Sonic Mania Adventures Part 4 – Mighty and Ray’s Story!

Part 4 of 5 of Sonic Mania Adventures has hit YouTube today – with this episode chronicling Ray’s search for Mighty! But watch out Ray – someone is in hot pursuit!

Catch the latest episode above.

Sonic Mania Adventures features character art from Tyson Hesse, music from Tee Lopes, and animation from Neko Productions.

Mighty Traumitized For Life In This Month’s NFR

This is something I’veĀ  been trying to point out for weeks, but it seems like something always comes up to prevent me from posting it. This weekend, I’ve decided to preempt Sonic Eggs for last month’s Not For Resale strip, MGComic’s woefully under-updated and under appreciated Sonic humor strip.

Though their almost always worth the wait, this one in particular! This is a strip many of you may not get at first, but once you do, you are in for quite a laugh. A cookie goes to the first person to get it!

Despite how disgusting this may appear, Mighty is actually stunned by the amount of juicy fruity goodness in his mouth!