First 4 Figures Reveal Super Sonic Figure

Want a Chaos Emerald fuelled super powered hedgehog in your merchandise collection? Well want no more as First 4 Figures have lifted the lid on the latest figure, Super Sonic! When can you get it and for how much? That information hasn’t been revealed yet but as seen in the above ad originally posted on their Facebook page, you can pre-order from June 22nd to make sure you get your figure.

Source: First 4 Figures Facebook via Emerald Coast

[UPDATE: Some Stickers Contain New Art]Sonic Sticker Collection Hits WH Smith Stores

UPDATE 5: Thanks to members at the SSMB(here and here) we’re now discovering that some of the stickers contain all new artwork of the various characters. /UPDATE 5 END

UPDATE 4: We’re getting more reports from the SSMB topic that the poster for shiny stickers that the sticker book mentions is missing and it now appears the sticker collection has no shiny stickers anyway. It looks like the shiny stickers and poster to hold them may be scrapped ideas which Factory Entertainment forgot to remove mention of in the book. /UPDATE 4 END

We can now reveal thanks to Stasis that the book has sticker pages with profiles for the following characters (joint pages in bold) –
Sonic the Hedgehog (2 pages including Super Sonic and Sonic the Werehog), Miles “Tails” Prower, Amy Rose, Knuckles the Echidna, Big the Cat, Cream & Cheese, Dr.Eggman, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Silver the Hedgehog & Blaze the Cat, Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon & Charmy Bee, Jet the Hawk, Storm the Albatross & Wave the Swallow, Sonic Universe(2 pages including Gemerl, Emerl, Chaos, Tikal, Chao’s, E-123 Omega, E-102 Gamma, Metal Sonic, Eggman Nega, Marine and Captain Whisker & Johnny), Sonic & Tails, Sonic & Amy, Sonic & Knuckles, Dr.Eggman, Shadow & Rouge, Fulfilment. /UPDATE 3 END

UPDATE 2: The company behind the sticker collection is Factory Entertainment, they have a website here, if your book is missing the poster and you want to enquire about it you can find contact details at their site here. /UPDATE 2 END

UPDATE: Thanks to Nemain at the SSMB we have a link to an eBay auction selling the stickers, the seller states there are 140 stickers to collect. Stasis in the comments has informed us that he has picked up a copy of the book for £1.99 and confirms the 140 stickers total while also informing us of an advertisement in the book for the UK release of the Jazwares Sonic merchandise revealing a June release date for them. Thanks Nemain and Stasis.

Super Lombax at the SSMB informs that the book comes with a pull-out poster but unfortunately none of the books at her store had the pull-out poster for some reason. Stasis has also informed us that all 3 books at 3 seperate retailers in his area are also missing the poster which is used to hold the shiney stickers in the collecton. Look’s like this may be a problem at all retailers stocking the book./UPDATE END

The Sonic City Blognik has just been tipped off via their @SEGA Twitter account by user Adwil24 that a new Sonic Sticker Collection has been released in WH Smith stores which suggests it’s available in the UK and Ireland. This is the first official sticker collection in the UK since the Mega Drive days. No other info was given apart from the above photo, we’ll try to get our hands on one along with some stickers and report back.

Exclusive M&SATOWG A2 Poster At Pure HMV

Redeem an A2 size poster printed exclusively for purehmv!

While browsing HMV’s Pure HMV reward points store to see what I can spend my 72,514 points on I spotted the above exclusive A2 sized beauty which for 5,000 points can be yours. If you aren’t already registered for Pure HMV you can sign up online or in-store, every penny spent earns you 1 point which you can save to buy exclusive merchandise on the Pure HMV store or money off vouchers to spend.

Sonic The Skellinghog T-Shirt

Sonic has gone bare bones spikes and all in the above new t-shirt SEGA Nerds caught sight of at Tee Fury in one of their 24hr only availability sales. In this creepy looking T-Shirt Tee Fury have oddly captured Sonic’s essence as we can all agree Sonic would likely take his cool attitude to his grave but his sneakers and gloves too? Guess Sonic is quite literally attatched to his belongings. Since these were only on sale for 24 hours they’re going to be pretty hard to track down, we’ll keep an eye out for any on eBay and report back.

