The Countdown To Sonic City Return Begins

Splish Splash Splosh

It has already been heavily hinted at, but it has been finally confirmed: Sonic City is set to return soon!

…and from what AAUK has said, it is set to be something a bit special. For starters, it appears that Mr. Eva has been taking notes and comments from everyone on suggestions and ideas that could potentially go into the website design; not surprising considering his “Omnipresence” throughout many forums and sites. It’s not too far fetched then to expect some big changes – including an expanded games archive, and the possibility of profiles on some of the older and more obscure characters from the Sonic Universe.

The Sonic City Website is already up to go and have a gander at, however at the moment it only exists as a splash page with a quote from Sonic, and the words “FINDING THE COMPUTER ROOM“.

To quote AAUK: “Things won’t be all up at first, we’ll start (unless matters change) with some basics and a GREATLY increased games archive; seriously you have no idea just how much more information is going to be added in.”

Lets hope there’s more Fang.