Leak: Ninjala Datamine Reveals Sonic Collab, Ability to Play as Dr Robotnik

GungHo Online Entertainment‘s new free to play action game “Ninjala” has been data-mined by Twitter users LeanYoshi and Oatmeal Dome, and it reveals what looks to be future content involving Sonic the Hedgehog and friends!

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Leak: Sonic Movie Standee Promo, Along With Hashtag #CatchSonic

Stop the press! Or, start the press? Press start! We found yet another leaked image of the alleged new redesign of Sonic from the titular “Sonic Movie,” and it’s rather detailed, and wants you to #CatchSonic on social media!

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Classic Sonic All But Confirmed For Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD

Earlier at the tail-end of September, we reported on a leak that indicated that Sonic the Hedgehog was going to be an unlockable extra character in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD! And thanks to a data-mine, we now know that’s true! What we didn’t realize, however, was that it would feature Sonic’s “classic” design!

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RUMOUR: Shadow For Smash Brothers Ultimate Confirmed In Leaked Image

An apparent leak via a snapchat image today and reported on Reddit appears to show the entire Super Smash Bros Ultimate cast including Shadow the Hedgehog, widely hoped for inclusion as Sonic’s echo character. Continue reading RUMOUR: Shadow For Smash Brothers Ultimate Confirmed In Leaked Image

Sonic Mania Plus’ Encore Mode Accidentally Streamed in its Entirety

Whoops. When SEGA accidentally pushed version 1.04 of Sonic Mania on PlayStation Network last month, it enabled the ‘Plus’ expansion for free. But, it was assumed that most of the new content was still locked away until its official July release. Well, one fan mistakenly discovered a way to access the entire ‘Encore’ remixed stages in the game, and managed to stream the whole thing too. Continue reading Sonic Mania Plus’ Encore Mode Accidentally Streamed in its Entirety

AFD 2014: Sonic the Hedgehog Film Script Leaked

A few weeks ago we were contacted by an individual who claimed to be involved with a “Project at Sony Pictures.” After a number of emails back and forth, a skype conversation and several identity verifications, we then asked him to send us what he had… today a script arrived. Continue reading AFD 2014: Sonic the Hedgehog Film Script Leaked

Shenmue’s Ryō Hazuki Leaked as ASRT DLC via Yogscast Charity Stream


Aw yeah, this is happenin’!

Though there is no confirmation as to which platforms outside of PC will be receiving this, if any, it has nonetheless been revealed through the recent Yogscast Humble Bundle charity stream that Ryō Hazuki of the Dreamcast cult classic Shenmue series will be hitting the streets of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed in the near future!

In November of last year, Steve “S0L” Lycett of SUMO Digital had challenged fans to vote among a slew of SEGA characters to decide a top three for ASRT DLC coming down the line. Since then, a number of exclusive characters, mainly from SEGA’s own PC-centric titles, have found their way into the PC version of the game, but Ryō, who won by a landslide of 3379 votes, marks himself as the first DLC character to have come as a result of the community polls.


We’ll keep you posted once word has come as to what platforms Ryō is expected to arrive on, and when!

Now let’s see, who were the runners-up again…?

Steam Disables Play of Sonic 4: Episode 2 Beta

If you’ve not been awake for the past nine hours, you’ve probably missed the news that Sonic 4: Episode 2 was leaked onto Steam and subsequently downloaded by those who had pre-ordered it, as well as by people rushing to snag an early copy.

However, if you did manage to download it, you might be in for a surprise when you try to re-launch the game.

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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Beta Leaks on Steam

UPDATE: Steam has fixed the error and the beta can no longer be downloaded.

A beta version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 has been released on sale just a couple of hours ago this afternoon on PC digital download service Steam. Various Steam users on our SSMB forum have been able to purchase and download the beta and then play through it. At the time of this article we’ve just heard that SEGA has now become aware of the leak and has erased discussion of it over on their official forums. We expect SEGA will plug the leak on Steam pretty soon.

Thanks to the Steam users at the SSMB for the heads up and to Nemain for the image!

Five New Sonic Generations Screenshots Leak at Xbox.com, New Stages Revealed

Five new images from the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Generations have been leaked via the game’s product page at the official Xbox website Xbox.com. The images were quickly removed, but K.K. Driller over at our very own SSMB managed to grab them beforehand.

The images show the Rival battle against Shadow the Hedgehog at the Ark from Sonic Adventure 2 and our first glimpse of Planet Wisp from Sonic Colours. We also get to see Classic Sonic battling the previously teased Eggman mech battle at Sonic 2’s Death Egg and get a peek at a cutscene which sees Modern Sonic looking at his Classic self. Finally, we have another image of the picnic scene.

You can check out all five images below:

Source: Xbox.com

Big thanks to K.K. Driller at the SSMB for grabbing the images and to Edward for the heads up!

