Mash-Up Monday: The Jesters of Pumpkin Hill

Sure, Mystic Mansion got its day in the limelight, but you didn’t really think I forgot about “A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup,” did you? The definitive Sonic Halloween track quickly gained renown among fans and within the gaming community at large for hammy lyrics and dancing pumpkin men. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a little known mashup for Mash-Up Monday: Halloween 2016 Edition!

Mashup artist How2BEpic brought the infamous Pumpkin Hill to the world of Gaia, with the renowned theme combining with that of the sycophantic servants to Queen Brahne: “Jesters of the Moon” Zorn and Thorn of Final Fantasy IX. Have a listen below!

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Mash-Up Monday: Aquarium Park Dragon Dance

Sonic set aside his hydrophobia when countless Wisps were in danger as he ventured through Aquarium Park in Sonic Colours, with Eggman’s Interstellar Amusement Park laying claim to this planet for its feudal era-inspired architecture and expansive ocean. The evil Doctor’s lust for conquest later drove him to the Lost Hex, and became master of the Deadly Six, only for the Zeti to usurp him at the first opportunity; Sonic’s travels across the planetoid in Sonic Lost World soon led him to Sky Road where he confronted Zavok alone.

Select themes from both Zones, all composed by Tomoya Ohtani, have proven to be similar enough to be mashed up for this week’s Mash-Up Monday, as DarkHyperSonic7 has demonstrated with Aquarium Park Act 1 and “Dragon Dance.” Give it a listen below!

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Mash-Up Monday: Crisis City Remastered

Crisis City was once a shining and prosperous metropolis before Iblis was unleashed upon the world, and the immortal Flames of Disaster turned the city to ruin and brought all life in the world to its knees. The apocalyptic city appropriately set the tone for the rest of the plot in Sonic ’06, and not even it being wiped from canonical existence prevented its return in Sonic Generations five years later.

For today’s Mash-Up Monday, we take another look at the music of Crisis City across its ’06 and Generations incarnations, all composed and arranged by Tomoya Ohtani. YouTuber Aeon Eric already mashed the original, Classic, and Modern themes up together in the past, but a remastered edition was produced not long after. As a bonus, keener listeners might pick up on a Kingdom Hearts-related surprise towards the end of this mashup.

Check it out below!

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Mash-Up Monday: Reala’s Stardust Speedway

While Sonic celebrates his 25th anniversary, there is another SEGA superstar whose milestone we should honour: Naoto Oshima’s own NiGHTS, who debuted in NiGHTS into Dreams… on the SEGA Saturn over twenty years ago. The androgynous Nightmaren keeps watch over the dream world of Nightopia and protects it from the evil Wizeman.

Since their premiere on the Saturn, only one other game exists to their name on Wii with Journey into Dreams, and barring their appearances on several spinoffs, it is unknown if we’ll ever see NiGHTS again in the future, but hope yet remains. We pay tribute to NiGHTS for today’s Mash-Up Monday with a pair of mash-ups by Chiruliru and James Fisher, featuring the Japanese themes of Stardust Speedway from Sonic CD and “NiGHTS and Reala” from NiGHTS into Dreams… Check them out below!

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Mash-Up Monday: Team Chaotix X Sweet Mountain Area

The Chaotix Detective Agency: the team that never turns down work that pays, a force where one and one makes three, and experts at taking a look at… more clues. Now, the subject of this week’s Mash-Up Monday!

When Team Chaotix was brought back and redesigned from Knuckles Chaotix into their more modern iterations established in Sonic Heroes, their re-debut came with an awesome and really catchy self-titled theme song with vocals by Gunnar Nelson. It also turns out it mashes together quite well with the Mariko Nanba’s Area theme for Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colours, as YouTuber Newbiespud found out by bringing both tunes together.

Check out their tribute to Vector, Espio, and Charmy below!

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Mash-Up Monday: “Shadow and the Snow Queen”, Plus Sonic Storybook Photoshop Contest

Ah, the Sonic Storybook series – a spinoff that never lived past Sonic and the Secret Rings, which brought the Blue Blur to the many tales of the Arabian Nights, and Sonic and the Black Knight, based on the old legends of King Arthur. The concept of mashing together Sonic with age-old folklore was a fun one that could’ve led to other game ideas: say, Sonic finding the lost city of Atlantis, or facing the Greek hero Hercules, or maybe even going through the pages of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen.

What’s with that specific last example, you may ask? This week’s Mash-Up Monday, being “Shadow and the Snow Queen”—a combination of “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen, “Snow Halation” from the Love Live! anime, snippets of Crush 40’s “I Am All of Me” from Shadow the Hedgehog, and bits of “Rooftop Run” from Sonic Unleashed—based on a very real crossover idea that spawned between the Sonic and Frozen fandoms.

Check it out below, and read on for the Sonic Storybook Series photoshop contest!

