Mash-Up Monday: Savannah Citadel’s Giant Egg

Billy Hatcher Mash-Up Monday? CyanBlur, I approve!

The Gamecube classic’s main theme is thrown together with Savannah Citadel Day for Mazuri from Sonic Unleashed!


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SEGA Releases Mazuri Download Pack on 360

Those rumblings of more downloadable content has appeared to pan out. SEGA has today released three new levels and three new missions for Mazuri on Xbox Live. Like past DLC packs, this pack costs 250 points. You can get a look at what the content looks like below, in video provided by the Youtube user 1stkirbyever. Why don’t you tell us what you think of this content below?


An Official Sonic Unleashed Trailer

Now for a trailer that hasn’t been leaked! This video comes courtesy of Sega America and was posted on Hallowe’en of all times – it’s a brief showcase of the jungle-esque stage titled Mazuri. It’s really quite difficult for someone like me to keep a track of all these Zone names when they’re so bizarrely named. Whatever happened to Jungle Leaf Zone, or Tarzanhog Zone, or King of the Swingers Zone? Much easier to remember. What’s also easier to see is that this stage has had vast improvements over the original trailer some months ago, and even retains the classic re-interpretation of the Sonic 1 8-Bit credits theme. Groovy.