Watch or Listen to Summer of Sonic 2009 Live

Can’t make it to the biggest Sonic event of the year? Fret not, for The Sonic Show, SEGASonic Radio, TSS and the SoS website have you covered! There are two ways to enjoy the event, depending on whether you like multitasking or your Internet connection.

Thanks to The Sonic Show, there will be a special live video feed that will overlook the day’s events and focus on various things on the show floor during the day! Roareye Black will be your presenter for the day, and DiscoPonies your producer/cameramans. Say hello to them if you’re at the Summer of Sonic tomorrow and you’ll be shown online! A video feed is below via uStream, but you can also watch on The Sonic Show’s website, Summer of Sonic’s website or on the special uStream page.

The other method you can tune into the day’s activities is by listening to SEGASonic Radio – thanks to our radio station, we’re able to broadcast the DJ’s tunes and the crowd live to your eardrums. The two feeds will provide different services – the radio feed will work right off of the live source, meaning if you’re into learning more about the Q&A and the power of sight isn’t a big deal, you may get a better result from the SSR feed. Listen in either using the panel below, or by going on the SoS website (link above).

EDIT: As embedding the SSR player isn’t working on TSS, you can head to SoS’ Live page and listen to the proceedings from the player on that page instead if you wish. SSR 24/7 will continue to play until the day kicks off.

See you guys tomorrow!

The Road to Summer of Sonic – Only Two Days to Go!

SOS09-LOGO-WITH-DATEMy bags are packed, I’m checked in online for my flight, and I tell you what – SoS fever is just about to kick in!

Everything is finally beginning to come together – Dreadknux, AAUK, Urtheart and many other staffers have been working tirelessly to bring everything together for the big day on Saturday; it is definitely shaping up to be a very busy day indeed! The stage schedule is packed – there’s just enough time to move things around in between the events going on there, and that is the tip of the iceberg; there will be a whole host of activities and contests going on throughout the day – some of which you know about, and some of which will be surprises!

For those of you turning up ultra-early in the morning due to whatever means of transport you are taking to the event, serial deviantartist Elson “Darkspeeds” Wong will be hanging around nearby – check out his plans on his deviant art account.

If you’re wondering what the special gift is – check out the Summer of Sonic website – yes, it’s a rather nifty artbook full of artwork old and new, of high quality, and surely something very special! There are a very limited number of them, so ticket holders, be sure to get there early to nab yourself one!

If you really can’t wait for SoS, and you want to tell everyone about how excited you are, what you’re going to be wearing (maybe you’re competiting in the cosplay contest?), or just generally want to gab about the event, head on over to the SSMB and join the chat there! Can’t be there in person? Then watch the live feed over at the Sonic Show site thanks to the amazing powers of Discoponies!

Right, I’m off to get my beauty sleep before my long day of travel down to London tomorrow – See you all on Saturday!