(Update) Sega confirms new Sonic project is coming in 2017

Update: Decided to adjust a couple of things. First the message seems to more specifically say that a new Sonic project is coming next year (project seems to be the prevailing word rather than game, but some do report it as a game). While it’s not specified to be the big anniversary game, it is said that details will be announced at the 25th anniversary party in San Diego on July 22nd. The event in San Diego will also be live-streamed via Twitch. Finally, another very reliable site has put up the full details, along with the link to the live-stream archive which you can see below.

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Sega Confirms New Sonic Games for 2013!

You could have guessed this. But it’s one thing to speculate, it’s another thing to get some form of confirmation. Sega have confirmed several new Sonic game for 2013.

In the November 2012 edition of Toys ‘N’ Playthings there is an interview with Sissel Henno who happens to be the Head of Brand Licensing at Sega (Europe). The interview is mainly focused on Sonic merchandise, in it we get some insight into not only Sonic’s future as a brand, but also confirmation for several new games to be released in 2013.

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Nintendo published Sonic game rating appears on OFLC

A rating for a Sonic game has appeared on the OFLC’s website. The game has been rated G for General and is simply titled “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Game (Multi Platform)”.

What’s odd about it is that the game’s publisher is listed as Nintendo. I guess this could be for Sonic Unleashed or Sonic and the Black Knight but Black Knight is supposed to be Wii Exclusive not multi-platform and Sonic Unleashed is surely being published by Sega because its being released on Sony and Microsoft platforms. Only conclusion one can come to is this must be referring to a new Wii and DS game as Nintendo are publishing it. Hopefully Nintendo/Sega will explain soon.

Thanks to Dan Hibiki for bringing this to everyones attention at the SSMB!