NGamer Reviews Sonic Colours Wii, Supports Miis

According to reports, the UK edition of NGamer magazine has put out their review of Sonic Colours on Wii in their new issue released to store shelves today and it’s good news, because the magazine has given the game a score of 86%. NGamer has many positive things to say about the game, praising the single player, the Wisps and the replay value given when returning to stages to find hidden routes with later unlocked Wisps.

“The Similarity to the Mario Galaxy Games is it’s abundance of ideas. This is Sonic Team in an uncharacteristically creative and generous mood. It’s one that suits them well. The addition of the power-altering wisps is what does it.”

– “These aren’t powerups, they’re toys – single-use shots of pure fun that have the happy side effect of opening up new pathways in already pleasingly labyrinthine stages.”

– “The lists of powers goes on and on, and backtracking to find new areas in which to use them is a big part of the fun.”

NGamer weren’t too keen on the multiplayer section of the game though, claiming it can feel like a tug of war at times.

“As a multiplayer game Sonic Colours is less than perfect (the speedy action often results in a game of tug of war using the screen as a rope).”

The review reveals a new feature in the game’s multiplayer mode, the ability to play as your Mii.

– The ability to swap Sonic for your Miis means there’s still throwaway fun to be had.” (in multiplayer)

They finish the review up with a high note in their summary.

Summary – “Colours Rockets Sonic closer to the stratospheric heights of past glories and hints at a great future. Welcome back old friend, it’s been to long.”

For the full review, pick up the latest issue of NGamer in-store now or you can order it online from

Source: Sonicka at the ONM Forums

Thanks to SiLeNtDo0m at the SSMB for the heads-up!

Mii’s Confirmed For ASR

Look’s like despite being wrong about Gamecube Controller support Nintendo’s Wii Nintendo Channel was at least right about Mii support being in the Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing.

SEGA of America and SEGA Europe have just confirmed the feature over at their blogs with two screenshots. The Mii’s look to have their own vehicle similar to how Xbox 360 Avatar’s will have their own vehicle too. The All-Star Move for Mii’s also look’s the same as the Avatar move too where your friend’s Mii’s will come to your aid and give you a boost of speed and power.

Thanks to bolt7 for the heads up.