First Sonic Unleashed playtest to be in ONM (UPDATE)

Now that Sega Europe have officially announced Sonic Unleashed, Official Nintendo Magazine have announced their first playtest of Sonic Unleashed will be in their upcoming issue 29. You can pick up a copy of the magazine Friday April 11.

UPDATE: Official Nintendo Magazine have unveiled on their website the Sonic Unleashed front cover of their magazine which reveals that new screens and information will be in Fridays issue. They also say – “Yes, by day Sonic is the blue hedgehog we all know and love but, when the sun sets, he turns into a werehog with claws and fangs.

This does make a difference to the gameplay as the werehog is slower but stronger, meaning he can swing around levels, move obstacles and hurl enemies around.”

ONM Website

Magazine Mania

The August edition of British games publication issue 6 of the new format Nintendo Official Magazine and issue 175 of Games Master both contain large features dedicated to SEGA’s spiky blue messiah. These publications come in the wake and aftermath of little boy blues 15th birthday bash, which portrayed a rather sombre affair, but scratch the surface and you’ll find that the boys and girls at Sonic Team were busy beavering away at interviews for Sonic Channel and both of these magazines. Continue reading Magazine Mania