UPDATE: Sonic Boom Shoes, Trading Cards, Shadow, Metal Sonic & More Spotted at Toy Fair 2015

UPDATE: More toys confirmed at the end of the article…

ORIGINAL STORY: It took a while, but we finally have some images of Tomy’s booth from the New York Toy Fair 2015.


The first image was posted on Tomy’s own Facebook page and is a larger shot of the big headed plushes which we brought you news about last week. Included in the shot is an actual physical prototype of the Sonic Shoes which appeared at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in cardboard form.

There also appears to be a new much larger knuckles figure and what looks like clip on Sonic plushes and most surprisingly, what appears to be trading cards as well as a new box set which seems to include Eggman and Knuckles.

However, the second image is what you might find more interesting, we’re not sure on the source of this one, it was posted in our comments by “SpiritOfTheBlue”, so thank you for the heads up.


In the background you can make out more of the clip plushes, including a Knuckles themed one. However what’s more interesting is that there are what appear to be new renders of Metal Sonic & Shadow on a few display pieces, could this indicate that Shadow and Metal Sonic are to appear in the TV show at last? Or at least that they will have some merchandise made in the future? Note how Lyric has been confirmed not to appear in the show, yet Tomy have no Lyric merchandise at all, so far all their merchandise has been TV show themed, seems like a strong hint Shadow and Metal will be in there in some form.

We’ll keep you updated with more news as we get it.


Well that didn’t take long, no sooner had I posted this but I got made aware of two new toys. One of which was staring us all in the face, if we enhance one of those images… check this out.


We can jut make out the figures of what appears to be Amy and Eggman, however what’s strange is… Eggman appears to be green? Odds are it’s from an upcoming episode of Boom. Until more details come out, we are all calling this figure ‘Hulk Eggman’ or ‘Gamma Eggman,’ agreed?

The second image comes from twitter user dadarocks an shows knuckles… with rocket powered shoes!



Aside from getting his game gear Sonic 2 on, odds are this is from another future episode of the show.

Finally, there are three interesting figures in the back of the photo which don’t appear to match the current Boom TV show cast, but do look a lot like some certain other characters we all know.


The one on the right looks a lot like Shadow, could the other two be Metal Sonic?

Edit 2:

A new video has surface giving a look inside TOMY’s Sonic Boom booth, where we can get a much closer look at some of the more ambiguous figures mentioned above along with some new ones.

Some Screengrabs:

If any more news comes to light, we’ll let you know.


Metal Sonic is in Sonic Boom!

So yesterday, Sega released trailers for both the 3DS & Wii U versions of Sonic Boom. However hidden away in one of the trailers is a character yet to be confirmed, and it’s Metal Sonic.

E3: GAMEPLAY TRAILER – Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

At around 0:34 seconds, Sonic blasts through a wall and theres a transition to another part of the gameplay. At this moment, for a split second you can clearly see Metal Sonic jumping on a spring pad as Sonic blasts through another wall.

See these screens for the exact moment. metalsonicboom metalsonicboom2

So, random cameo? Or is Metal Sonic going to play a major part in Sonic Boom? No official word yet from Sega, but take a look in the trailer and you can clearly see he’s right there.

Thanks to TSS commentator Neo Metal Sonic (how appropriate is that username?) for bringing this to my attention.

TSS Review: Jazwares Metal Sonic Plush

Metal Sonic Plush Review

 If you used to watch a show called ‘The X-Files’ you know that poster Mulder has in his office? The one with the UFO and the words “I want to believe” below it? That’s how I’ve felt regarding Jazwares toys lately. Especially their Metal Sonic plush. Would you believe that this was first shown in a complete form way back in January 2012? Since then it’s been used on the Jazwares website, made a random appearance a year later at another toyfair event and been cancelled. With no new toys at this years fair and more cancellations of products… it didn’t look good..

But it’s here. It’s finally here and it’s real! The Metal Sonic plush is finally here!

metal sonic plush

Now, why is this a big deal? Well, Metal Sonic has only had 2 plush incarnations previously, both are extremely rare and extremely expensive, a lot of collectors and fans of the character have been crying out for a plush for a long time.

So how have Jazwares done? The short answer… Surprisingly, very well!

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much since Jazwares does have a reputation when it comes to quality, even I’ve been in toy stores and seen Jazwares products returned on the counter with a receipt next to it. So I was a little curious as to what the big problem would be.

