SatBK Minigame @ Neopets Showcases New Trailer

The Neopets site has a new flash game that’s SatBK themed. As Sonic, you’re a knight in training. Use the arrow keys to deflect apples thrown at you to win yourself a new trailer of Sonic & the Black Knight, which features more gameplay footage and shots of Sonic & Compant decked out in their new armor.

Alternatively, you can just watch the video below and skip the game.

Special thanks to our new friends at Sonic HUB!

Fanatics: A New Take on the Special Stage

Today’s featured fan-work is the winner of the mini-game contest over at Sonic Fan Games HQ.  LarkSS made this special stage without even thinking that he would win, but he ended up running away with the entire thing.  The stage’s premise is to get from point A to point B without falling into the bottomless pit below.  There’s a strict time limit, so collect the blue spheres scattered across the stage to gain boost energy.  Here’s Lark’s record setting run through his stage:

The minigame has a sweet, 80s vector look that I absolutely love.  It’s like colorful version of Metal Gear Solid’s VR Missions.

Download the special stage in normal resolution. (7z file)

Download with high resolution (recommended). (ZIP file)

Z is jump and X is boost.

Win $20 worth of PSN/XB/Wii Points at SFGHQ

Sonic Fan Games HQ is having its third annual “Sonic Minigame Contest” and is offering a sweet grand prize this time around.  The winner of this year’s contest can choose from either $20 at the PlayStation Network, 1600 Microsoft Points, or 2000 Wii *ahem* I mean…Nintendo Points.  Check out these rules, straight from the source:

  1. Contestant submits one Sonic themed minigame for the contest.
  2. Minigame is defined by a shorter game with simple mechanics, typically inserted into a game to add brief bits of variety.
  3. Sonic examples include snowboarding, the star post bonus stages from Sonic 3&K, or ANY special stage.
  4. Entry may be made using any format as long as it runs on my (or a Judge’s) PC without having to buy anything.
  5. 3 Judges picked from all over the Sonic community.
  6. Open to anyone, but an SFGHQ forum account would be nice.
  7. Prize will be one of the following based on the winner’s choice: $20.00 PSN Card OR 1600 Microsoft Points OR 2000 Wii Points. If winner is unable to use any prize, sorry. If less than 5 entries, the prize will be substituted for something else.
  8. Due to Gmail’s file restrictions, entries will be submitted by yousendit. Optionally AIM file transfer may be used, or just e-mail with a URL. e-mail is ilascottATgmailDOTcom.
  9. Entries due by Noon, December 1, 2008.

That’s right, guys!  Any format!  That means it can be made in flash, Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion, Game Maker, C, anything!  Hop to it, because the contest ends in a month!