The 13th Annual Sonic London Meetup

On February 23rd, the 13th annual SonicLondon event will be taken place, and Sonic fans aged 18 or over are invited to come along!


What’s SonicLondon? Well, Sonic London is basically a community meetup started by long time Sonic community member HelenBaby, who has been organising the event since 2010 and it’s grown in size and recognition over the years.

Entry is free, but spaces are limited so make sure you confirm your attendance on the Facebook Page so the organisers have an idea as to how many are going to attend.


“Sonic fans over the age of 18 are invited to attend SonicLondon, a public meet-up of Sonic fans that takes place regularly in the UK capital. The next meet is set to take place in Meltdown London, an eSports bar in North London, on February the 23rd.

Inspired by a bunch of Summer of Sonic fans talking about meeting up more frequently than the annual con, SSMB member HelenBaby went ahead and set up the group in 2010. The first meet-up was held shortly afterwards, and the upcoming meet will mark the group’s 13th gathering.

The theme for the upcoming meet will be Sonic Lost World in celebration of Sonic’s latest adventure. As the last meet was also Lost World-themed this one will be deemed ‘Hard Mode’ in homage to the extra mode players unlock when completing Lost World’s main story. In addition there will be a competition at the event which will require a copy of the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World in order to participate. The other contests, however, are open to everyone. Also, just to clarify : despite Sonic Lost World being the meet’s theme it will still be a general Sonic meet, just like the others!

Aside from the contests activities at the meet will include chatting, drinking (seeing as it’s held in a bar) and drawing (paper and pencils provided).

For more details and to RSVP please see here :https://www.facebook…71207212959354/

For information/photos from our previous meets please see here : “

Source: SonicLondon