Egmont To Publish New Sonic The Hedgehog Magazine, Sticker Books and More!


Last week we brought you news that former Sonic the Comic publisher Egmont had signed a deal with Sega to publish new material. However, no details were given as to what they would be producing.

Well, we can now reveal the details.

A new Sonic the Hedgehog magazine will go on sale next month (yes you read that right!), no details as to the content were given, however it’s likely to follow along the lines of activity magazine as apposed to ‘comic book’ style.

In addition to this, from May 2014, Egmont will also publish the following.

  • A Joke Book. £4.99
  • Super Sonic Poster Book which includes activity pages. £6.99
  • Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog: A fact-file handbook with information and stats on Sonic and his friends, character profiles, background information and tactics and tips for playing the games. £5.99
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Sticker Mania: Featuring Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and other characters. £6.99

Egmont intends to publish the magazine and the books in UK & Eire, Australia and New Zealand.

We’ll update you with prices and details to the products as and when we get them.

Source: ToyWorld

GamesMaster Presents: Mario Vs Sonic Out Now

Last year, GamesMaster’s spin off magazine ‘GamesMaster Presents’ did a special Sonic 20th Anniversary issue, despite the high price, many who bought that magazine were amazed by the level of detail which went into it as well as well as the quality of the articles and even how the magazine had contributions from the Sonic community.

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FOUND: 1993 Israeli Sonic Ads

This blog submission comes to us from Kit Fox from Israel.  Kit has dug up some old magazines and found some interesting advertisements from Israeli gaming magazine, “Freak.”  The page that he found was apparently from an issue exclusive to those in a SEGA club back then.  The two scans below are the top and bottom of one page, featuring Sonic (click to enlarge the images).

Here’s what the top half of the page says, as translated by Kit:

“SEGA” does it again and in big-time! After years of absolute domination in the European sales, SEGA has recently conquered in a storm also the U.S.. . In a poll published by the U.S. toys industry journal Play Thing (May ’93 issue), it appears, that SEGA is holding the first and fourth places in the American Genesis (“Mega Drive” in the Israeli and European version) while Nintendo is pushed to the second and eighth places. And on the Americans, as is well known, you can trust. And this is not everything. It also appears from the poll, that the MEGA-CD (see separate item) came up from the 18th place to the 13th, and experts estimate, that until the end of the year, it will conquer one of the first places. In Israel the situation is alike. In the 16 BIT technology SEGA reigns supreme. And this actually says it all.”

Kit also explains the bottom half of the page, which, as you can see, features a few hands pointing to parts of Mega Drive boxes.  What’s that all about?:

[The bottom half] tells the readers how to distinguish between the original Mega-Drive in the black box to the fake one in the white box (also notice the certificate of an “Authorized Dealer” you had to look for while in search of the original 😛 ). It also warned customers what to expect if they bought the fake (low quality, no Mega-CD connection etc’…). I remember seeing the fake once in a grocery store. LOL! But yeah, there were lots of fake consoles back then, mostly of 8-bit Nintendos. Apart of that you can see another small ad announcing the soon arrival of the MEGA-CD and the sell discount for the Game Gear’s TV tuner.

Kit also found an advertisement for Coca-Cola in the same article.  Hmmm… I wonder who’s in it?… 😛


A very special thanks to Kit Fox for providing us with, and translating, a piece of Sonic history from elsewhere in the world.  If you have any cool Sonic stuff, send it our way!

More Sonic Unleashed Screens

Gamekyo (formerly known as has put up two more magazine scans, in addition to the two that were revealed last week, for the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed.  All I can really say is…”wow.”  For magazine scans, that’s just “wow” in my book.  However, judging from the above screenshot, it looks like the homing attack is back, a feature that I am not too fond of.  Check the link below for all four screens that have been released thus far.

Gamekyo’s Sonic Unleashed Wii Page.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood revealed

Several images hit the Internet yesterday taking the Sonic community by storm. The first screenshots of Biowares upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog RPG for DS had been included in the latest issue of Americans popular ‘Nintendo Power’ magazine.

Boasting beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds, Sonic-looking environments and all our favourite characters, the screenshots are a perfect example of how a classic RPG should look. But this time involving Sonic. Continue reading Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood revealed

PLAY Magazine: Sonic Riders Sequel Details

The English Playstation 2 magazine PLAY have featured a Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity article in the September issue of the magazine! The article divulges several details, not least of all the fact that Jet the Hawk (Of original Sonic Riders fame) is set to return alongside a few more new yet currently unrevealed characters.

According to the 2-page preview’s text regarding the story, Sonic the Hedgehog himself discovers an odd artifact that contains the power to alter gravity itself (Possibly alluded to in the game’s title), sparking the interest of his Extreme gear rival Jet the hawk. Naturally, a clash breaks out between the two over dominance of the mysterious artifact, leading them to settle their score over a few Extreme gear races across such courses known as ‘Botanical kingdom’ and Crimson Crater’, the former being the first stage and the latter being the second. Continue reading PLAY Magazine: Sonic Riders Sequel Details

New Sonic and the Secret Rings Info

British gaming magazine Games Master have revealed a plethora of new information about the soon to be released Sonic and the Secret Rings for Nintendo Wii.

