Lew Stringer’s Original Sonic the Comic Pitch

I’m a big fan of Fleetways Sonic the Comic, I’m always interested in finding out about it’s creation, the staff who worked on the comic as well as ideas which were changed or just never came to light for whatever reason. As you probably know, writer Lew Stringer had a long run on STC, he held position as a writer for years and became a fan favourite with many readers, his scripts were often unique and very entertaining. Even if you don’t consider them ‘main stories’ they were well contained, entertaining, full of humor and were a welcome break from the main narrative that the comic was doing at the time.


But… did you know that he originally applied to be an artist? And that his original pitch samples still exist? As I said at the start, I’m a big fan of STC, so I’ve heard of other artists being asked or attempting to get onto the team (one artist had an idea to make a ‘noir’ style Sonic, but that story is for another day), but I’ve never seen any real examples of artwork.

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