New Sonic Lost World Gamescom Trailer


Germany’s Gamescom convention opened today and before you could say ‘Golly!’ Sega released a new trailer for Sonic Lost World. The trailer mainly focuses on the co-op and multiplayer features of the game. 2 player vs is confirmed and players will see themselves racing a green and red hedgehog. Anyone who played Sonic Colours will recognise this idea. During the time Sonic Colours was coming out, a few of us decided to nickname the red hedgehog Barry, Barry the Redhog, who gets his super speed from boozing it up.

Anyone want to offer nickanme suggestions for the green Sonic go right ahead. I vote Shrek Sonic, or Shreknic the Ogrehog.

In addition to the multiplayer we also see several new zones and sections of gameplay as well as one of the pieces of dialogue that has caused some slight controversy in recent weeks.

And no, it’s not a big deal at all when you see it in game.

Due to how big Gamescom is, odds are there will be more news regarding Sonic Lost World this week, so keep checking TSS as we’ll be updating with more news as and when we get it.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed E3 Trailer & New Characters Revealed!

It’s nearly E3 Blue Believers. So we can expect some new All Stars Racing news soon… what? Today!? Oh my. Earlier today IGN decided to post the new E3 Trailer to Sega/Sumo’s Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. The trailer confirms a bunch of new characters as well as stages.

We’ll let the trailer do most of the talking for us, since it’s quite the awesome trailer. But hit that read more link to see a bunch of other stuff that’s been revealed.

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Ulala and BD Joe Confirmed For ASR


IGN have just put up a new Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing trailer that confirms Ulala and BD Joe’s presence in the game. We now have the the trailer in YouTube vision for you to enjoy thanks to user megajames12. A couple of tracks look to be revealed too, one that looks Samba De Amigo themed and another Super Monkey Ball track with a pirate ship racers launch themselves from for a quick game of Monkey Target. The trailer also confirms the retailer product descriptions of the game having 24 tracks.

Ulala has been heavily hinted at to appear in this game before by Nintendo Power and the ESRB rating of the game, now she’s officially 100% confirmed we can see she has a hi-tech space hovercraft making her the second flying/hovering character. Her All-Star move isn’t very clear in the trailer where she stands, lifts her arm in the air and… we don’t get to see the effect.

BD Joe from Crazy Taxi has also been hinted at since Steve Lycett’s recent Developer Diary where Steve met with AM3 at SEGA Japan’s offices to discuss a character’s inclusion. BD Joe is shown briefly at parts of the trailer in one of the game’s classic taxi’s but again we’re left to wonder what this character’s All-Star move will be.

Thanks to NinMicroSega and GameboyHero over at the SSMB for the tip.

Original source: IGN

New ASR Trailer Now On Xbox Live and YouTube

Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing banner

UPDATE: Now on YouTube –

A new trailer for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing featuring Banjo-Kazooie has just hit Xbox Live on Xbox 3660. The trailer weighs in at 72.12MB.

The trailer is now available via the Marketplace on the official Xbox web site too.

The trailer reveals your Xbox 360 Avatars are playable in the game for a more custom experience. The trailer also lays to rest any hope fans had for exclusive characters in the other versions of the game with the voice-over confirming “Exclusive Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing characters only on Xbox 360.”

Examining the trailer:
– Shadow’s All-Star Move is, you guessed it Super Shadow!
– The Avatar’s All-Star Move gathers your friends Avatar’s to lift your vehicle and run while carrying your car to give you what looks to be a comical boost in speed while bashing through opponents.
– A track that looks like Dino Mountain from Billy Hatcher is shown.
– A Tokyo type city track is also shown, possibly representing Yakuza, Shenmue or Jet Set/Grind Radio.
– Banjo-Kazooie’s vehicle’s license plate says BANJO for anyone interested.
– Final Fortress from Sonic Heroes also appears as a new track.
– Banjo Kazooie’s All-Star Move has Kazooie peck Banjo’s head then get out her magical wrench from Nuts & Bolts to throw Jiggies behind them to attack their opponents.
– Amy is shown attacking Tails with a giant blue ball item.
– Banjo Kazooie’s vehicle has the Rare logo as a hood ornament.
– The trailer’s description reveals Banjo-Kazooie’s vehicle to be named the ‘Bolt Bucket’ Jeep and the Avatar’s vehicle to be called the ‘Avacar’.
– The UK official Xbox site is now displaying the same box art as the U.S. with Banjo Kazooie on the front so that’s the UK Xbox 360 box art confirmed.

The desert track shown is from Super Monkey Ball. If you pause the trailer at the part where Banjo stands up and waves at everyone behind him to the left you can see a giant stone wheel with AiAi and Mee-Mee’s faces on with a picture of a banana. The track also has banana peel obstacles too. Super Monkey Ball character statues can also be seen at the end of the trailer.

Steve Lycett from Sumo Digital under his nickname S0L has confirmed via the SSMB that the Tokyo track is from the Jet Set Radio games.

Steve also assures fans that Bajo-Kazooie are on the disc and not downloadable content.

M&S 2 DS Gameplay Revealed In New Trailer


After revealing Wii gameplay for the first time in their last trailer, SEGA have revealed a new gameplay trailer for the DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The trailer is titled Snow Sports so of course showcases skiing and snowboarding events. Fans who visited Summer of Sonic this year won’t see anything new gameplay wise in this trailer as they are the same few events from that demo.

Some cool new art for Tails and Luigi is shown in this trailer too.

Stay tuned to TSS for more coverage of the game as we approach it’s European release October 16th and U.S. release October 13.

S&SASR: New Characters, Screens and Trailer


SEGA have revealed some new screens and a trailer for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing at Gamescom and in them we can see some new characters. We now have Knuckles(which according to reports is the last Sonic character in the game), Beat from Jet Set Radio, Billy Hatcher(you can guess what game he’s from) and Alex Kidd(you can guess that too).


Some new tracks are also on show such as Bingo Highway, another track from Sonic Heroes, a jungle level from Super Monkey Ball and another track seen in the screen shot below. If you know which game its from let us know in the comments.


The game looks to be shaping up well and can only improve before its 2010 release in Europe. The U.S. version of the trailer moves a step further and reveals a February 2010 release date for that territory. Stay tuned for more info from our playtest at Summer of Sonic later this month

Check out more screens over at SEGA Europe’s website.

Sexy new Sonic Chronicles ‘Enemies’ trailer have put up a new trailer for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood out this Friday on Nintendo DS in Europe and the 30th in the U.S. This trailer focuses on the various enemies found in the game and their levels of difficulty. The video also features some awesome new CGI footage of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy battling an whole army of soldiers from the Brotherhood. New enemy character Shade also makes an appearance in CGI form at the end of the trailer. The trailer claims she ‘will push you to the limit’. BRING IT ON SISTER!

You can find the new trailer here.