Next Nintendo TV News Episode to Feature Exclusive Sonic Generations Preview

At the end of today’s episode of Nintendo TV News on the UK Wii Nintendo Channel, Official Nintendo Magazine informed they will have an exclusive preview of the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations in their next episode, which will be made available September 23rd. ONM hasn’t give any clues about what to expect, but given the format of the show, we should hopefully see new video footage and/or an interview with SEGA.

We’ll pass on any new information revealed.

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[UPDATE] Summer of Sonic 2010 Video Special Now On Nintendo Channel


UPDATE: The video is now on YouTube, thanks to user UkCollecterOStuff. /UPDATE END

Summer of Sonic 2010 attendees may remember seeing Nintendo Europe staff filming at the convention and by now wondered whatever happened to their coverage. Well, if you own a Wii and have it online, you can now check out their video from SoS on the Wii Nintendo Channel, together with some footage from Gamescom 2010. Nintendo caught plenty of fans in their video and spoke to some familiar faces in the Sonic community at SoS, so see if you can spot yourself. You’ll also hear from SEGA Europe’s Michelle Dix about the Sonic fandom and newly released game Sonic Colours, as well as from special guest Jun Senoue about creating Sonic game music. Finally, SEGA’s David Corless speaks from Gamescom about evolving the Sonic brand and keeping it fresh.

Check out the video on the Wii Nintendo Channel and share your thoughts in the comments.

Sonic Colours DS Demo Now On EU & AU Wii Nintendo Channel

If you live in Europe or Australia, you can now take Sonic Colours on Nintendo DS for a brief spin. A demo has been made available for download today via the Wii’s Nintendo Channel, allowing fans to have a playthrough of Tropical Resort Act 1. In this stage you can get to grips with the White Wisps that give you a speed boost in Sonic Rush fashion and the Red “Burst” Wisp that turns Sonic into a fire-ball and allows him to charge a Burst Jump that he can launch in any direction.

If you’ve given the demo a try, share your experience with it in the comments below.

Sonic Colours Wii To Support Classic Controller & GameCube Controller

Nintendo of America have put up a product page for Sonic Colours Wii on the Wii’s U.S. Nintendo Channel which reveals Classic Controller and GameCube Controller support for the game, so those not keen on the motion controls set for the game such as drifting with the Nunchuk will have two traditional control options. Lets just hope Nintendo of America aren’t accident prone with their Nintendo Channel like Nintendo Europe, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing’s EU Nintendo Channel page still to this day claims the game supports the GameCube Controller which we know isn’t supported.

The EU Nintendo Channel doesn’t have Sonic Colours listed yet but we’ll keep an eye out. Are you happy Sonic Team have given players a control choice? Discuss in the comments.

Many thanks to chaoscontrol14 at the SSMB for the photo.

ASR DS Demo Is Out Now On The UK Wii Nintendo Channel

The Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing DS demo the U.S. got a few days ago has finally hit the UK Wii Nintendo Channel, the demo lets you play as Sonic in Seaside Hill and contains Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels. Go grab it now and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Thanks to knuxtaben over at the SSMB for the heads up.

[UPDATE:Footage]ASR DS Demo Now On U.S. Nintendo Channel

[youtube][/youtube] UPDATE 2: Footage on Easy difficulty now available thanks to YouTube user shigamodo. Thanks to BlueHedgehog 92 at the SSMB for the heads up. /UPDATE END

UPDATE: We’ve just checked the UK Nintendo Channel and its not there and Pearl over at the SSMB has just informed us that its on the U.S. Nintendo Channel. /UPDATE END

We’ve just got word in from a couple of members at the SSMB that the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing DS demo Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital said was coming has now arrived on the Nintendo Channel for you to download now. We dont know in which regions this has been released to yet but we’ll do our best to find out and update as soon as possible. If you can confirm its arrived in your region we’d be very grateful if you can let us know in the comments.

Steve Lycett Clears Up ASR Nintendo Channel Info

Steve Lycett under his S0L tag has revealed that Nintendo’s Wii Nintendo Channel hasn’t just made a mistake about the Gamecube Controller support but they are also mis-informed about a couple of other things.

The Channel’s product page for Wii states the game supports Wii Connect 24 and the product page for DS states the game supports 2-6 player multiplayer. Steve informs us in a post at the SSMB that both of those statements are incorrect and the DS version supports 4 players locally and online.

Steve also reveals Mii support has been there since the beginning and Craig Duncan’s previous statement was incorrect and too early. The statement couldn’t be cleared up or the cat would have been out of the bag before the announcement was due.

Liking the Mii’s then

They’ve always been in though – we didn’t add them due to fan pressure. Craig was misquoted about them not being in – but I couldn’t really say anything about it as – well then the car would have been well and truly out of the bag

On the Nintendo Channel question…

Wii version doesn’t support Wii Connect 24 – not sure where they’ve got that from.

DS is only 4 player multiplayer (local and online) not 6. They’re right about the rest



As Steve states in the above post, everything else on the Nintendo Channel is true.
So new information now confirmed we have –

Mii support (which has now been officially confirmed today a day later by SEGA/Sumo Digital)

2-4 players multiplayer(locally and online)
Single Card Download-play Multiplayer
Multi Card Multiplayer

Editor’s note: Since the Nintendo Channel information have now been cleared up, we’ve binned yesterday’s article regarding those updates.