And I’m pleased to say… there isn’t one… sorta.

Jazwares have done a very good job with Metal, considering his RRP, it’s very well done. The difficulty in making a plush based on a robot is that unlike an organic creature, robots have solid flat mechanical parts which are difficult to do in a plush form. Not impossible, but difficult compared to organic creatures.


However, for the most part, Metal Sonic is very accurate and looks very much like his game counterpart. The metal components on him are modelled very well, the stitching used is hidden and there’s even a piece of fabric used to give the tip of his engine as opposed to leaving it as a sticker/image.

Metal’s head however is both a hit and a miss. They’ve used some kind of card within the fabric which gives metal his metallic spikes which in a way looks better than the original plush since it’s a more solid structure. However, this cardboard can easily be bent out of shape and is hard to get back into position. If you postal order these, expect the spikes to be slightly out of place.

Another thing I don’t like too much are the use of stickers/paint/images for the jet turbine and the bolts, not quite sure what these things are but I’d rather it be stitching of some kind of buttons… but again, this would greatly increase the cost of the plush.

In terms of previous plush outings, Metal Sonic is certainly one of Jazware’s more prouder entries into the franchises, light years ahead of the old ‘dog faced sonic plush’ that has been doing the rounds for years. It’s hard to fault Metal Sonic when it comes to likeness, they really did a good job.

There is one annoyance, that being the cardboard tag, it covers a huge portion of his face and is difficult to move, so you’ll be quite tempted to just to remove it, but if you’re a collector, the idea of doing that will make you flinch a little.

Otherwise. Jazwares’ Metal Sonic plush is very very well made, except for one problem which I’ll address in a moment. His arms and legs are attached just below the elbow and knee giving him a robotic like stance which is true to the character.

Now during this review I’ve been hinting that there might be a slightly large problem with the plush… and there is. Jazwares, I know you’ve been trying lately, but… really?


How did… I had to double check since I couldn’t believe it. Nope, Metal Sonic doesn’t have 6 fingers. I have to admit I find this mistake quite hilarious and it’s hard to be mad at it, but it’s still a mistake/error and a very comical one. It’s most likely an isolated incident, at least I sure hope it is.

As of yet, this plush hasn’t been spotted in a store and is only available wholesale direct from Jazwares. So you’ll most likely have to deal with some extortionate re-sellers until they make it into toy stores.

Also if anyone from Jazwares reads this, please, we have asked repeatedly, can you do something about informing people when stuff is due out, because we actually want Sonic stuff to do well and when you tell wholesalers stuff has been cancelled or don’t have any information on the Sonic line other than the standard PR line, it really doesn’t do you or the brand any favours. When stuff randomly pops up in stores, it’s a nice surprise, but it’s a lot better if we know in advance when stuff is due out.

Certainly would help with the halt of misinformation being spread.

Anyway, to finish off, here’s a round-up of points.

You’ll Love

  • + Finally a reasonably priced Metal Sonic plush!
  • + Accuracy of the design
  • + The plush actually looks like a robot
  • + How the arms and legs are connected/move.
  • + One of Jazwares’ best plushies to date.

You’ll Hate

  •  – Stickers/images instead of buttons/sewing.
  •  – Tag is in an awful location/covers up most of Metal’s face.
  •  – The cardboard head spikes are very weak and can easily bend out of shape.
  •  – He now has 6 fingers… though this might be a one off error.


Let it haunt your dreams! MU-HAHAHAHAHA!


Jazwares Cancels Its Amy & Metal Sonic Plush


I would like to give you some perspective on this as to why this is a bit of a big deal. Metal Sonic is a very popular character, Metal Sonic merchandise is also very popular. To date there have only been 2 Metal Sonic plushies, both of which are extremely rare and can often go into the several hundreds when they come up for sale.

There is a huge demand for Metal Sonic merchandise.

About 2 years ago, a Metal Sonic plush was spotted at a Toy Fair, despite not looking amazing, many people including myself were quite excited at the prospect of owning a Metal Sonic plush which wouldn’t require the use of Nathan Drake to find and Scrooge McDuck to fund. Since that toy fair, the plush was never seen again.

Then at the start of the year, the plush turned up at several toy fairs along with an Amy Rose plush. Both have appeared in officially released press photos and have even been up for pre-order. The UK’s ‘Smyths toys’ have it listed as being eventually available and it’s even on the Jazwares official website.

