SEGA Earnings Report Lists Sonic Generations For 3DS and PC

SEGA Sammy has released a PDF of their Japanese earnings report, and inside is the above chart listing titles for the current fiscal year. The chart reveals new platforms for Sonic Generations (second title down), including Nintendo 3DS and PC. If this is true and not a big mistake, then it’s good news for fans who would rather play on the go or on their computer. CVG has contacted SEGA UK, but they responded with “no comment”.

If we hear any confirmation, we’ll let you know.

Source: Andriasang (via CVG)

RUMOUR: Sonic Generations Coming to Nintendo 3DS?

We’ve just heard word from SSMB member Hero of Legend that his local GameStop store in Canada is listing a portable version of Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS. The game is currently scheduled to just be coming to Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 consoles.

Here’s Hero of Legend’s report:

So I went to my local GS in Canada, and I asked if the person working there could print out their system game schedule, as their websites suck now for new game findings (US and Canada sites).

So I looked in the 3DS section, and found this:

Release Date – Description – System – Price – SKU

12/31/11 – SONIC GENERATIONS – 3DS – 39.99 – 7031719

It’s not in the Wii or DS section sadly. But this makes sense given the 3DS’ PS360 shading capabilities.

A Sonic game was listed to be coming to Nintendo 3DS in a press document at last year’s E3 and recently it was revealed that Nintendo Power’s latest issue hints at the possibility of Sonic Generations coming to a Nintendo platform(s) in its next issue page. Fellow fansite Sonic Paradise also reported in March that the SEGA representative they spoke to in October told them that ‘Sonic Anniversary’ would be coming to Nintendo 3DS. If true, this would all tie together perfectly.

If we hear any more news regarding this, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Source: SSMB

Thanks to Hero of Legend for the heads up!

Sonic Drift 2 & Sonic Triple Trouble Coming to Japan’s 3DS Virtual Console

Following yesterdays news of Game Gear games coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, SEGA Japan has announced the first games they will be bringing to the service, including two Sonic titles.

Sonic Triple Trouble
Sonic Drift 2
The GG Shinobi
Dragon Crystal

No release dates or price points are given, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see them available at the eShop’s launch in late May. There’s also no word on whether these games will come to the U.S. and European Virtual Consoles. We’ll pass along more information when it’s made available.

Source: SEGA Japan (via

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

[UPDATE] Rumour: Sonic Anniversary Coming to Nintendo 3DS

UPDATE: Official Nintendo Magazine UK has contacted SEGA about the game, to which they replied “No comment”.
Link (Thanks to Doctor MK for the heads up!)

You may remember fellow Sonic fansite Sonic Paradise reported back in October that a SEGA representative informed them that a title tentatively called ‘Sonic Anniversary‘ is in the works for Wii, DS, PSP and PS3, with an Xbox 360 version to be confirmed. The title was said to be a compilation of levels from across Sonic’s library of past games in a mix of 2D and 3D and adapted to todays generation of consoles.

Sonic Paradise’s latest podcast has revealed that a Nintendo 3DS version of the game is also in the works, a detail they say was lost in the initial reports. If this information is true, then this could mean that the Sonic 3DS game in development could be a version of this game, rather than its own exclusive game for the format.

Take this rumour with a pinch of salt for now until we hear some official details regarding future games from SEGA.

Source: Sonic Paradise (via Sonic Zone)

Takashi Iizuka Comments on Sonic and Nintendo 3DS

In the previous issue of Nintendo Power, various game developers opinions on Nintendo 3DS were gathered and among them was Takashi Iizuka, producer at Sonic Team.

Takashi Izuka – Producer, Sonic Team:

“At Sonic Team, we’re already studying the Nintendo 3DS. We’re very interested in the platform. We think the depth of 3D could really help the sense of speed, especially when you’re playing Sonic from behind-the-back perspective.”

Fans may recall a document that hit the net, confirming SEGA’s planned Super Monkey Ball and Sonic the Hedgehog titles for the handheld, but SEGA has yet to announce or show anything officially. Iizuka’s comment is only based on concepts, but would you like a handheld Sonic game with a “behind-the-back perspective” like Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colours? Discuss in the comments.

Source: GoNintendo