Got a news tip? Send it in to thesonicstadium@googlemail.com, shadzter@sonicstadium.org or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find.

Sonic 4 Soundtrack Leaked [Updated – Files Removed]

Some dude at Sonic Retro named “infinity” has managed to get a hold of the Sonic 4: Episode 1 soundtrack and has posted it at SoundCloud.  These are not fake and not an April Fools.  We will not be posting the actual files here, but if SEGA wants us to take the link down, then we will comply as always.

UPDATE 1: The “ending theme” has been added to the page.

UPDATE 2: The soundtrack has been pulled from the link below.  Again, we will not be hosting the files here, but I’m sure somebody you know downloaded the whole thing.  Ask around if you still want to listen.  I recommend not hosting them though, because SEGA is making their rounds.  I’m all for discussing leaked material, but not distributing it.

Check out the tunage over at SoundCloud.

Sonic 4 Intro Leaked

Sonic Retro has been on point lately with digging up information within the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 website.  Retro member darkspines35 found the intro story inside the website and handed it off to Retro admin Scarred Sun to share to the world.  Read it below (spoilers and what not):

Story thus far:

It began as Sonic’s animal friends begin disappearing from South Island. Soon Sonic discovers that evil scientist Dr. Eggman has been kidnapping them and turning them into robots to collect the legendary treasure – The Chaos Emeralds. Sonic decides it’s up to him to save them and embarks on a quest to free his animal friends. Sonic battles Eggman through many different zones. Sonic eventually pursues Eggman to Final Zone where the first in many epic battles between them begins. In the end Sonic is victorious and Eggman’s Mecha fly’s away badly damaged. Sonic returns to Green Hill Zone and re-unites with his friends.

Their reunion is short lived however, as Eggman resurfaces and begins kidnapping Sonic friends again, in an effort to create more workers to finish his ultimate Weapon – The Death Egg! Teaming up with the newly met, Miles ‘Tails’ Prower, Sonic embarks on a new mission through West Side Island in an effort to free his friends and ensure Eggman does not obtain the 7 Chaos emeralds to fuel the Death Egg.

Once the West Side Island is freed, Sonic and Tails eventually board the Tornado and assault the Death Egg itself. After destroying Mecha Sonic, Eggman flees and enters his new Eggman Robot attacking Sonic! After a heated battle Sonic destroys the Eggman Robot and the Death Egg begins to explode.

Sonic and Tails fly down and come across mysterious island called Angel Island. This island is floating by the power of the precious stone called Master Emerald, but now this mysterious island are dropping down to the ocean surface because the Death Egg had been falling on this island. Sonic and Tails are attacked by a Red Echidna named Knuckles the guardian of the island.

Knuckles steals the Chaos emeralds from Sonic, being tricked by Eggman that he is an enemy come to take the Master Emerald.While Sonic and Tails are entangled by Knuckles, Eggman repairs the Death Egg and preps it for launch.

Sonic manages to jump on Death Egg just as it’s flying off. After confronting Eggman on the Death Egg, Sonic defeats Eggman once more and the Death Egg plummets back to Angel Island.

Back on the ground Dr. Eggman begins the repairing Death Egg again. Feeling Knuckles has served his purpose, he sends EggRobo to eliminate this potential threat. EggRobo finds Knuckles relaxing in Mushroom Zone and drops a bomb on him but Knuckles manages to survive. Enraged, the Wild Echidna sets off to defeat EggRobo. Meanwhile Sonic and Tails explore the island to find traces of the Death Egg and find out Eggman’s fate. After and Epic showdown between Sonic and Knuckles, Eggman uses the opportunity to finally steal the Master Emerald and re-launches the Death Egg. With the power of the emeralds, Sonic goes after Eggman, who has taken the Master Emerald into space.

Sonic and Tails secure the Master Emerald and return it to Knuckles on Angel Island. With it’s power restored, the Angel Island lifts off into the sky as Sonic and Tails fly off into the sunset.

But this humiliating defeat only serves to further Eggman’s rage, and he has determined once and for all to rid himself of Sonic. Eggman revisits – and improves – the very best of his creations to defeat our spiked hero.

And so a new Adventure begins…

Eggman’s best creations, eh?  That explains all the rehashing of badniks.  Although, I wouldn’t call the motobug one of “Eggman’s Finest.”

[via Sonic Retro]

[Update] RUMOUR: Dutch Fansite ‘Leaks’ Needlemouse Details?

Earlier today, Dutch fansite SegaOnline posted information from an anonymous source claiming to have insider knowledge of Project Needlemouse’s development. The website ran the story as a rumour earlier today, before mysteriously disappearing from view.

Key details that were revealed to SegaOnline included the game’s name, ‘Sonic 4’; that the game will only be released on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network; and that this will be the first in a series of similar games. The website’s source claims that the game will be titled “Sonic 4: Episode 1”, but says that despite the implications, each ‘Episode’ will be a full game in its own right.