It looked like Sonic merch collectors and Metal Sonic fans would finally get their wish and a Metal Sonic plush would finally be released.

Well… Jazwares have decided to cancel the plush.

Several people who have pre-ordered the plush have been in touch to say that they’re now reciving emails saying that Jazwares have cancelled the plush, no explanation as to why it’s been cancelled where given.

Please accept our sincerest apologies, Jazwares contacted us this morning & told us they no longer plan to Manufacture the Metal Sonic Plush which you ordered.

As a result, there will be no way for us to source this product.

We feel absolutely terrible about this & would like to remedy this issue as painlessly as possible for you. Here are a few options we would like to offer you

1. We could replace the Metal Sonic Plush with another Sonic Plush of your choice,including our new Silver Sonic!(we will refund any price difference.)

2. We could provide you a full refund including an extra $5 as our small compensation for this situation.”

Several online retailers who have had pre-orders up for both these characters have also either pulled them or changed their listing to cancelled. Big bad Toy Story & Entertainment Earth have both change their listings for these items. It does indeed appear like these highly anticiptated toys will never see a release.

Speaking as someone who was really looking forward to this, I cannot believe how bad a decision this was. Two years of showing this at toy conventions, even going as far as taking publicity shots of it and only to cancel it? Seriously what was the reason behind that one? This would have sold, so many people were looking forward to it.

It should be also pointed out that at a toy fair earlier this year, Jazwares also showed a Super Sonic plush, however there has been no word yet as to the fate of this one.

For fans of merchandise, the wait for a reasonably price Metal Sonic plush continues.

P.S. In the email quote you can see the words ‘Silver Sonic plush’ this is actually Silver the Hedgehog and not a plush based on the Sonic 2 boss. Let me leave you with this thought, Metal Sonic and Amy have been cancelled… The Silver plush however is still being released…. … … Yeah I’ll let you lot debate how good that decision is in the comments.

Source: Entertainment Earth: Metal Sonic Listing, Amy Listing.

Summer of Sonic 2013: Kazuyuki Hoshino Interview

Kazuyuki HoshinoIn the second part of our Summer of Sonic interviews, I sat down to talk robots and character design with Metal Sonic and Amy Rose’s creator – Kazuyuki Hoshino!

TSS: First of all, what does it mean to you to be here at Summer of Sonic?

Kazuyuki Hoshino: It’s great to be here and meet the fans who have continued to love the characters that I have created!

TSS: How do you go about the process of creating the Badniks and other enemies for Sonic games?

Kazuyuki Hoshino: Other than creating some of the key central characters I’ve also created lots of sub-characters. Whenever I create a main character, someone that’s central to the story or series, I always fully immerse myself in that character to really put myself in their shoes. When I was younger I always dreamed of my creations being sold as figurines in shops so people could buy some of the things that I had created. I’ve always kept this in mind when creating characters so I can design them to look great not only for their purpose, but so they would look good as figurines too.

TSS: Out of all the enemy characters you have created, which would you say is your favourite (Metal Sonic excluded!).

Kazuyuki Hoshino: Although he’s not as much of an enemy anymore, I’d definitely have to say Shadow the Hedgehog.

TSS: How did designing for NiGHTS differ to designing for Sonic games?

Kazuyuki Hoshino: When I’m creating characters for Sonic, I always have in mind that it needs to be appealing to millions of people. Sonic has such a big mass audience so I try and design to meet that taste. With NiGHTS, it has a very particular theme with quite a specific and niche market so I can push the boat out a little further to make designs that are more dream-like and psychological.

TSS: What were your biggest challenges in terms of design when making the transition from 2D to 3D games?

Kazuyuki Hoshino: When designing in 3D, you have to make sure that you create everything so that even the parts that weren’t visible before in 2D are now visible in 3D and they look good. You have to figure out how every part of the design would look from different angles and make it work. In the classic Sonic games he only had to be shown from the perspective that made him look best, now that everything is in 3D, you see Sonic from behind a lot more than you ever would have in 2D so now you have to make sure he and all of the other characters look good from all angles. Shadow has a red stripe going down his back and this is because we wanted to make him look both cool from behind and distinctively different from Sonic.

TSS: If you were to re-design Metal Sonic today, what new features would you give him, if any?

