TSS’ Christmas Movie: Night of the Living Warhog

You may have heard of Evil Doc as the geniuses behind the animated shorts seen in various episodes of The Sonic Show. Topics that have grabbed their attention include the ‘best’ cutscenes in modern Sonic games and the music that can sometimes muffle the voices of the main characters (whether that’s a good or bad thing we’ll leave to you, gentle reader).

Now Evil Doc have taken to the recent Halloween Sonic Unleashed movie, Night of the Living Werehog, and have recieved word that SEGA are in fact making a Christmas movie based on its success! Called Night of the Living Warhog: Christmas Edition, it features Shadow and Black Doom investigating a haunted house on Christmas Eve… shortly before the black hedgehog starts shooting everything down.

It’s a great jape on the classic Sonic Unleashed tie-in, and a perfect thing for you to watch on Christmas Eve as you wait for Santa/Father Christmas to come down your chimney. Hopefully he won’t meet any Rambo-inspired black hedgehogs on his way to your house, although that could be a good excuse for your parents to use for the lack of presents.

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