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Mash-Up Monday: Lost World’s “Sea Bottom Segue” and Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”

Music mashups of Sonic the Hedgehog and Michael Jackson songs are nothing particularly new, but that doesn’t stop them from sounding incredibly amazing – and with Michael Jackson’s involvement with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 confirmed at last (and later confirmed again), the fact that several of these exist across the web isn’t surprising given how well they mix, like thinly sliced fresh cucumbers, a tablespoon of mayonnaise, a pinch of black pepper, and bread no less than 3/4 of an inch thick.

That’s the case once again with today’s Mash-Up Monday, as we take a look at DarkHyperSonic7’s mashup of the King of Pop’s hit “Man in the Mirror” with Tomoya Ohtani’s “Sea Bottom Segue” from Sonic Lost World. Maybe it’s just my personal bias with any song that includes a piano given how gorgeous Michael’s vocals are when in contrast with Ohtani’s beautiful melody on the keyboard, but listen to it for yourself after the jump and let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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Mash-Up Monday: Endless Possibilities X 400m Dash

In 2007, after years of barbs and jabs at one another from either side of the 90s Console Wars, celebrated company mascots Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog finally starred in their first crossover game in the aptly titled Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. 2008 marked a brand new start for the Blue Blur in his own games as well, with the release of Sonic Unleashed later that year on several platforms – a game that brought new life to the series with transitional 2D and 3D gameplay and the Boost ability, a mechanic that went on to become a staple in later titles until recently. Continue reading Mash-Up Monday: Endless Possibilities X 400m Dash

Mash-Up Mondaytale: It fills you with determination.

UnderTale fan art by Guzusuru!


welcom to…


u shud check out…



Toby Fox’s UnderTale has pretty much taken the web by storm at this point. Released for PC and Mac through Steam back in September, the EarthBound-inspired title by the one-man dev team was released to widespread acclaim for its game-changing morality mechanic, unconventional combat, quirky characters and even quirkier writing, and stellar soundtrack. The game has already received a handful of nominations for The Game Awards 2015, for the categories of “Best Independent Game”, “Best Role-Playing Game”, and “Games For Change”.

To those unknowing, the world of UnderTale is that of a realm of monsters, banished from the surface and sealed away beneath the earth following a terrible war against humans countless years ago. You play as a human child named Frisk who falls through a gap up Mt. Ebott, a mountain from which no one who climbs it ever returns from, and finds themselves trapped underground among the same monsters of legend with no way out, save for a magic barrier at the end of the caverns. Filled with determination, Frisk then travels through the underground, but how they travel is ultimately up to the player.

You can either spare the monsters you come across and move on, adopting the route of the pacifist, or you can kill them and unleash a full-blown genocide onto the denizens of the underground and level-up conventionally. The path you choose will ultimately and entirely affect the rest of your time spent playing UnderTale, to a degree that has yet to be explored in video games up until now.

Now with that short stint of exposition out of the way, why not see out how UnderTale music meshes with classic Sonic tunes? Three of ’em, in fact! Special thanks to my friend Stingybee365, for her support and input on selecting this week’s mash-ups!

For your sakes, I’ll try to keep major spoilers to an absolute minimum where avoidable.

Our first mash-up, courtesy of Lavalamp, is… well, special.

Carnival Night Zone stood out as a stage in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles for the sudden change of tone it provided: after blazing forest fires, wide-spanning and interconnected underwater tunnels, and ruined remains of a long lost civilization (all thematically fitting for a fabled floating island) came a theme park with flashing bright lights and towering machinery, colourful balloons floating about, and that damned barrel that brought many Sonic players to their knees way back before online guides were even a thing.

As wacky as some of UnderTale’s characters and locations can get, none can really compare to the very infamus (VERY!!!!!!!!!) hidden village of the Temmies within the Waterfall region… called Temmie Village. Its citizens? Temmies. Their diet? tem flakes. The save point? Fills you with detemmienation.

So of course, it warrants for both of their abominable songs to be blended together into one unholy union.

celbrating tems new colleg degree, proving tem learnt MANY THINs, “tem go 2 carnivl!!!!!”


Now that we’ve said b0i!! to Temmie, we can move on to the nittier and grittier mash-ups and higher standard grammar.

Next one up, called “Genocide Adventure 2”, is by MtH!

Crush 40 need no introduction, but Toby’s “MEGALOVANIA”? Definitely. Played during a particular boss fight exclusive to the game’s dubbed Genocide Route, the tune originally appeared in the EarthBound Halloween ROM Hack back in 2009 (made by the same guy, actually!) for the final boss, and again as Vriska’s theme for one of the official Homestuck Adventures albums.

it’s a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming… on days like these, kids like you….

S h o u l d b e b u r n i n g i n h e l l.

Take heed should you choose that particular path… because you’re going to have a bad time.