The following information is taken from The Wiire’s report.
According to Games Master, Sonic and the Secret Rings will feature 10 different levels, five of which being Sand Oasis, Dinosaur Jungle, Evil Foundry, Levitated Ruin and Pirate Storm. Each level has 10 missions such as stealth attack, rampage, chain challenge, beat the clock, and more.

In addition, Sonic’s skills will be customizable, with upwards of 100 available to learn. These skills affect everything from Sonic’s handling, to moveset, to special abilities – such as slowing down time or speed boosting. Experience points are earned through the game that grant players access to these abilities, but only four can be maintained at any given time (through rings Sonic wears). Continue reading New Sonic and the Secret Rings Info

Magazine Mania

The August edition of British games publication issue 6 of the new format Nintendo Official Magazine and issue 175 of Games Master both contain large features dedicated to SEGA’s spiky blue messiah. These publications come in the wake and aftermath of little boy blues 15th birthday bash, which portrayed a rather sombre affair, but scratch the surface and you’ll find that the boys and girls at Sonic Team were busy beavering away at interviews for Sonic Channel and both of these magazines. Continue reading Magazine Mania

New Interview with Sonic Team’s Masahiro Kumono

GamesMaster, a gaming magazine, very recently sat down with the new head of Sonic Team, Masahiro Kumono, and together they discussed details concerning the upcoming game “Sonic the Hedgehog,” for the Playstation 3 and X-Box 360. Originally printed in magazine form, the interview will be transcripted here for your reading pleasure.

“GM: What have you been able to do on the next-gen consoles that wasn’t previous in the previous Sonics?

MK: We can’t reveal everything but it’s going to be more story based, more cinematic and much more realistic.

GM: What’s the best looking thing in the new game?

MK: We’ve got detailed lighting and shadows on everything at a level that just wouldn’t have been possible before. Continue reading New Interview with Sonic Team’s Masahiro Kumono

Retro Gamer Sonic tribute

The British retro gaming publication aptly titled Retro Gamer has run a Sonic the Hedgehog Anniversary feature in its June Issue 26 edition. The magazine offers very little content that isn’t already readily available over the internet, however the feature does span a whopping 14 pages (ironically 15 if you count the cover), offering Sonics largest dedicated magazine feature since his golden 16 bit era, an interview (and exploration of his gaming career) with a rather reserved Yuji Naka, and finally a competition to with a Sonic related prize.

Viewable Scans:
Front Cover | Read a Page

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Sonic Magazine to Launch

SEGA of France has recently announced plans to publish a Sonic the Hedgehog magazine. Announced on SEGA France’s Weblog, The Blue Room, and titled ‘SONIC Magazine’, the contents will cover the latest SEGA mascot’s game releases. It will also feature articles about other aspects of Sonic, including a History of Sonic piece featuring on the front cover of issue 1.

The magazine will be published by Future Publishing, which interestingly is based in the United Kingdom. This increases the chances of a translated edition being sold in Britain. The scope and timing of the magazine also shows that perhaps SEGA are ready to start pushing Sonic the Hedgehog out much more than we’ve seen in recent years.

There has been no word from Future Publishing as to whether the magazine could hit British shores, but fingers crossed (and editors irritated) that we get one ourselves.

Nintendo Power Brags New Sonic Game Details

Nintendo Power have promised on their website (see “Source” link to the left) that the next issue will:

“… reveal emerging details about under-wraps thriller Geist, and preview Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Donkey Konga 2, Need for Speed Underground 2, Advance Wars DS, an all-new Sonic game for GCN and a bevy of blockbuster superhero games.”

Nintendo Power magazine is the American magazine based on the famous video game company. Subscribers should get the June edition well in advance of June, so if anyone can aquire and submit a scan it would be greatly appreciated.

Super Sonic Scansday

Yeah, about time eh? >P Sorry about the wait in update, naturally as things get rolling during the kickback into Real Life™ education, things will naturally be a touch slower. Seeings as there’s not much talk on Sonic as it is at the moment anyway, what a good time to actually do what many other places aren’t and update. 😀 Super Sonic Scansday’s not forgotten, in fact, it’s just begun. A period of about a week or so of me adding loads of scannable materials. Yumyum!

And today’s sampling of 45 (!) new scans is too good to pass up, ne? Magazine Articles, old and new, abound! Keep an eye on that ‘Latest Updates’ header to see what new scans have popped up during the course of the week! And the TSS competition – make sure you enter and do your funky stuff QUICK, because the competition’s going to close soon. Although I may push it back for yous guys getting stuff together. You wanna win the Sonic X OST don’t you? Or the Sonic Underground boxset? Or do you just want me to keep them? Well ENTER then, buffoons!