Lots Of New Merchandise At Next

Large UK high-street store Next are now stocking a huge amount of new Sonic merchandise in-store and online from boxer shorts (seen above) to quilt covers.

Here’s a full list of the items and prices:
Sonic Hipsters (the above boxer shorts) – £12
Sonic Aluminium Case And Sonic Magic Tube Games Case – £20
Sonic Trunks Two Pack – £9-£10
Black Shadow™ T-Shirt – £9 – £12
Sonic Striker Bedlinen Set – £25
Blue Sonic Swim Shorts – £14 – £17
Green Sonic X™ Shadow Zip Through Top – £18 – £21
Yellow Sonic X™ T-Shirt – £9 – £12
Sonic Reversible Single Bedlinen Set – £25

Thanks to Casanova and E.T. at the SSMB for the heads up!

New Sonic DS Merchandise

Mad Catz, a company well known for creating gaming accessories over the years look to have acquired a Sonic license agreement with SEGA for DS accessories. The accessories are even tagged with SEGA’s modern Sonic The Hedgehog logo. Among the accessories being produced are plastic DS shells, wallet thingies and those trendy fad DS socks. They’ll be hitting shops soon but no date has been revealed yet.

Source: Kotaku

Way Past Cool Sonic Sprite T-Shirt


Holy shit… yes.  Just in time for the Needlemouse hype (and Christmas), nerd-clothing outlet, Shark Robot, has put up a listing for a “Sonic Sprite Symbol” t-shirt.  This black shirt features Sonic’s head, completely made up of frames in Sonic’s run animation from the Genesis games.

The shirts runs at an affordable $17.95 plus shipping.

Head on over to Shark Robot to buy this radness, foo’.

eBay Watch: 1997 Talking Sonic Plush Loves His SEGA

Talking Sonic Plush 1997

By 1997, young Sonic fans had gotten to hear Sonic speak in Sonic CD and on several cartoon shows. So imagine their delight when a talking Sonic the Hedgehog plush was released! Sonic talking in your home, right in front of you! Would have been exciting to hear Sonic say a cool phrase to you huh? So, squeeze his belly and what does he say?

“SEGA!” Oh Sonic, you silly guy. Let’s squeeze again.
“SEGA!” Ok… let’s try again.
*10 times later* “SEGA!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love SEGA. And advertising does bring more money, certainly. But surely a talking Sonic plush should say something a bit cooler and with attitude like his various lines from the TV shows? If the word ‘SEGA’ had to be there then OK, but the creators could have put a few more words/lines in there. That’s my rant over, what do you guys in the Sonic community think? Is this what the 1997 Sonic crowd wanted in their talking Sonic plush toys? Let us know in the comments.

If you guys are interested in this plush you can now get one on eBay. There is currently a boxed one on and a loose one on You guys in the U.S. have just over 2 days to bid and at the moment there are no bids and you guys in the UK had better be quick as the item is a Buy It Now listing for £19.99 or you can pitch an offer to the seller.

Konnichiwa! We’re Back!

joypolisWell, I’ve spent a good two weeks in Tokyo with a bunch of close pals (including T-Bird, who came home with a truckload of Sonic merch – check out his latest article here) and had a real blast. Again, it seems Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t quite at the forefront of gamer’s minds in Japan as he is in the West – it makes for a bit of a strange culture shock. We’ve had many funny looks from otherwise courteous Japanese store assistants every time we asked for some ‘Sonikku za Hejihoggu’ merchandise. I guess they’re more into their Pokemon and Dragon Quests there.

Either way, it’s good to be back in Blighty, and my first port of call is to grace TSS’ guest editor, Paul Street, with a huge chunk of special thanks as he rode the site through an awesome Mario and Sonic exclusive for you, as well as keeping you up to date on the latest blue blur happenings. Many thanks to the rest of the TSS team as well as they kept about their business and filled in the blanks for me. You guys are great!

