Yes Even More Sonic 25th Anniversary Details Posted! E3 ‘Sonic’ Event planned!

About a month ago, we posted news about License Global doing a ‘salute to Sonic’ in their upcoming May issue… well.. that issue is now out, and there is a rather large article with contributions from Ivo Gerscovich, chief brand officer, Sonic the Hedgehog, and senior vice president, SEGA of America & Kristen B. Zimmer retail licensing manager, SEGA
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Sega’s Plans For Sonic Includes ‘Console Games & Theme Park Licensing’

So we all just found out that Ivo Gerscovich is the new head of the Sonic Brand for Sega of America and looking on his LinkedIn profile page there are a number of bullet point details as to what might be in store in the future for Sonic. Continue reading Sega’s Plans For Sonic Includes ‘Console Games & Theme Park Licensing’

Sonic to Get Licensing “Salute” in May

So… following the panel at SXSW many are speculating that we’ll have to wait a number of months before we get more information regarding the 25th anniversary, specifically game information. However based on this information, we might be getting information a lot sooner than expected. Continue reading Sonic to Get Licensing “Salute” in May

No Modern Sonic Licensing Rights to be Issued in 2016?


So the latest issue of Licensing Today Worldwide has a rather nice surprise on the cover, it’s Sonic! Inside the issue there is a two page interview with Jason Rice, Sega’s Director of Brand Licensing for EMEA.

Despite this, most of the information is already known, except for one really odd detail.

sonic25thThat being, the Sonic franchise is divided into two licensing programmes; Sonic Boom and Classic Sonic. Wait…. what about Modern Sonic? Well… that’s the thing, Modern Sonic is not mentioned at all anywhere in the article.

Stranger still is that when you look at the imagery used in the article, it’s just Classic and Boom, whilst Modern Sonic is present, it’s just in a group shot showing how Sonic’s design has changed over the years.

Now the article is for the 25th/2016 celebrations, so it’s likely that Sega are just putting the Modern Sonic license on hiatus for a while.

But this is really interesting, we’ve speculated for a while that the 25th anniversary would be a Classic focused affair, with several companies confirming they’re making Classic themed products, but it’s never been stated that the Modern Sonic license isn’t being issued for the 25th?

Given how Modern Sonic appears on the cover and Sega have been using him in their promotional material, odds are he’s not been axed or is now just classic Sonic, even if that’s how the article initially reads, but it’s beginning to look a lot like there won’t be any Modern Sonic merchandise produced for the 25th anniversary, unless the Classic Sonic License now includes Modern Sonic?

Source: LTW

New Sonic 25th Anniversary Licensing & Merchandise Details Revealed


Sega have revealed more details regarding Sonic’s 25th anniversary, it seems that their plans might be a lot bigger than anyone first predicted. In terms of licensing, Tomy is still the ‘master toy partner’ however this will be supported by over 100 additional partners worldwide!

We can now reveal some of those partners.

  • Accutime Watch (watches)
  • Bentex Group (children and junior’s swimwear)
  • (pre-paid and bank credit cards)
  • Concept One Accessories (headwear and cold weather accessories)
  • H2W/Sunstache (novelty eyewear)
  • Komar Brands (children’s sleepwear)
  • LoungeFly (buttons and stickers)
  • Rubber Road (holiday sweaters, socks, keychains)
  • Signorelli (women and juniors apparel)
  • Toy Factory (entertainment/amusement plush)
  • Vandor (novelty drinkware)

Out of curiosity we decided to take a look at each of those companies, one of which already has a bunch of new Sonic products listed, now I don’t believe these to be 25th anniversary merchandise since they were announced back in December 2015, however Vandor’s website lists them as being ‘new’ so I’m going to show you all them here just in case they turn out to be the goods. Also it gives you a good idea as to what to expect.

Homepage License Hero_MLP_v2

You can view the full range in more detail at Vandor’s website.

Source: Global License. 

P.S. Check back later this week, TSS was at the London Toy Fair the other day, we have held actual 25th anniversary merch in our arms, you won’t want to miss it.

SEGA Europe Appoints CPLG to Handle Sonic Licensing in Europe


SEGA Europe has appointed CPLG (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group) to handle its Sonic the Hedgehog licensing business in Europe. This deal will see the agency promoting both the Sonic Boom and Classic Sonic brands across all major European territories, utilizing the Sonic Boom TV series and by launching exciting new products.

CPLG is a big player in licensing and responsible for some major brands, like Tony Hawk, Jurassic World, Minions, Skylanders, Kiss, Sesame Street and more. No doubt it will be interesting to see what promotions and products we will see develop from this deal.


Sonic Boom Licensing Details Uncovered

This information is a little old, but it’s only just come to light as far as I’m aware and sheds some light onto Sega’s strategy for Boom in 2015.

At the Brand Licensing Europe event held in October of last year, Sega revealed some details regarding Sonic Boom and gave some details on products which will soon be revealed and even tentative release dates for their products.



The details include.

  • Cartorama will produce back to school products including backpacks and gym bags (coming July 2015 in Italy).
  • Cooneen & Misirli to launch a range of children’s nightwear for Spring 2015
  • A UK Sonic Boom branded launch begins in Spring 2015

As well as Sonic, a bunch of non Sonic products were also revealed.

  • A Dreamcast Documentary book by Pix N’ Love (2015)
  • Retro adult apparel & Accessories.
  • Football Manager on-line store (selling physical goods).

If we get hold of any images or details of these products, we’ll let you know.

Source Global License

Sega Looking at Sonic Boom Trading Cards & Archie Comic adaptation?


Following the Vegas Licensing Expo, Sega have held an interview with License! Global magazine in which they go into detail about Sonic Boom including a few new details regarding their plans with the Boom franchise. From what was said, it sounds like the plans for Boom run much deeper than the initially announced game, toyline and tv-show adaptation.

According to the interview Sega intends to license out boom along the following categories.

  •  Toys & Games.
  • Clothing.
  • Publishing.
  • Accessories.
  • Food and Drink.
  • Temporary tattoos.
  • Sticker collections.
  • Party goods.
  • Cakes.
  • Boutiques within stores.
  • Trading cards.

In addition to this, Sega are also looking to work with Archie Comics to ‘explore publishing’ which would suggest a comic book adaptation.

Other details from the interview were suggestions that Knuckles is now comic relief, that Sonic has been split into a two tier franchise, with Boom being aimed at younger audiences, but a retro/classic look and style for older fans.

It sounds a lot like Sega really are putting everything into Boom, what do you think, excited for the plans or think it’s a bad idea? That’s why we have the comments.

Source: License! Global June issue.

TVMania to Release New Sonic Apparel

SON-2-009-010-011-revsied 2

SEGA Europe have partnered up with TVMania to release a new range of Sonic-branded clothing and accessories. The hedgehog’s face will be plastered over items such as t-shirts and socks and are slated to hit retail store shelves in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at some point in July and August. The range will be for all ages ranging from babies to adults, so there should be something for everyone!

Full press release after the jump!

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Sega Confirms New Sonic Games for 2013!

You could have guessed this. But it’s one thing to speculate, it’s another thing to get some form of confirmation. Sega have confirmed several new Sonic game for 2013.

In the November 2012 edition of Toys ‘N’ Playthings there is an interview with Sissel Henno who happens to be the Head of Brand Licensing at Sega (Europe). The interview is mainly focused on Sonic merchandise, in it we get some insight into not only Sonic’s future as a brand, but also confirmation for several new games to be released in 2013.

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