Sonic Lost World’s Zelda DLC Revealed, Out Tomorrow


If you thought Sonic Boom was going to be the only redesign of the speedy blue hedgehog this year… think again! Following on from the Yoshi’s Island Zone DLC last year, the much anticipated DLC for Sonic Lost World based on Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series is finally making its way to the Wii U eShop tomorrow (for free!) – and Sonic’s been taking a few fashion tips from Link himself, it seems!

IGN have posted a video preview of the new zone, which plays very differently to most other stages in Sonic Lost World – it borrows very heavily from its source material, in fact, seeing you exploring Hyrule Field before traversing an eerie and fiery dungeon. Along the way you’ll collect rupees – which are converted into rescued animals upon completion – and face off against iconic enemies including Stalfos, Gorons… and even Cuccos!

With tons of nods to the Zelda series all the way through (including an appearance or two from Link on his trusty Loftwing), this is looking like a very extensive piece of DLC that should give you more than enough reason to dust off your Wii U and boot up Sonic’s most recent outing at least one more time. It’s got to be worth it just to see Sonic running around in that classic green tunic, surely!

Sonic Lost World: The Legend of Zelda Zone will be available to download from the Wii U eShop tomorrow (27th March) absolutely free. Be sure to give it a whirl!

Source: IGN

Mash-Up Monday: Multi-Game Megamix – The Greatest Enemy

“Megamix” is right! What a gargantuan mash-up!

Hauntershadow, who you may recall as the one behind the Bowser vs. Eggman mash-up a while back, put this together… and holy hell, what a masterpiece!


In fact, head on after the jump to see a list of all the tracks that have been put together!

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Mash-Up Monday: Dear Wind Waker

A special combination indeed…

For this week, we bring you a mash-up that can only be described as special. Fans of The Legend of Zelda will surely be pleased with this one!

Mashed together by Shadowlink4321Dear Wind Waker is as written. The ending credits theme to Wind Waker fuses with that of Sonic UnleashedDear My Friend!

And thus, I dedicate this Mash-Up Monday to my own special friend, who I hold very dear.


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Sonic and the Black Knight – The “Defend Sonic” Brigade

A ‘true Sonic fan’, reading The Sonic Stadium yesterday. Like, chill out man. Walk outside for a bit.

Looks like a few people want Sonic to go all ‘Legend of Zelda’ on us after all. Since our (note) not-news-story broke of the new Wii game, we have had a few comments of complaint. It’s nice when people don’t bother to use the ‘Contact’ form to inform us of new Sonic happenings, but it’s used up the wazoo when a BLOG states its opinion on a new title. Guess all people can do is complain.

But we thought we’d address each comment directly, and provide a broad generalisation as to just why we reacted the way we did. So here goes.

dude seriously i dont think you are a sonic fan i mean seriously mario had to travel through space to find a freaking princess its the same story line over and over again, so what if sonic makes a game about sub characters it just adds to the story line, at least sega is trying unlike  nintendo, or YOU, they have great ideas, u can take this feed back anyway u want, seriously just let sonic be the way he is, and stop bitching about something new about him,

yous sincerely a true sonic fan

We’re not Sonic fans at all, no. Oh sorry, for a second there I thought we were on the Mario Stadium and not the Sonic Stadium. OK, so Super Mario has to repeat the same basic storyline ad nauseum. But think about it. Do you play a Sonic game for its gripping storyline? If you do, you’re probably better off grabbing an RPG and playing that – recent attempts to add a ‘serious’ tone to the Sonic games have been poor, and it shows it’s just not possible in the realm of Sonic. When you consider we’ve had seven years of poor console Sonic titles you’d think Sonic Team would drop the whole ‘plot’ thing by now.

Funnily enough, if we wanted to bitch about Sonic, we would really be having a go at Sonic Unleashed right now. But we’re not, because 50% of that game is looking absolutely fantastic. There’s this weird perception at the moment that, because a game concept is totally rubbish (Sonic with a sword? Really?) and we say it is, that means we’re automatically ‘bitching’.

You like the idea of Sonic and the Black Knight. Good for you. Seriously. Have a brownie. But don’t tell us where to get off because a lot of other people are facepalming themselves right now. Consider: Sonic Rush Adventure, the Sonic side of Sonic Unleashed. Now consider: Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 2006. The latter two games sucked – you might love Shadow or Sonic 2006, but no opinion will get around the fact that they are poor, misprogrammed, rubbish-concept games.

What is a ‘true Sonic fan’ anyway?

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