First Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Screenshots

Official Nintendo Magazine UK has gotten hold of the first screenshots of both Wii and 3DS versions of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The screenshots were posted on their website this afternoon, together with details of new events (including Dream Events) shown off at a recent press event SEGA held for the game.

New 3DS events include 1000m Kayak, Breaststroke, the Race Walk, Judo and Balance Beam (this event not shown in screenshots). New Wii events in the game are canoeing, equestrian, Dream Long Jump and Dream Discus.

ONM confirms that no new characters have been added to the game and online multiplayer will again not be included, but the game will feature 4 player local multiplayer. The website also reports that the Wii version doesn’t support Wii Motion Plus.

For full details of the various events, head over to ONM. (Wii, 3DS)

Check out the screenshots below and see if you recognise the Dream Event locations:


Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

New Issue of OXM UK Reveals More Sonic Generations Details

Some pieces of new information about Sonic Generations have arisen in a new four page preview in the new issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK, which includes a short interview with Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka.

New details from the feature are below:
* Current story details are:
“A mysterious new nemesis (Sega isn’t saying more than that at this time) arrives on the scene and immediately sets about eradicating the very fabric of space and time, as you do when you want to impress the new neighbours, The net result is that modern-day Sonic falls through a wormhole and winds up back in 1991, where he comes-to-face with his younger, squatter, flatter self.

1990’s Sonic isn’t much of a conversationalist, but since the entire world around them has suddenly been drained of colour, it doesn’t take a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation for the two of them to realise that something has gone desperately wrong. Hence, the two ‘hogs combine forces to form what Sega is calling a ‘Dream Team’ partnership, with the aim of restoring colour and vitality to some of Sonic lore’s most famous zones by besting them in both 2D and 3D.”

* Iizuka tells OXM that like Green Hill Zone’s new cave section, every classic level will feature a new visual element to keep things fresh.

* “One of the main rules Sonic Team has abided by during Sonic Generations’ development is that there would be no re-using of old assets or level designs – these are brand new courses with a stunning HD lick of paint.”

* While OXM feels Sonic 4: Episode 1 is an excellent platformer in its own right, they think Sonic Generations feels more like a true follow-up.

* “Sonic’s jumps are weighted perfectly and the sense of speed is as breathtaking as it was 20 years ago.”

* When asked how past levels were selected for the game, Takashi Iizuka responded:
“We took a democratic approach. We only get to celebrate Sonic’s 20th birthday once, so we wanted to make sure everyone got a say. What we did was poll every Sega worker – including those in Europe and America – and asked them to nominate their favourite Sonic levels of all time. Then we did some research with the core fanbase and we were able to draw up a shortlist from there.”

* OXM also asked Iizuka if it was harder to reverse-engineer 3D levels to work in 2D, or vice-versa, to which he answered:
“It was definitely harder to get the 3D levels working in 2D, because some of the famous contraptions – the things that define those levels – have been designed to work freely in three dimensions. It was a real challenge to get them to work recognisably in a 2D plain. Of course, many modern 3D stages also have 2D sub-sections within them, but Sonic has a different moveset in Generations than he did in those games, so that was another thing we had to take into consideration.”

* When asked if Sonic’s friends will be making an appearance, Iizuka replied:
“Of course, because they’re a big part of Sonic history! But they’ll only be making cameos, be it as part of the story or in the backgrounds. Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic will be the only two playable characters in the game.”

You can check out the full interview and the rest of the preview by grabbing the new issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK in stores now, or order a subscription online at

Nintendo Power’s Sonic Colours Preview Reveals New Info

Nintendo Power has posted some preview pages for the next issue of their magazine. Two of the pages shared are a preview of both versions of Sonic Colours, which reveals new information about the game that we’ve listed for you below.
* The Purple Wisp transforms Sonic into a “berserker that chomps through anything in its path”
* Asteroid Coaster Zone is revealed, with the following description. “Run on a Saturn-like planet’s rings, deal with reversed gravity and toxic green goo.”
* The Wii version contains six Acts per zone, some short and some long and one boss, while the DS version contains 2 lengthy Acts per zone and one boss.
* Aswell as the previously revealed Sonic Simulator, where you can play co-op with a friend, you can also “challenge every level in sequence via the Egg Shuttle”.
* The DS version has a Time Attack mode and also allows you to compete against friends locally or over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Overall, the preview is very positive, with their only complaint being the “cringe-inducing jokes” in the cutscenes. You can check out the preview in full, with a few new screenshots at Nintendo Power’s website.

Thanks to PC the Hedgehog at the SSMB for the heads-up!

Sonic Colours Preview Round-up and New Info

Some new previews of Sonic Colours on Wii have hit the net and they’re all very positive, making a change to the usual reception 3D Sonic titles receive from critics.