I’m spending the week re-couperating from the holiday so to speak – friends to meet, timezones to adjust to, work to catch up on – but I’ll be whipping up a few more TSS skins for you guys, rebuilding the SEGASonic Radio website and working on a few new pages in the Music Zone as well as working hard on an information page for a few games.

I’ll write in detail my Tokyo journey at a later date. For now, it’s a ‘hello again’ and a business as usual sign. A little reminder by the way that the Xbox 360 competition is now CLOSED and I will be showcasing all the entries (and picking a winner) in a few days time.

Sonic the Hedgehog and the Goblet of Awesome

10th-goblet1 10th-goblet2

When Sonic Adventure 2 was released on the Dreamcast, SEGA did a few promotions in conjunction with the hog’s 10th Anniversary. Three pieces of merchandise were produced in a limited series, alongside a special pre-order boxset – a ring featuring Sonic’s head; a high quality figurine and a wireframe model cube.

Today we’ve amazingly seen proof of a fourth. And it’s currently up for auction on eBay.

Apparently, unlike the other three pieces of merchandise (which were available for sale on Sega’s website), this goblet was given away to attendees of a special Japanese event for Sonic’s 10th, and the label includes Yuji Naka’s signature too. In mint condition, this is one prize posession for any hardcore merch-hunter. T-Bird?

At time of publish, the auction has 21 hours till close, with the bid standing firmly at £189.99. I’d buy it in a heartbeat, but alas I have a holiday to Japan to worry about first and foremost. As we may never see such a glorious item again, we’ll be saving these pictures here, forever immortalised for Sonic Gear to come and use.


Sega Sonic The Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Wine Glass New – eBay UK (thanks bcdcdude!)

Limited Edition SEGA LP for Australian ‘Mega Drive Ultimate Collection’ Pre-orders!



Hands up who can remember when our friendly neighbourhood SEGA Community Manager (and head of the Sonic Wrecks Website) ‘AAUK‘ announced in the ‘SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection‘ topic of SSMB that SoE were planning on printing some exclusive SEGA blue Vinyl Records? Who couldn’t help but drool over the very lovely classic SEGA themed record sleeve and disc? So, which of you remaining happen to live in Australia? If your hand’s still up, you’re in luck.

General SEGA fan site ‘SEGA Nerds‘ reported today with some exciting news for any Aussies planning on purchasing the upcoming SEGA Mega Drive and Arcade collection title available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 late this month. Website ‘JB Hi-Fi‘ is offering one of the very limited edition six track 12″ records with every pre-order of the game made on their website, while stock lasts, that is.

I’m sure many Australian fans are going to be picking this up quicker than you can say ‘SEEE-GAAA‘, so you’d better be quick! SEGA fans elsewhere in Europe can keep their eye on the official SEGA Blog for news of that competition in which AAUK is also giving away a couple.

You can check out the original SEGA Europe blog post regarding the Limited Edition Vinyl here and Australians can head over to JB Hi-Fi and lay down their pre-order here.

Source: SEGA Nerds.

Fan-made miniature ‘Calibur’ replica revealed!

Click the image for a higher resolution!

Now you too, just like Sonic, can become a Knight of the Wind! Providing you’re fifteen centimetres high, of course.

Earlier today SSMB member ‘Fox Gungrave‘  reported to the ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ section of the forums with something a little different than the usual, some photographs of a miniature ‘Calibur’, Sonic’s talking weapon from the upcoming Wii adventure available this March.

It appears the quite amazing looking fan work was earlier posted on French Sonic fan site ‘EVERSONIC‘ along with new screen shots from the upcoming 360 and PS3 exclusive ‘SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection’, something that was also posted on the SSMB forums earlier today by fellow TSS staff member ‘Shadzter.

