th instead of the previous October 22nd date. Just a quick heads-up before you head into Gamestop to pick up your Deadly Six Edition of the game!

Special thanks to Carbo of the SSMB for the tip.

P.S.: “Bad news is actually the one thing I enjoy…!” Hogfather called it!


Tropical Coast Ashore at Sonic Lost World TGS 2013

Hear ye, hear ye! Freshly baked Sonic Lost World footage straight from the Tokyo Game Show! Watch it while it’s hot!

As we have reported last week,  Sonic’s upcoming Nintendo-exclusive venture was to receive a 45 minute presentation during SEGA’s TGS 2013 showcase earlier today. With viewers from all over gathering at the Nico Nico-based livestream, Sonic fans everywhere were ready for the extensive preview held by representatives of SEGA of Japan, including Lost World producer Takashi Iizuka and the game’s Sound Director, Tomoya Ohtani.

The showcase, to the dismay of some, comprised mostly of pre-existing information and video, but one juicy tidbit did satisfy many others, and that is previously unseen video footage of the Tropical Coast stage, featuring the Yellow Drill, a controllable mech, and more! Sea for yourself!


Source: NintendoEverything

Oxford and Flynn Team Up for Sonic Lost World First Play Charity Marathon


David Oxford, writer for Nintendo Force magazine, and Ian Flynn, writer for Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, and Mega Man series, are teaming up for a start-to-finish blind playthrough of SEGA’s upcoming Sonic Lost World to raise some money for charity!

Hosted by Nyteworks, the pair seek to raise $1000-1500 (but you know what they say: the more, the merrier!) over the course of 24 hours for the Sick Kids Foundation, the fundraising branch of the Toronto-based The Hospital for Sick Children. You can pester Flynn with various questions concerning the comics, participate in raffles to win prizes via known sponsors Nintendo Force and UDON Entertainment (publisher of The History of Sonic the Hedgehog), and even request games to be played should they finish their Lost Hex romp early!

HOWEVER! While the mission in itself is noble, they won’t be able to accomplish their goal without the proper equipment.


The Sonic Lost World First Play Charity Marathon needs a bit of a boost of up to $750 for quality tools, so Oxford and Flynn are turning to crowdfunding via Indiegogo in order to make the charity event a reality. Perks of contributing include shout-outs and promotions of almost anything (so long as it is within reason), so for the charity and the equipment fundraiser of the charity…

Please think of the sick children.

That’s right, I’m guilt-tripping you. Is it working? Yes? Good!

Sonic Boom Lost World Trailer, New Stage Surfaces


Along with the extended cutscene mere minutes ago, yet another bit of Lost World footage came ’round from Sonic Boom – a trailer, no less!

Paired with the Summer of Sonic trailer, fans attending the St. Louis event were treated with a new zone! With some focus on the Frozen Factory stage, an underwater mine-like level is revealed, and there appears to be much grinding in the Act showcased. Mind the dodgy stream quality, we will be sure to notify you via Twitter if a cleaner version surfaces.

Get it? Surfacing? Underwater? …ah forget it.


Special thanks to SSF1991 for the tip!

Extended Lost World Cutscene Emerges at Sonic Boom

“Would anyone like to see that cutscene in English?” asked Aaron Webber to an eager crowd at Sonic Boom 2013 tonight.

The Sonic Lost World cutscene provided by the Japanese Nintendo Direct a few days ago was showcased in full at the St. Louis based event, providing a much clearer insight into the game’s story. Skip ahead to 0:50 for the scene itself.


Hedgehog, you dun goof’d royal.

Special thanks to Son1ctrainer on the SSMB for the heads up, and keep an eye on our Twitter should a cleaner version arise!

Sonic Lost World: Deadly Six’s Deadly Names


Following our earlier report on the game’s release date, Nintendo & Sega have released the names of the mysterious Deadly Six.

Snagged by Barry the Nomad via SEGAbits, the names of the Lost World’s Deadly Six are as follows…













Keep checking TSS as we’ll have a special report from the floor of E3 very soon.

Sonic Lost World Gameplay Surfaces via IGN

Hot off of IGN, an extensive amount of gameplay footage of Sonic Lost World has surfaced along with some additional information about the game. That’s right, footage as in both Wii U and 3DS versions got previewed!

For the Wii U edition, “Support Mode” will see to that a second player will assist in destroying badniks and obstacles via a “Radio Controlled Gadget” invented by Tails, utilized through the Wii Remote.

For the 3DS version, SLW has Dimps once again returning in the handheld version development and will feature level design different to that of its home console counterpart. In addition, up to four players can race against one another in Versus Mode both locally and online. Connectability to the Wii U game has also been hinted with players to be able to share items.

Catch the commentary video of the Wii U version between Aaron Webber of SEGA of America and Rich George of IGN first, then the three 3DS videos, for gameplay footage of Windy Hill and Desert Ruin!





If you’re over at E3, be sure to try the demoes yourself!

Sonic Lost World Wii U, 3DS Prices Set on Amazon


No sign of a release date just yet, though it appears that we already have a price point on both versions of Sonic Lost World! Hey, at least you’ll know what the damage to your wallet will be in advance, right?

Via Amazon, it appears that the Wii U version of Lost World is priced at $49,95USD, while the 3DS version of the parkour-centric title is to be sold for $39,95USD. Pretty fair prices, mind!


Special thanks to SSF1991 for the tip!

Sonic and Eggman Team Up in Sonic Lost World, Box Art Revealed


Right on schedule, the SEGA Blog has updated with more details concerning Sonic Lost World, and more on its new baddies.

Dr. Eggman has harnessed the power of six menacing creatures collectively known as the Deadly Six, but when the Deadly Six rise up against their master, Sonic has to unite with his arch nemesis in order to take on the new enemies head-on.  Using his dynamic new parkour moves and improved Color Powers, Sonic must run, jump and race through a variety of ever-changing terrains in order to defeat the Deadly Six.

As confirmed by Hiroyuki Miyazaki, SEGA of America’s Chief Content Officer, Sonic Lost World‘s story tells of adversaries Sonic and Eggman indeed joining forces to defeat the new threat!

3DS box art and additional info about the game after the jump!

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SEGA Teases Sonic Lost World’s Six Guardians

Seems like the “guardians” we have previously reported on are real!

Outlines of the six new characters for Sonic Lost World have begun to pop up via the Japanese website, along with a tease via SEGA’s Twitter and Facebook of a reveal next Wednesday.

Six will rise from the Lost World. Are they friends or foes? Find out May 29th.


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Freak-Out Friday: Eggman Advertises…

…for Sonic!

And we don’t mean that of the hedgehog variety.


I see that look: a look of shock and awe has somehow been plastered onto your face! Is it because you’ve just heard Eggman go into detail about various foods and great deals from the fast food chain ironically sharing the name of a famous blue hedgehog? Or is it possibly because of the unbelievable voice actor behind Eggman here, who goes by the name of Kyle Boyle (also known as BoyleVoices)?

…I dunno, must be the first thing. Just a hunch.

In any case, since that was so good, why don’t we listen to the jolly ol’ doc again? I know, how about we hear Eggman as he chatters with glee upon finally obtaining…

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