Spanish gaming website Meristation believes that SEGA has listened to the fans requests and taken on board past mistakes:

An interesting proposal
Though still several weeks for the release of Sonic Colours in our country (not arrive until Nov. 19), and although it has largely remained quite hidden from your ad on arrival to the store just half a year passes , the truth is that things are looking very well. Sega’s blue hedgehog is showing signs of taking good note of all that its supporters claim on his adventures, and this new release is getting to attract more attention than Sonic 4, becoming the focus of all international fairs in the past months.

The very attractive story mode, which offers similar gameplay to the stage of Sonic Unleashed day but with the addition of the powers of the Wisp, there is also an interesting cooperative multiplayer that not only lengthens the life of the title but challenges and complexity also promises enough to have users who enjoy the challenges demanding. All with what promises to be a very worthy technical finish, both Wii and DS, and in the case of the first without having much to envy of its own productions in high definition consoles. Sonic and Sega are willing to redeem the mistakes of the past, and if things go wrong at the last minute, it seems that going in the right way to do this.

Full 2 page preview in Google Translator

In their preview, Dealspwn saw a clear emphasis on speed as well as platforming and thinks Sonic Team are truly trying to bring Sonic back to gaming fame once again and are “going the right way about it”, they add.

It’s telling that when pressed on what his favourite title of the series, Iisuka leans towards Sonic Adventure, and equally important when he notes that the great desire for Colours is to ‘introduce Sonic to a whole new audience, building on the success and publicity garnered by the Mario and Sonic titles. Hopefully, with the emphasis set on speed and core platforming, along with the new Wisp elements, it will be a game for old fans and newcomers alike.’ Colours is absolutely a statement of intent, to propel Sonic back into the big leagues and, on this evidence, he’s going the right way about it.

Full preview

NowGamer notes that the game has been given a lot of love to it’s production and is a very enjoyable experience, but they remain cautious in case any Werehog type gimmicks are added before release.

That Sega is releasing Sonic Colours solely on the Wii and DS, without making any promises about quality or appeal, is admirable but perhaps slightly misjudged. Although the build we played featured three of the available planets, we felt content that Sonic Colours is a solid, enjoyable experience with strong production values and a refreshing lack of fluff. Then again, we haven’t seen the whole game yet, and much like Sonic Unleashed’s Werehog debacle, there’s still time for Sega to spring some unexpected gimmick on us. We remain cautiously content for now.
Final Summary
We’re surprised Sega isn’t making a bigger song and dance about this surprisingly polished, charming Sonic title.

Full preview

The Sonic Stadium founder Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne has put out a new preview over at SPOnG, a gaming website where he works. It’s a good read and very in-depth, since Svend clocked-in 25 hours of play before writing it out. We won’t spoil it here for you, so head over to SPOnG to check it out.

Svend also responded to questions about the game at the SSMB today, with the below list of information:

* You can HA some badniks, note I said ‘you can’t HA most badniks’ in the preview Buzzbombers in Sweet Mountain and Crabmeats in Aquatic Park are two examples of classic badniks that can be HA’d.
* Spiny’s and Motobugs can’t be HA’d. Neither can underwater badniks. You only encounter Burrobots while drilling, so you obviously can’t HA those either.
* 3D underwater areas don’t equal ‘sudden death,’ mostly because there are no real 3D underwater areas to speak of. All underwater activity is done in 2D.
* [In response to a question about instant water deaths in 3D Sonic games] To the above point, if you mean like in Unleashed where Sonic will instantly die if he touches a foot of water during the 3D segments, you don’t need to worry. Bottomless hazards are always identified as bottomless pits, there are no watery quagmires that will suck you in. In Aquatic Park, when you come up to an area of water in 3D, the camera automatically pans back round to 2D view. You can boost along like Jesus, or fall and plunge into the water.
* There are ways of getting around the uncurling – the easiest (and probably most fun) is to stomp. But it can be a pain in the arse when underwater and you want to bop a Chopper, and you uncurl just before you land on it.
* No side-missions, no mini-games. The only thing you’ll be playing are Acts within worlds, or the Game Land/Sonic Simulator (which is essentially the same as the 1-player Story levels anyway). There are no other gameplay mechanics besides bosses.
* You can play Sonic Simulator on your own. Pressing the 1 or 2 button (in the Wii Remote + Nunchuk configuration) will allow you to switch between ‘RoboSonic Player 1’ and ‘RoboSonic Player 2’ (not official names). That’s what the red ball is, following you around – it’s the other ‘RoboSonic’.
* Although you can get pushed off the screen in multiplayer mode, you can escape death and the loss of a life by pressing the 1 or 2 button (Wiimote+Nunchuk config) – you’ll turn back into a spinning ball and follow the remaining player around the level, until you press something and jump back into the action.

Two more quotes from the game have also been revealed today at Sonic Wrecks and the official SonicGames Twitter:

“Ouch! I think I gloated so hard I pulled a muscle!” – Dr. Eggman, Sonic Colours

“Hasta la bye-bye, suckers!” – Dr. Eggman, Sonic Colours

What do you think of such positivity for the game from the critics? Let us know in the comments.

