11 Year Old Sonic Fan Fights Law for Hedgehogs

All too often, the extreme side of the Sonic fandom is perpetuated as childish and annoying. But every now and again, a story crops up that shows that not all Sonic fanatics are as bad as they are often made out to be. As is the case with Judson King, an eleven year old resident of Lawerance, Kansas.

Judson King is a pretty big Sonic fan. So big, in fact, that he wanted to OWN a hedgehog. Unfortunately, it turned out that hedgehogs where, for whatever reason, prohibited by Lawerance’s animal code. This set Judson off on a three year crusade to get the little spiky guys legalized. He collected all sorts of hedgehog facts, learned about city law and how to change it, and after over two years of research, he sent a letter to the city commission in support of the hedgehogs. Eleven months later, he found himself dressed up in a suit in front of the city commission, with a hedgehog primer prepared for each individual commissioner, complete with hedgehog facts and pictures.

Apparently, the city commisioners had no idea why hedgehogs where banned in the first place, although if you ask me, I suspected an angry Mario fan. They removed the law, and Judson King got his hedgehog. In case your wondering, no, he didn’t name it Sonic. The little guy’s name is “Little Luke”.

This just goes to show you what a little activism and research can do. Judson King is a Sonic fan who has quite a future ahead of him. Maybe in politics or law?

If you want to see how our source, CNN, reported the story, I’ve embedded the video after the jump. Continue reading 11 Year Old Sonic Fan Fights Law for Hedgehogs