‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Hey, chumps, it’s Christmas! I just wanted to stop by and wish all SSMB members and TSS readers a happy holiday season. I haven’t been around here, the forums, or my own websites as of late, because everybody is being an asshole about Sonic Unleashed. It was a nice, well-deserved break after finals week and telling you all to shut the hell up about reviews. With a clear head, I’m ready to head into the holidays with good spirits and I am willing to share my cheer with all of you, even the people that I cannot stand.

To the Sonic Stadium staff… Merry Christmas.

To the staffs at Sonic Retro and SFGHQ… Merry Christmas.

To the supporters of my gradually disappointing skit on The Sonic Show… Merry Christmas.

To Jay DiscoPoines, who airs my gradually disappointing skit on The Sonic Show… Merry Christmas.

To the beer that Dreadknux and I plan to have together in the future… Merry Christmas.

To Blast Processing… Merry Christmas.

To TJ Davies and Richard Jacques… Merry Christmas.

To Boyz 2 Men… Merry Christmas.

To my mom, who laughably (yet, lovingly) assumed that Sonic Unleashed and/or Sonic Chronicles would make “good” Christmas gifts, since I am a Sonic fan… Merry Christmas <3.

To The Sonic Stadium…

It’s been a bit of a mental Christmas at TSS Towers. Despite the fact that I’m too poor to buy many presents this year, I seem to have come into a bit of a windfall of packages from Up North to the Land of Oz. I’ve had gestures of goodwill from AAUK/SEGA, T-Bird, Elson ‘Darkspeeds’ Wong, Jemnezmy, Hawkz, Urtheart and DiscoPonies so I figure I will share with you lot what came in the mail this week.

First, AAUK and SEGA Europe sent us this rather natty card, above. You’ll remember this design as it’s the same one on the promotional advent calendars we received during our trip to playtest Sonic Unleashed. “To The Sonic Stadium, Merry Christmas, From SEGA” it reads. Bless your hearts, guys. Continue reading To The Sonic Stadium…