The sword appears to have been hand crafted and painted by an unknown fan of Sonic’s medieval escapades, or simply a guy/girl who just loves producing miniature replicas of talking swords. If the creator of mini-Calibur is anywhere out there, please let us know who you are via the SSMB. We would love to add credit to the article!

UPDATE: It seems original poster of the sword miniature, Fox Gungrave, has done a little research behind the model and figured out the creator is none other than SomaKun, a member of the DeviantART website. The Calibur sword is actually a part of a fully customized Sonic Unleashed figurine, of which also has a customized armoured glove to match. Fantastic stuff!

What would be your ideal piece of ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ merchandise and why? A miniature Sonic and Calibur statue? A Sonic and the Black Knight storybook?  A limited edition ‘Lancelot Legendary’ version of the game, complete with free steel Knight’s helmet? Let us know in the comments below!

SSMB Topic:  ‘Black Knight already has fan works!

A Guide to Sonic Merchandise Part 1: Anniversary Edition

The 10th Anniversary statue and Sterling silver ring
The Sonic 10th Anniversary statue and Sterling silver ring

Sonic the Hedgehog related merchandise seems to permeate everything these days; it wasn’t too long ago that you couldn’t get moved for the overwhelming amount of very mediocre Sonic X gear that was lying around to pick up for next to nothing. There are however some absolute gems out there – the joy of collecting Sonic stuff is that you also collect a little piece of Hedgehog history along with them. I think a lot of the collectors amongst the Sonic community would be agreed that some pieces are truly works of art.

Over the next few weeks I’d like to focus on some of the best bits of nearly 18 years of collecting, from generally going about finding yourself a nice addition to your Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise collection, to some of the more elusive and exclusive things that have been produced in the past.

This first article takes a look at some of the most desirable items that there are going; the 10th and 15th Anniversary Merchandise. A lot of the community will remember the 10th birthday of Sonic, as it was the launch date of Sonic Adventure 2, which is still held in high regards amongst the 3D Sonic titles. If you were a resident in Europe Japan or the US, and fast enough off the mark, you had a chance to grab yourself a box set with the pre-order of the game, which contained a rather nifty CD of some of the best Sonic tunes, along with a Gold coin and a booklet full of interesting Sonic facts, pictures, and a rather odd little story. These were however produced in rather large numbers, so aren’t as collectible as initially intended; on the plus side, you can easily pick one up on ebay for £25 ($35USD)! Those lucky enough to attend E3 that year would have also had a chance to scoop up a 10th anniversary badge, which do occasionally appear for purchase.

The SEGA Direct version of the 15th anniversary figurine
The SEGA Direct version of the 15th anniversary figurine

The main contenders for collector’s money thesedays are the trio of anniversary gifts produced by the Sonic Factory (Which closed soon after), being the 10th Anniversary statue, the Crystal Cube, and the Sterling silver ring. Each object was made to extremely high standards; the statue (on an engraved marble base!) was hand-painted, and the crystal cubes were carefully laser-etched to create a wire frame Sonic inside the glass. Each item was limited to 500 units worldwide; some where given away as prizes at a SEGA sports event in Japan, with the remainder being quickly snapped up from the Sonic Factory. In the highly unlikely case you see one on sale online, you’d better get your cheque book ready and phone your bank manager – you are most likely going to be in a bidding war that will go into hundreds of dollars!

Fast forwarding 5 years, the 15th anniversary churned out a number of nice little items. We were treated to two different statues, one was again on sale through SEGA Direct, but was later released as a freebie in the US with the pre-order of Sonic the Hedgehog on the Xbox and PS3. The other statue was produced in a limited run of 2,500 pieces – each  was stamped on the base and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. A number of T-Shirts were also produced to commemorate the occasion, two of which depicted a running sonic in his pixelated form á la Sonic 1, with the 15th birthday logo on the back. Again, E3 goers in 2006 were treated to a nice distressed shirt, the number ‘91 (the year of Sonic’s launch) emblazoned on the back. The keen-eyed ebayer can still pick the odd one of these items up on ebay, albeit at a slightly higher price.

