Oh, you can play Sonic X-Treme… In your (copy of) DREAMS!

Media Molecule’s Dreams is a new PS4 game (well, more of a tool than a game) that lets users create their own games with much more freedom than you had in their previous creation title, Little Big Planet. It’s been in a beta stage for a long time and people have been using that time to make unique and interesting games along with some that are inspired by other popular genres.

One player, JPG240SX has created 2 stages inspired by Sonic X-Treme, the long-lost Sega Saturn title. The version he created uses low-res textures and a fisheye-lens camera to get the effect of what the original title was going for. It’s really impressive.

The engine that Media Molecule is using in Dreams is so impressive that people are already making levels based off of Sonic Adventure and other Sonic titles and even making their own original, momentum-based Sonic games. It’s a game creation tool like no other.

Dreams is available now for PS4 at $39.99 US.

Sonic stages deleted from LittleBigPlanet over copyright claims

CVG are reporting that user generated levels based around other videogames are being deleted off the servers due to copyright claims from Sony. These themed levels include Sonic the Hedgehog stages. So anyone wishing to publish their favorite stages like Green Hill Zone or Emerald Hill Zone will have to keep them to themselves. CVG have contacted Sony but have received no reply yet but LittleBigPlanet developers Media Molecule have issued this statement –

“We’re reviewing the moderating system currently to provide better feedback on why levels are moderated,” he said, going on to explain: “Primarily, any level that is reported using the grief tool will be checked over by a moderator, at which point they’ll examine it in line with the EULA. If a level is found to be in violation of the EULA it will be moderated and you’ll receive a message to that effect.

“We’re moving towards a system where additional information is given, however for the time being if you don’t want your level moderating avoid anything unsuitable for users of all ages and copyright content,”

What are your oppinions on this? Has anyone with the game had their Sonic stages deleted off the server?

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