SEGA Reveals More Sonic 4 Changes

At the SEGA of America Blog, RubyEclipse has revealed a few more minor pieces of information about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and the changes made during the games delay. Two of the changes in this latest update were already revealed yesterday by Gamespot and Sonic Stadium founder Svend Joscelyne aka Dreadknux. These changes include a World Map replacing the level select screen and the option at the end of an Act to progress to the next Act, without returning to the World Map (or level select screen as it used to be).

The final and all-new update is the removal of the invisible wall at the end of an Act. You’ll have seen in gameplay videos that when you run past the Act completion sign post and to the end of the screen, you will always hit an invisible wall and can’t run off-screen like you would in the classics. The wall has now been removed, so you can speed away off-screen to the next part of the adventure (or whatever is hiding there) in true nostalgic fashion.

RubyEclipse also gives a heads up on what to expect in the future:

That’s all for today’s mini-update, though we’ll be announcing Sonic 4’s release date, the pricing, and revealing another zone on the website soon. Update Blog Part 2.0 will also be arriving within the next few weeks, and with it, word on the second big level redesign within the final version.

Source: SEGA of America blog

What do you think about these latest changes? Speak out in the comments.

Sonic Colours: Orbot & Cubot Art and More Info

In a post at the Sonic City Blognik this morning, SEGA Europe Community Manager, ArchangelUK has revealed seven more facts about Sonic Colours and also unveiled official artwork for robot duo Orbot and Cubot, the latter who was revealed last week in a Sonic Colours manga book.

Here are the seven new bits of information:

1) Orbot’s compatriot is indeed called “Cubot” as some detectives have been able to deduce. He’s a cube shaped robot – ‘Cube-Bot’, much like Orbot is spherical, (quite literally ‘Orb-bot’ and also an anagram of robot if you hadn’t noticed) who is… er… a little defective shall we say.

2) Since you like Orbot so much, here is his character render in high quality PNG format. He has had a bit of a paint job by the looks of things.

3) FOXY FACT: Tails can read binary fluently.

4) Contrary to reports elsewhere, Amy Rose does NOT feature in the story of Sonic Colours Wii. Seriously, unless she’s become an invisible mute post-Unleashed I’ve seen nothing to indicate otherwise.

5) We will see the “consequences” of Sonic destroying a giant robot… in more than one sense. DUN DUN DUUUNNNN!

6) The curly haired Wisp is called Yacker, he is the Wisp Sonic and Tails communicate with to find out what is going on. A silent guide if you like to the world of Wisps.

I officially award kudos points to Umiyuri incidentally who identified the name first, as far as I can see.

7) Oh, okay then here’s Cubot’s character render too.

ArchangelUK also revealed at the SSMB today, the name of the new Sonic Free Riders track he spoke of in another update this morning. The track is called “Rocky Ridge“.

Source: Sonic City Blognik

AAUK Reveals New Sonic Colours Info

After some hands-on time with Sonic Colours, SEGA Europe Community Manager ArchangelUK has revealed 7 new pieces of Sonic Colours information via the Sonic City Blognik today. The information focuses on story, characters and call-backs to Sonic Unleashed. Some teases are also made to news coming in next week, which we’ll be sure to report on as soon as it is revealed.

Here’s the full list of information below:

1) Dr. Eggman has built his park after developing a sense of remorse for his past “indiscretions”. Hmm… a likely story.

2) At one point in an early cutscene Sonic “breaks the fourth wall” and talks directly to the gamer.

3) SA-55, the round red robot also known as “Ergo” by fans who appeared in Sonic Unleashed will return, but slightly more jaded than before. Oh and by the way SA-55 ISN’T his name… his name is actually “Orbot”

4) Orbot also has a counterpart this game… who we’ll be revealing next week.

5) Tails’ “Miles Electric” handheld device that appeared in Sonic Unleashed makes a re-appearance.

6) The boss you have already likely seen from Tropical Resort Dr. Eggman refers to as the “Big Boy”.

7) The curly haired white Wisp is important to the Colours story and its name is…. something you’ll have to tune in next week to find out!

Source: ArchangelUK at the Sonic City Blognik

More Sonic 4 Changes Revealed

SEGA have today revealed more information about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 today, as they promised they would yesterday. Todays focus is on Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 2, particularly the changes made to the controversial mine cart sequence seen in the leaked version of the game. The whole of Act 2 has been revamped for the console versions with the torch mechanic seen in the recent screenshots. The mine cart will now only be at the end of the Act and won’t be motion controlled. Could this mean that the iPod Touch/iPhone version is keeping the old Act 2?

Other smaller tweaks have been made to the game, tweaks that many fans have been requesting for ages now. The edits include a balance to difficulty to make tougher sections easier, Sonic reaching full speed and ‘wheel-of-feet’ faster, and an update to Sonic’s running animation.

You can check out the list in full at the SEGA of America Blog and Sonic City Blognik. SEGA promise another update with more changes will be released early September. Some hi-resolution versions of recent screenshots have also been released, check them out below.