So, did you manage to get any of these items? Which are your favourite? Are there any items you managed to pick up that we’ve missed off our list? Let us know, and keep an eye out for the next feature!

Sonic Merchandise at

So I randomly thought of Sonic X, which made me randomly remember digital tv channel Jetix, which I randomly remembered show Sonic X, which made me randomly remember they have a Sonic X website, where I randomly remembered they use to have a Sonic X store on their site, so I went there and clicked the ‘Store’ link. I was randomly taken to a page full of Sonic X items at a site called

Alot of the Sonic X merchandise I remember seeing at Jetix’s old Sonic X store but unless I’m mistaken a couple of new ones seem to have appeared –

Sonc X Character Capsule Set of 5 Figurines, £4.99
Continue reading Sonic Merchandise at

Cufflinks Prove Classic Sonic Is Not Always Good

cufflinksMerchandise time! These are Sonic the Hedgehog cufflinks that you can now buy from UK fashion shop NEXT. And as you can see, they’re not exactly of the highest manufacturing quality. But that’s what makes them so great.

Costing £12, you’d expect them to probably be painted by someone whose experience isn’t just Colour By Numbers. Of course, it was most likely coloured by machine, but it still doesn’t really excuse that Sonic looks like he’s thrown up on himself, or painted half his muzzle blue. A sign of the blue blur’s deteriorating mental health in his old age, I guess.

Retro stuff is insanely popular in Blighty, and various games shops have recently caught on by selling ‘retro Sonic merchandise’ such as plushies and bags. We’ve covered these before in past articles. NEXT has been getting into the act with T-Shirts, but this probably marks a concerted effort to sell/market even more Sonic merchandise in the future.

As far as I know, if you want to get your hands on this awesome-but-terrible collectable, it might be wise to snoop through the NEXT Catalogue or via their website, as they didn’t appear to sell these in their stores. If anyone’s seen these in NEXT shops, do let us know.

And Here Come The Unleashed Toys

This is quite something – Sega haven’t put this much pump into a Sonic game in a long time. There’s even proper merchandise to be had, with this eBay auction popping up for a Sonic the Werehog action figure. Sold at Toys R’ Us in America for a period of time, these are very hard to find according to the seller. They’re apparently different from the Australian pre-order figures, but we won’t know for sure unless someone does a comparison or two (that’s your challenge, Aussie readers! Get in touch!).

We don’t know if these will ever come to Britain (AAUK has responded with a stinging ‘no’), or anywhere outside of America in fact. At this time there are two separate auctions for about $40. So if you’ve got bottomless pockets and can’t wait for a bit of early Unleashed action, then what better to do then invest in a pristine Werehog?

Sega Sonic Unleashed Sonic the Werehog Figure – eBay

Are we getting a Sonic Unleashed toy line? – SSMB

Sonic Drift 3 unveiled… Kinda

UK video game retailer GAME are listing some new Sonic merchandise items made by the same company behind the recent plushies, Cool Stuff (we still want our Eggman plushie damn it!).

The new items are –
Sonic & Tails Table Top Track Set – £9.99
Sonic Racer Racing Car 1:32 – £9.99
Tails Racer Racing Car 1:32 – £9.99

It sounds like they are all part of a Sonic Scalextric kind of thing but why release all 3 items seperately? Your guess is as good as mine. No images are available right now, but they are listed to be released Saturday 20th September 2008 so expect images and info to be released soon.

The Bank Of Sonic Official!… Sort Of.

The Bank of Sonic - Halifax are going to have to do better than 'Howard Brown' singing 'Who let the dogs out?'

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a little fed up with seeing The Queen’s mug plastered all over our glorious British currency? It’s just me? Oh. Well still, that hasn’t stopped the great seller tycoons of eBay has it? While doing my regular (money draining) browse for Sonic related merchandise I couldn’t help noticing something out of the ordinary, a familiar styled note with the smirking face of Sonics beaming on the front!

