2016 to Have Several New Sonic Games


Blink and you’ll miss it. If you read the article posted in ToyWorld Mag carefully, you’ll notice that Sega has finally confirmed that 2016 will get a Sonic game, or should that be ‘Games.’

Now you might think ‘they already did’ urm… actually, they didn’t, they’ve not yet confirmed it, this is the first time they’ve confirmed new ‘games’ for 2016, we’ve assumed that there would be one given all the teases, but it’s not yet actually been confirmed.

So far the only thing which we assume will come out this year is Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, however that also doesn’t have an official release date, but this article states ‘new games’ suggesting there will be the sequel to Boom and at least one other mystery title.

Keep checking TSS for more news when we get it.

Thanks to Steve who spotted this.