On top of this, the anonymous source has said there will be 7 Chaos Emeralds, a return of the ‘Zone’ and ‘Acts’ level structure, and that the game will begin in ‘Splash Hill Zone’ and finish in ‘E.G.G. Station Zone’.

As you might expect, this could be either a hot leak from someone within Sega (or with close ties to the company) that’s about to have the hounds set on him, or it’s part of an elaborately hilarious trolling. Either way, the SegaOnline story has since disappeared. It was originally located here – now a 404 Error page sits in its place.

This is not the first time that SegaOnline has had supposedly ‘leaked’ material removed shortly after publication – earlier this month the website had posted images from the Xbox 360 ‘Partnernet’ developer service, which detailed information on a port of Sonic Adventure DX on Xbox Live Arcade. It was suggested that Sega had sent a request to shut down the page.

UPDATE: Perhaps an elaborate trolling is in fact afoot? The story was picked up by TSSZ News, who has just recently received a request to remove the information by SegaOnline, and not Sega, and now the authenticity of the story has been thrown up into the air. TSSZ News writer Tristan Bresnen posted on the Sonic Retro forums;

“There is anger. That’s all I feel comfortable saying publicly right now about the authenticity of the story…at least until I can dig a little deeper.”

If this is all part of a game on the Sonic community at large, we tip our collective hat to you, sir/madam. Well played. Doesn’t affect us at TSS either way, but still – well played. If not, then what to make of it all? Let us know in the comments box below. In the meantime, we’ll just sit here and eat some popcorn and watch the whole thing play out.

ASR Leak Source Defiant In SEGA Legal Threat

The blog site that leaked sensitive information about Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing yesterday has now issued a defence of its editorial position, including a personal attack against SEGA Community Manager ArchAngelUK, after receiving a legal message from SEGA to remove its information.

“This [legal threat], from the Sega employee [AAUK] who, in his spare time, runs on his Sonic website a “Depository,” which is chock full of items just begging to be tagged as copyright infringement,” site editor Tristan Bresnen exclaimed on a front page bulletin.

Sonic Wrecks, among sites such as The Sonic Stadium, hosts media obtained through SEGA products, but it is agreed that such use is not damaging to the company’s intellectual property. SEGA may see the leak of confidential information on an unreleased game as a different circumstance.

Bresnen further defended his position, stating that the discovery was not by way of hack but through files that were “already available without restriction” on the official game website. XML files were discovered, at which point the blog used ‘decompilers’ to uncover the information. Bresnen suggested that “Sega let something loose,” which is a bit of an extreme argument given the blog had to actually go out and find it for itself.

TSSZ sparked controversy when it obtained flash code from the official game website and reverse-engineered it to reveal material that had yet to be announced. Such content included new playable characters in the Bonanza Bros. and Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone. It certainly was controversial when TSS picked up on it, for all of a sudden the subject became taboo.

SEGA is obviously not very pleased with the situation. ArchAngelUK’s letter to the TSSZ blog reads; “I’ve been asked to confirm upon you SEGA’s official request to take down the following posts made about information on SEGA title Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing with immediate effect. The posts below…contain information that puts TSSZ News in breach of SEGA copyright and I am told additional legal issues as well that facilitate this request.”

Bresnen concluded his announcement by suggesting SEGA is responsible for the blog’s actions in the first place. He implies that he had no choice but to sanction a subversive investigation into ASR’s official website, following an interview snub from SEGA with Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett.

“Were those at Sega Europe better coders and better communicators–instead of those who seemingly can’t be arsed to return an E-Mail until it’s too late–it would have been possible for us to deliver you the information in question, and perhaps more, without subsequent fear and backlash erected from a situation that, again, rests on their shortcomings.”

Damn. This could get ugly, real fast. Remember No Drama ’09, and how it ‘completely failed’? Yeah, you’re looking at why we didn’t suggest a No Drama 10. Awkward.

Source: TSSZ

SEGA Pulls ASR Box Art. Could This Be This Weeks Special Anouncement?

SR_360_Pack_front_lrg SR_PS3_CVR SR_WII_Pack_front SR_DS_CVR

Look’s liek someone over at SEGA clicked the submit button early. The above box art’s we just reported about SEGA posting on their website have now been PULLED from their website.

Could the boxarts and confirmation of Banjo & Kazooie in the Xbox 360 version be the special announcement due this week that Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital was talking about?

We’ll keep you up to date when we know more on this story.

New Sonic Xtreme Files Leaked

Leak pic 1

Sonic Retro Admin Scarred Sun has leaked a package of files containing development material from the game Sonic Xtreme. For those not in the know, Sonic Xtreme was a title planned to launch SEGA’s blue mascot into the 3D era of gaming but the game worked on by Chris Senn and Ofer Alon had its life cut short when SEGA pulled the plug on its development.