This next one wasn’t one that I’d have ever anticipated, but the end result was definitely a song worth savouring! Why? Of all things, this is a Sonic Rush Adventure mash-up — didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

The sequel to Sonic Rush saw its release on the Nintendo DS back in 2007, starring Sonic and Blaze once again as they chase after the scourge of the seas, Captain Whiskers. The robotic and familiar looking pirate made off with the Jewelled Sceptre: native to Blaze’s world, the sceptre possesses the Power of the Stars, which has the power to alter reality to one’s favour, and dwarves even the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds in comparison. After Sonic and friends succeed in retrieving the sacred artefact, it is stolen once again under everyone’s noses, this time by the real villainous masterminds behind the game’s events: Doctor Eggman and Doctor Eggman Nega.

The ensuing final battle that takes place in the Deep Core underneath Southern Island was a memorable one indeed, all the more with the music provided by Seirou Okamoto. Sir Spacebar felt it appropriate to combine it with one of UnderTale’s own climactic boss battle tunes, “Finale”. Without further ado, here’s “DeepCoremination”!

Last, but not least, isn’t the kind of mash-up you might be expecting, but nonetheless, I just wanted to share it because it sounds plain friggin’ cool.

Martyn Davies, also known as BlastProcessed, rearranges tunes as though they were being played off of a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. His effort is worth noting, seeing he bars himself from ever using MIDI files and simply transplanting them into a different sound font before calling it a day, instead relying on a YM2612 VST alone to get the job done (and going over the actual console’s sound limitations for the plain hell of it). That calls for some serious time, effort, and energy.

That is why I feel the need to cap off this Mash-Up Monday with his take on “ASGORE” from UnderTale, the tragic theme to the King of All Monsters in the Underground!

BlastProcessed has also done UnderTale’s “Spider Dance” — feel free to check out the rest of his “Genesis covers” library too while you’re at it!

Found any other interesting Sonic music mashups out there on the web? Maybe you have one of your own you’d like to share? If so, you can reach me via any of the following to see your choice on the next Mash-Up Monday:

Feel free to post your respect and recognition towards Lavalamp, MtH, Sir Spacebar, and BlastProcessed’s mash-ups below in the comments! Nyeh heh heh!

Mash-Up Monday: JoJo’s Sonic Adventure

OH! MY! GOD! Three mash-ups on a single Monday!?

Conceived by Hirohiko Araki back in 1986 and acting as one of the forefathers of modern shōnen, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an ongoing Japanese manga series that tells the tragic tale of the Joestar family, whose members possessing unique latent powers are forever bound by destiny to battle against supernatural forces. JJBA spans across multiple story arcs following the preluding battles between Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando, each part with their own starring JoJo, and is currently well into its eighth part almost 30 whole years later, dubbed JoJolion.

After a handful of OVAs and a number of video games over the past few decades, JoJo has finally received a stellar anime adaptation for its first three arcs so far – Part 1: Phantom Blood, Part 2: Battle Tendency, and Part 3: Stardust Crusaders. However, one of the unspoken rules of a good anime is that it needs a really good opening sequence, and thankfully, the JJBA anime has had four incredible ones as of now!

Why all the JoJo exposition on a Sonic fan-site, you say? Context for this week’s mash-ups, of course! No need for alarm either: I can assure you that none of these are the work of an enemy「Stand」.

First up is mash-up artist BotanicSage‘s concoction, which brings the opening tune “Bloody Stream” for Battle Tendency and Hideki Naganuma’s “Vela-Nova” from Sonic Rush together into an even funkier jam combined. I suppose you could say that the end result is a real match…「Made in Heaven」! Eh?


…get it?

. . . . . .

Yare yare daze, you’re no fun at all.

Anyway, here’s “Bloody Nova”!

We’re switching gears from jazz to rock now as we turn to our next JoJo/Sonic mash-up, this one by guilhox!

When some people think of a memorable Sonic theme, chances are they’re going to think of the iconic “Live and Learn” by Crush 40. When it comes to JoJo, understandably, a lot of folks will point to Jin Hashimoto’s “Stand Proud”, the opening track for the first half of Stardust Crusaders, the arc that formally introduces the ethereal spiritual projections known as “Stands” into the JoJo universe. Rock out to the fused “Live and Stand” below!

Albeit this is a Jet Set Radio mashup rather than a Sonic-themed one, we might as well feature this final gem for the week! Richard Jacques’ “Everybody Jump Around” from the SEGA Dreamcast classic is mixed together with “A Fine Fellow Arrives” by Yugo Kanno, the latter straight from the original soundtrack for Stardust Crusaders. Courtesy of Swordy, here is “Jet Set JoJo”!

Found any other interesting Sonic music mashups out there on the web? Maybe you have one of your own you’d like to share? If so, then you can post some in the comments below (as well as your thoughts on BotanicSage, guilhox, and Swordy’s mash-ups above!), or you can reach me via any of the following to see your choice next Monday:

Even Speedwagon would be impressed!