Update: Marine The Raccoon is in Sonic Boom!?

Update: Despite the resemblance, a lot of people have noticed a number of differences between this character and Marine suggesting it’s not her, but a different character. Even Mike Pollock has hinted that it’s not Marine.


Sonicboom marine

I fully admit, this could be a hoax and if it is… you got me. But if it is, goodness, It’s one hell of a good one.

This image appeared on twitter a short while ago, but there was no confirmed source as to how it was obtained. However the significant inclusion appears to confirm what many suspected was the case when this image was posted in a behind the scenes article a few months ago.

Looks like Marine is back and might have a dominant role in the next game.

Keep checking TSS for more updates when we get them.

Source: Tom Skeys

New Sonic Rush Adventure info in Famitsu

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The highly respected japanese videogame publication Famitsu has provided us with a nice big plethora of Sonic Rush Adventure information, including the official name of the new female character. We can officially confirm her name as Marine the Racoon. The promotional art on the pages also depict another new green torpedo-resembling character who is presumably a henchmen of primary antagonist Captain Whisker. Continue reading New Sonic Rush Adventure info in Famitsu