Contained in the package are images, textures, definitions, and a viewer written by SANiK—fisheye perspective and all. With these files we can get a closer look at just how far into development the game was before it reached cancellation.

You can grab the file package here

Images from Sonic Paradise

Source: Sonic Retro forums
via: Sonic Paradise

More images and comparison’s to older screenshots below –

Leak Pic 2 crystal_frost1 Leak Pic 3 other

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments.

Rumour: Leaked Document Reveals ‘Sonic Anniversary’

megatonMany different news sources are reporting that a SEGA America FTP bungle has resulted in a communication with Sony Computer Entertainment America being leaked on the Internet. The document, appearing to be notes from a meeting dated 5th August, include mention of special console-specific DLC characters for Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, a new ‘Sonic Anniversary’ title to arrive on PS3 and multiple ways of SEGA offering exclusive content to Sony’s home console – including an introduction of classic Dreamcast titles on the PlayStation Network.

Of most note to Sonic fans, the ‘Sonic Anniversary’ project appears to be a new title – either in development or consideration – that aims to collect “all Sonic games on one BD [Blu-Ray Disc] disc”. The document ponders a retail price point of $99, which may be reasonable depending on whether it really is an entire collection of Sonic titles. Most intriguing is a note that says: “SCEA would love PSN exclusive power ups/different game modes (like Castlevania’s flip it over/backwards)” – raising hopes that such a collection would be in the vein of Sonic Jam more than simple emulations like Sonic Mega Collection. Spin Dash in Sonic 1 once again?

Speaking on Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, special non-SEGA characters could make an appearance in the form of DLC with the following note; “Open to DLC to differentiate PS3 SKU – not ratchet and clank but other characters… maybe characters from Rare or Fable universes”. The latter two franchises suggest that the same sort of DLC is planned for the Xbox 360 version too, although who would we see? Kameo? Joanna Dark? The dog from Fable? A shame that Ratchet and Clank is ruled out (probably something Sony said), as it sounds like a good fit for the game.

According to the document, Sony also has intentions to sell PS2 games on the PlayStation Network, referencing an unnamed Sonic game and GTA Vice City as examples. SEGA also muses the possibility of Dreamcast digital titles, stating a possible exclusivity deal with Sony; “If we provide a list of DC titles SCEA will let us know which ones they’re interested in having exclusively… If we give them a long period of exclusivity they’ll give us more marketing support.”

If true, it all seems to be very exciting news for both SEGA fans and Sony PS3 owners alike. It also means that this is the latest in several incidents where SEGA America’s FTP team has leaked documents by uploading them publicly by accident. You can see the entire thing at Sonic Retro.

Sonic Unleashed Trailer [UPDATE]

It appears Sonic has returned to the realm of side scrollers and on rails game play in his latest console outing. Good stuff.

UPDATE: Looks like SEGA-On’s video was removed, so much for that. We know you love a good video though, so courtesy of our good friends at X-CulT, you can download a modified version of the (rather stupidly large at 600MB) video from their website. Also, if you want a laugh, click here.

Blaze and New Raccoon for Sonic Rush Adventure

A new banner created by Sega Europe displays Blaze and a brand new Raccoon character, both set to appear in Sonic Rush Adventure.

The Sonic Stadium posted the banner last night upon finding the image, but has since removed it on Sega’s request. The image was curiously leaked somehow from the European offices and had yet to be approved by the Japanese branch. We apologise to our readers for stripping our content, but in return Sega will exclusively reveal details of the brand new raccoon character when they are ready to surface. Continue reading Blaze and New Raccoon for Sonic Rush Adventure

New Shadow the Hedgehog Trailer Leaked

Early yesterday, a new Shadow the Hedgehog movie trailer was released on Game Trailers, however later that night it was mysteriously removed, but not before fans watched the new video showing off Shadow flying a dragon around the Egg fleet, destroying GUN bots, slashing up enemies with the weird alien sword, blowing up doors with a bazooka, using his blast attack, and much more.

For those that missed the trailer, many Sonic website managed to get it before the entry was removed. Not only does affiliate Shadow of a Hedgehog have the trailer to download via Fileplanet, The Sonic Stadium also has new information and movie analysis via the Shadow the Hedgehog Game Archive.

Be sure to keep up to date with all new Sonic game information by checking SONIC NEWS and The Sonic Stadium’s Game Archive.

SEGA Europe Lists ‘Sonic Hero’ For November 2003 Release

What’s this? What’s this? It seems like SEGA Europe has let slip a detail about the next Sonic the Hedgehog game in a leaked release listing. Among a number of planned SEGA releases – many as-yet unannounced – there is mention of a game called ‘Sonic Hero’ for Gamecube in ‘November’.

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