What sort of insane magic produced this!? I can’t think of any better way to pop down to GAME and lay a pre-order on Sonic Chronicles than using your very own money from the Bank of Sonic! I wonder if this is what ‘mobiums’ would look like if they existed in our society? Unfortunately though, it doesn’t look like you’ll be spending this exact note any time soon because the Bank of Sonic surprisingly enough does not exist. Well, not until the world comes to its senses and creates it anyway.

While we’re on the same note (pun intended), perhaps you’d want to buy a vintage Sonic money bank to keep your Bank of Sonic novelty note and any spare Rings in? Or maybe we’re just, getting a little ahead of ourselves now…

Let’s look at Sonic T-Shirts in UNIQLO Japan

We have had a limited availability of these special SEGA Vintage T-Shirts in the UK, but before we were able to grab them (assumedly via online only), this much sought-after range of clothing was available for a long time in Japan. Well, if by a long time you mean a week or so, before the lot was sold out.

Artist and general Australian bloke Elson ‘Darkspeeds’ Wong took a trip to the land of the rising sun back in March to see the sights and invest in a little Virtua Fighter with his homies, and managed to stumble across these magnificent T-Shirts – this is, incidentally, how we got to know about the UNIQLO SEGA range and, because we told you, how you all got to know about them. Continue reading Let’s look at Sonic T-Shirts in UNIQLO Japan

Saturday Swag: 1992 Pajamas

Isn’t it freaky when you find things you never remembered owning? Clearing out the various rooms that I live in the other day earned me this 1992 Sonic the Hedgehog pajama set as a reward. Uh, thanks wardrobe fairy? It’s a great bit of merch from yesteryear so after a bit of a wash I took some pictures. Ah, back when Sonic looked pretty funky (and fat). This was a set you could buy in Marks and Spencer’s and is just one of a billion things you could buy with Sonic’s head on it back in the day.

The top looks pretty sweet, right? You wanna see what the awesome pajama bottoms look like..? Continue reading Saturday Swag: 1992 Pajamas

New Classic Sonic 12″ figure available for Pre-order

You may remember in February Sonic News reported that the company ‘First4Figures’ were producing three unique Sonic related statues. Today, all three figures are available for pre-order over the well known ‘Play-Asia’ import website along with a brand new 12″ Sonic statue.

12 inches in height, the Classic themed Sonic the Hedgehog statue sports one of Sonic’s classic poses from the 1990’s along with a classy Green Hill themed base. Continue reading New Classic Sonic 12″ figure available for Pre-order

More Sonic Plushes hitting UK stores!

For those of you who live in the UK and have been into GAME recently, you’ll have noticed you can pick up a Sonic and Tails Plush toy for the mere price of £9.99. Well, as advertised on the back of the box, the Knuckles Plushes are now available to buy, as I found out today while roaming Newcastle.

And here’s some guy with one… Continue reading More Sonic Plushes hitting UK stores!

Classic Sonic the Hedgehog Figures coming soon!

It looks like the Classic range of Sonic goodies hitting the shelves will not be stopping anytime soon!
First 4 figures (the company that has produced the Assassin’s Creed Altair figurine and the incredibly detailed Link figurine from Ocarina of Time) have recently acquired the rights from Jetix to produce a series of vinyl figures based on the classic style of the Sonic the Hedgehog characters.

The first wave of figures will include Sonic the Hedgehog in a running pose, as well as a Tails and a Knuckles figurine. First 4 Figures hopes to preview these figurines at both the Nuremberg and New York toy fairs, with their release date currently being placed in July of this year.

Fans will no doubt be impressed that companies like First 4 Figures are now also catering for the Adult collectors market – I personally cannot wait to get my hands on a set!

Thanks be to M1k3.tayl0r of SCD for this info!

More Sonic Merchandise for UK Fans!

UK Sonic Merchandise collectors rejoice! The UK videogames retailers GAME are now stocking a selection of Sonic the Hedgehog plush toys. Currently stores have stocks of Sonic and Tails plushes, but I was politely informed by a staff member that there will also be a Doctor Eggman and Knuckles plush available before the year is out. Continue reading More Sonic Merchandise for UK Fans!

