Tails Becomes a Vtuber in a New Web Show, “TailsTube”

Tails is a Vtuber now, apparently! Via an announcement on Twitter, SEGA has revealed “TailsTube,” a new “informative” web series about all things Sonic. This series will be hosted by a Vtuber avatar of Tails voiced by Colleen O’Shaughnessey. Beyond what’s revealed in the tweet, not much else is really known about the show. Will there be announcements? Interviews? Game presentations? We’ll just have to see.

You can check out the brief announcement video in the tweet embedded below. The show will launch sometime next week.

This isn’t the first time Sonic characters have become vtubers. Last year, SEGA of Japan turned Sonic into a vtuber for the franchise’s 30th anniversary. Tails later joined him in a stream in December. This is the first time this will be done in English, though.

POP Goes the Fox? Retailer Listings for ‘Flocked Tails Funko Pop’ Emerge

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more Funko POP figures in the world, some images purporting to be retailer listings suggest that a flocked Tails the Fox is coming soon to Target stores in the US. Continue reading POP Goes the Fox? Retailer Listings for ‘Flocked Tails Funko Pop’ Emerge

More Sonic X-Treme Material Released by Lead Artist

In August, we reported the discovery of several models in the portfolio of Sonic X-Treme lead designer Ross Harris, including the previously unknown inclusion of Amy Rose.

Harris has now released some videos on his own channel showing off several of the assets that were seen in the portfolio in action, as well as other concept videos done in Sonic X-Treme’s development. Aside from showing off Sonic animations and Amy run cycles, there’s an early Tails model, several Badniks, logo animations and mock-ups showing off how platforms and pipes would work.

Most notably, Harris himself confirmed that a lot of this work is from the early stages of Sonic X-Treme as opposed to later on (which is when the development trouble really affected a lot of these ideas). It’s really interesting to see what the game might have looked like before the more famous period of the game’s history.

Source: RDPH Games (Youtube)

Shadow, Big, Tails & Knuckles are in Lego Dimensions


Just posted by the LEGO Dimensions Twitter account. It looks like we won’t just be seeing Sonic and Eggman in the new LEGO Dimensions pack, but also Shadow, Tails, Big, and Knuckles.

No gameplay footage was given, but fans will be overjoyed at Big the Cat in Lego form.

The Sonic Level pack is released on November 18th.

Source: Twitter