SOS 2013 Event Announcement: Never Mind The BuzzBombers!


From the SOS website…

“Who wants to win some prizes!? As we enter our 6th year of Summer of Sonic, Never Mind the BuzzBombers returns for its 5th instalment. Always a fan favourite, two captains will lead their teams to battle as they clash in a variety of games and challenges.

But they won’t be alone; members of the audience will be selected to join them on stage in order to win some amazing Sonic prizes! So if you think you have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Sonic, make sure you get down to the stage during selection process and you could be the one who turns the tide in your team leader’s favour.

And as always, I shall be standing… because we don’t have enough chairs… between them both mocking and maintaining order, doing a dance, telling a story, asking a barrage of questions until they can’t take anymore as we attempt to find out just who is the best?

This is Never Mind The BuzzBombers 2013!

Thats right my friends. BuzzBombers will be coming back to SOS this year for it’s 5th installment. I’ll be back with all manner of questions and challenges which will test even the most die hard of Sonic fan. So if you think you’re up for the challenge and know all maner of things from how many rings for an extra life, to tougher things, like, ‘how many different types of badniks has Eggman invented?’

Want to be apart of BuzzBombers? Be sure to be at the stage area when we start so you don’t miss your chance to be recruited into one our two teams.

Source: Summer of Sonic Website.