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Pre-Order DVD

SEGA has just announced a surprisingly cool pre-order bonus for NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, launching next Tuesday in the US. Those with reservations will get a special “Behind-the-Scenes” DVD chronicling the creation of the game, the history of the series, and “an interview with the creator of NiGHTS”, among other things.

This looks to be quite the holiday treat for loyal NiGHTS fans! Better get your down-payments put in!

Yuji Naka Signed Sonic Gear Going Under The Block

Signed Sonic the Hedgehog paraphernalia amongst other video game related treasures are set to be auctioned next Saturday the 17th as part of the upcoming Hollywood Arts Dream Awards.

Straight from the press release:
The Dream Awards will host an auction on eBay with several game industry items including an audio cameo in the upcoming game HALO 3, a Master Chief statue, a tour of the Bungie Studios and signed video game paraphernalia of games such as Guitar Hero 2 and by artists such as Yugi Naki, creator of Sonic the Hedgehog. (I’m sure they meant Yuji Naka, father of Sonic the Hedgehog) Continue reading Yuji Naka Signed Sonic Gear Going Under The Block

Bonus Sweatband with Secret Rings Pre-order

Pre-ordering Sonic’s debut Wii game in the US will bag you a free wristband sporting the blue blur, according to a new promotion by retailer

The website offer can also be made in ‘real life’ stores, so those who aren’t exactly web-friendly can secure one in the comfort of bricks and mortar.

The band itself features a blue line with a generic picture of Sonic on it. Might look like someone from Spain made a knock off official band, but hey, free’s free so who are we to complain? Click the link in ‘More Info’ below to hit the EBGames page.

EBGames pens Sonic and the Secret Rings for a release date of 27th February 2007, but remember that dates on a retail website are not indicative of final or official release.

Cheers to our nameless tipster who popped the news in our inbox the other day. We’d buy you a beer, but well, we won’t.

Freebie for SONIC 06 buyers!

If getting SONIC the hedgehog on Xbox 360 wasn’t good enough, EBgames and are giving you an adorable little Sonic the hedgehog plushie to go with it! And he’s completely free of charge!

If you purchase the game on their website (The link is in the “MEDIA LINKS” box at the bottom of this page) at the price of $59.99, you will get this cute little fellow free with your game (Obviously subject to availiability).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A similar offer does not appear to be on the cards yet for european buyers. The game is due out in the USA on the 14th of November 2006. Thanks to Nazoshadow on the SSMB for the tip off!

Old-School T-Shirts Available in UK (Updated 22/8)

Ever since Hot Topic began selling specialised Sonic the Hedgehog T-Shirts, British fans have been pining for some extra hedgehog love. Four new T-Shirts can be found in your local GameStation store sporting classic Sonic poses in retro-cool designs.

Avid fans can buy a brown ‘Circles’ Sonic Tee, which has the words “Since 1991” like a Levi Jeans ad. Or something. A blue ‘Hisashi’ shirt features Sonic doing his funky finger-wagging pose with red stars circling him, in what is ultimately the sexiest T-Shirt man has ever created. If you like your music, there’s also a black Sonic shirt that mimicks The Ramones’ circular insignia. A fourth, which was not available for Sonic News to harvest, has Sonic running running along some psychadelic wavy lines. Continue reading Old-School T-Shirts Available in UK (Updated 22/8)

Sonic Channel and Sonic X Space Fighters

There’s been a mixing pot of Sonic news lately, none of which has been deserving of a full-blown article, which is why Sonic News has rounded them up into handy little news reports.

Sonic X Sonic Space fighter figures

Released in April 2006, a new range of Sonic X figures are available, which have been named Sonic Space Fighters. The toy range features Sonic and friends in futuristic space costumes.

Currently available in the range are: Sonic, Shadow, Tails, and Knuckles.

