TSS Review: Sonic the Hedgehog Nendoroid Figure

It’s been a whirlwind ride of sorts for the Sonic Nendoroid figure here in the UK. Made by the Good Smile Company, this limited edition piece of merch was originally only going to available in Japan – but thanks to the surprise announcement that SonicMerchandise.com would be stocking it, fans on the other side of the world had the chance to their hands on it too (well, if they were quick enough to get a pre-order in before they sold out, anyway). Now, at last, the Nendoroids have arrived… but have they been worth the hype?

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Freak-Out Friday: Sonikku in a Dress!

What do you get when you combine a Sonic Nendoroid and a questionable imagination?



You’re welcome for the nightmares!

Stay tuned for more Nendoroid shenanigans on TSS this weekend!

Go Figure… Sonic Nendoroids Now In Stock!

Following the recent announcement that the limited edition Sonic Nendoroid figures will be made available to UK customers, it has been revealed that SonicMerchandise.com has now received its stock and will be dispatching pre-orders over the next week.

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Limited Edition Sonic Nendoroid: UK Pre-Orders Now Open!

This is most definitely the Nendoroid you are looking for.

Merch-hogs, prepare to open your wallets once more – it has been recently revealed that the all-new Sonic Nendoroid figure from the Good Smile Company will be making its way to UK shores!

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New Jazwares Sonic Figures Out Now, Nendoroid Sonic Figure Coming This Winter

Reports are coming in from the SSMB that the special 20th Anniversary Jazwares Sonic figures we told you about back in February are now appearing in stores across the US. The figures are currently nowhere to be found online on GameStop’s, Toys R Us’ or Target’s websites, but have been spotted in store at Target and GameStop.

SSMB member dirupti reports that Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, Modern Tails and Shadow figures can be found at various GameStop stores. These figures appear to be a ‘series 1’ set, with other characters following at a later date.

All right! I can confirm that about every gamestop in Colorado has a box of these.
Each box that the stores got in stock contains:
2 Modern Sonic
2 Classic Sonic
1 Modern Tails
1 Shadow
So, Classic Tails, Silver, Knux, and Eggman apparently are some sort of series 2.
I picked up one of each and the cashier gave me the box (made to hold 6 figures) they came in for buying the rest of that stores stock.

TheDanimator, also from the SSMB, found the Classic Sonic figure in stock at his local Target store and has recorded and shared the below video showing the figure out of its packaging.

You can find pics of some of the currently available figures, as well as upcoming ones in the below eBay listings:
Sonic & Spinner
Shadow & Mono Beetle
Tails & Sandworm
Classic Sonic
Dr.Eggman With Egg Fighters
Classic Tails & Grabber
Silver & Iblis Biter
Knuckles & Egg Pawn

We’ve also heard from mikeblastdude at the SSMB that buying these figures from GameStop will get you an Avatar Award item for your Xbox 360 Avatar.

In other news, a company known as Good Smile Company has revealed a Sonic the Hedgehog Nendoroid figure. Like all Nendoroid figures, Sonic is around 4″ tall, poseable and appears to come with a checkpoint gate accessory. This figure will be available to purchase this Winter.

Check out some pics below:

Sources: SSMB, Video from SSMB member TheDanimator, eBay and Sonic Collectibles.com

Thanks to TheDanimator for the Classic Sonic figure video and to STrainer for the Classic Sonic & Motobug figures pic!