Sonic Generations: Gameplay Footage of Knuckles Race Mission


German website GamesWelt has shared some Sonic Generations gameplay footage which gives us our first look at the Knuckles race mission. The mission (at the 1:30 point) sees Classic Sonic try to beat the red echidna to the finish in a Green Hill Zone level that contains giant badniks that you’ll have to bounce on to get by or reach higher platforms. Knuckles will try to get ahead by using his digging ablity, so you’ll have to be quick.

There’s also a new remix of a song that those who have played Sonic R might recognise. We’ll let you find out what it is for yourselves. The rest of the video features more gameplay footage of Green Hill Zone and Sky Sanctuary Zone.

Thanks to Woun for the YouTube conversion and thanks to DbgtSonicX, Nikesh and SSMB member Ryan91 for the heads up!