If you’d like to buy these figures please visit: Toy Globe. Continue reading Sonic Channel and Sonic X Space Fighters

Sonic Converse All Star competition

There was a time when our blue buddy was content to wear cheap red knockoffs, but that all changed with ‘Sonic Adventure 2’ when he developed a lust for ‘Soap Scorchers’, and then in ‘Sonic Riders’ when he wore grungy skater boots. So what now, well lately it seems Sonic gets a ‘Rush’ from wearing Converse All Stars. Get it?

That’s right, if you were wondering where SEGA of Europe blew all its Sonic Riders and Rub Rabbits budget then look no further, the answer is Sonic Rush custom designed Converse All Star footwear. Gah it all makes sense now. Continue reading Sonic Converse All Star competition

SOE offer signed Shadow and Sonic images

Remember back in October, when SEGA of Europe held a charity auction to raise money for provisions needed to perform a sponsored climb of the mountain Kilimanjaro, for the video games ‘Entertainment Software Charity’?

Well if you do then you should also remember the ‘one of a kind’ signed Sonic and Shadow images that were auctioned off for over £100 ($200) each.

Well as it turns out the images, signed by Yuji Naka, are not so original after all. In yet another one of SEGA of Europe’s spectacular (SEGA City exclusive) competitions, a duplicate copy of the signed images are being offered up to those that can answer this simple question: Continue reading SOE offer signed Shadow and Sonic images

UK McDonalds Sonic X Happy Meal Promotion Begins

It wasn’t all that long ago McDonalds rolled out their last Sonic Happy Meal promotion, but they are at it once again in the UK and with a completely different line of toys for the young/young at heart. The Sonic X themed toys now available are disc launchers, available in four different characters – Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow.

It currently has not been revealed as to whether more different character themed toys will be launched during the campaign, however given that this promotion is running alongside of Hello Kitty themed toys, it may be a little much to wonder why there are no Amy or Cream toys.

The following images have been nabbed from McDonalds Happy Meal flash site. (Available here) Continue reading UK McDonalds Sonic X Happy Meal Promotion Begins

Sonic Rush promotions get underway

It’s that time folks, time for the Sonic promotions to start.

SEGA disappointed us by allowing ‘Sonic Gems Collection’ to go un-hyped to the average games consumer, a trip to stores in the UK revealed a somber launch for the classics compilation, and with a virtual shunning of the Gamecube in even the most specialist of games shops, it’s no wonder why. A search for Japanese sellers on eBay seemed to reveal little had been done to promote the game in Japan either.

Now all attention turns to ‘Sonic Rush’ for the DS. Sonics’ first DS outing should be one to commemorate, and Sega are employing a similar promotional tactic to those used on Sonic R, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Advance. Continue reading Sonic Rush promotions get underway

Sonic X Toys Coming To Australia

When it comes to Sonic merchandise, things have been pretty tough down under, that was, until the recent release of Sonic X on DVD, which it seems has paved the way for more Sonic merchandise such us the soon to be on sale Sonic X figures.

Moose Toys, a company that deals primarily with craft and somewhat abstract toys have picked up the rights to redistribute the figures which are currently on sale already in the US and UK.

Slated for simply a June release, the toys should be available soon from all major toy retailers with no RRP specified yet.

Sonic Team @ TGS 2003

Tokyo Game Show 2003 is soon to be and Sonic team has put up their TGS Page. Japanese gamers will get special gifts and such for playing any Sonic team games, the gifts will be exclusive to TGS. The show will also feature a few special presentation’s of Sonic team titles.

  • Play Sonic Heroes and get a Sonic Heroes Memorandum pad.
  • Play Sonic Battle and get a sticker, yay.
  • Beat the Sonic Battle Tournament and get a decorated cube.
  • Play Puyo Fever to get this eye mask (below).
  • Play Billy Hatcher to get a sticker reel.
  • Win a Bottle Sleeve if you beat the Billy Hatcher Tournament.
  • The Phantasy Star I Sonic Cafe version will be there too.