Kazuyuki Hoshino: When we originally created Metal Sonic, the thing I really had a focus on was making him look metallic because he is, of course, called Metal Sonic. If I were to re-design him, I would potentially challenge this and try to give him a different feel and texture that you would pick up just from looking at him. For example, a new feature I would perhaps give him is the ability to become invisible. You know in Sci-Fi films where they have the light-reflection technology that camouflages  the user? I’d love to experiment with things like that and incorporate that technology into not only his skillset, but his visual design too.

TSS: You’ve created many iconic and memorable characters over the years. Do you think that we might see an art book dedicated to your works one day?

Kazuyuki Hoshino: I’m honoured that this question has been asked several times already today! I don’t have any plans at the moment to create a compilation of all the art that I’ve created so far. It would be great to have though and my Mother actually looks at art books quite often so she would be incredibly proud!

TSS: Thank you very much for your time, Hoshino-san!

Thanks again to Bobby Wertheim for translations!

Sonic Drift 2 Races Onto 3DS Virtual Console This Week

Sonic Drift 2 screen 1There’s even more retro Sonic love on the Nintendo 3DS eShop coming your way this week, this time in the form of Game Gear title Sonic Drift 2. Before Sonic R, Sonic Riders, and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing came this handheld kart racing spin-off starring everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog, alongside other playable characters including robotic doppelganger Metal Sonic and the treasure hunter Fang the Sniper (or Nack the Weasel – what is it with Sonic characters and having different naming conventions?). Unlike the original Sonic Drift, this game was released outside of Japan and it was initially renamed Sonic Drift Racing in Europe, even though the title screen still called it Sonic Drift 2.

A description of the game is included in Nintendo’s announcement for this week’s eShop releases, as below:

Start your engines and prepare for the race of your life! Choose from seven of your favorite Sonic characters including Sonic, Knuckles, and Dr. Eggman (AKA Dr. Robotnik) and race your way to the finish line. Use each racer’s special ability to gain an edge over the competition and win the fabled Chaos Emeralds! Race across 17 courses in the ultimate Chaos Grand Prix! Challenge a friend via local two-player multiplayer! Choose between seven classic Sonic
characters including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and the nefarious Dr. Eggman!

Sonic Drift 2 will be available to download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Europe this Thursday, priced at £3.59 (€3.99).

Will you be jumping into one of Sonic and co.’s karts and drifting round the track later this week? Or are you thoroughly perplexed by the idea of Sonic driving a car when he can run at the speed of sound? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: CVG


Sonic the Fighters Coming Fall 2012, Honey, Eggman, Metal Sonic & Online Added!

MODEL2 COLLECTION (モデル2コレクション) トレーラー

Update: Official Website confirms online mode *has a heart attack*

Get ready to button bash your fellow Sonic fan blue believers. Sega have just released a new trailer on their Japanese YouTube account which shows a series of old Sega games are to be released on XBLA & PSN, including Sonic the Fighters.

Whilst this news is exciting on it’s own, the trailer suggests that the game has been updated since it’s last release as Metal Sonic, Eggman and Honey the Cat are seen as playable characters!

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Metal Sonic & OutRun Bay For ASRT Bonus Edition

On your marks, get set, GO!… to your local game store, that is, because those of you who pre-order the upcoming Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be getting your mitts on a special Bonus Edition of the game, containing exclusive content including an OutRun inspired track and Metal Sonic as a playable character.

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Mash-Up Monday: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

As the title says, we’re going Daft Punk for this week’s Mash-Up Monday!

We have a pair of really cool mashups combining Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger with Sonic music! I hope all of our fans and readers around the world will enjoy this to the point where they’d just keep listening to each track one more time!

First one up is the Chemical Plant Zone mix, with Stardust Speedway Bad Future after the jump!

Chemical Punk Zone (Breakmaster Cylinder)

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Metal Sonic Playable in Sonic 4. Release Date



UPDATE: Click to the comment section to see the full trailer. Updated the title since Metal appears to just have his own episode separate from the main game.

Just revealed on Gamespots “On the Spot” was that owners of both Sonic 4 episodes (on the same system I believe) will get “lock-on” technology where you will be able to play as Metal Sonic! Plus, purchasing both episodes gives you four exclusive levels. Along with this news, the release date have been revealed for the US. May 15th for PSN, May 16th for LIVE, later May for PC, June for Android and July for Windows Mobile. Also, expect to see a new trailer with a new level revealed later today.

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