Shadow The Hedgehog Controller Launch Party

Remember the limited edition Shadow The Hedgehog PS2 controller we reported on a few weeks ago? Well after being missing in action during the games launch just a few weeks ago, Nubytech will now be holding a special launch party in Los Angeles open to the public to commemorate their latest officially licensed controller.

The event will take place Thursday the 8th of December from 5:30 – 8:30PM at the Arena Lounge in Los Angeles (11512 Santa Monica Blvd.) Throughout the night there will be 50 stations setup featuring the Shadow The Hedgehog title and presumably, the new controller. Giveaways will include actual copies of the games from SEGA and goodies from other sponsors, including Great Eastern Entertainment, Prima Games, Swicherz, Ripple Junction, and Archie Comic Publications. There will also be a special major prize at 8:30. Continue reading Shadow The Hedgehog Controller Launch Party

Shadow the Hedgehog WAP Site Launches

Those who cannot wait for a bit of Shadow the Hedgehog in their lives need not wait for the 18th November release date for European PAL territories. SEGA Europe has just launched the new “Hero or Villain” WAP website, which you can log onto using you mobile phone.

Released on 4th November, you can access the WAP site and download a whole bunch of exclusive material, such as Shadow the Hedgehog ringtones, wallpapers and accessories to totally drown your phone in angst. A fantastic “money-can’t-buy” limited edition prize is up for grabs in a WAP site competition too. Continue reading Shadow the Hedgehog WAP Site Launches

Sonic goes Mobile in Europe

With the advent of DoCoMo i-mode phones in Japan offering a huge catalogue of SEGA developed mobile titles, and the increasing popularity of the SEGA Mobile division in the US, you’d be forgiven for wondering what’s happened to the mobile situation in Europe. An irony, given that the UK is one of the most mobile crazy countries, coming second only next to Japan itself.

Fret no longer for your mobile gaming delights, as no sooner do we finally get the joys of Pacman on our Nokias and Siemens, than SEGA Europe announces an “assault on the mobile gaming market” on their website. Eight SEGA titles are to be launched for a range of mobile phones, provided by partners iFone. You can expect the original Sonic the Hedgehog to finally grace EU mobiles, with Super Monkey Ball Mini-Golf also announced alongside Virtua Tennis and SEGA Rally. Continue reading Sonic goes Mobile in Europe

Sonic Riders Official Web Page Online

When Sonic Riders appeared from nowhere just days ago many were rightfully suspicious of the authenticity of these claims coming in think and fast from around the web. It wasn’t to long before scans of the original Famitsu article hit the web, and much to the delight or shock of many fans, Sonic Riders was indeed real and not too far away.

The latest tidbit in the developing Sonic Riders story comes today with Sonic Team’s launch of their official home page for this title, presumably to coincide with the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. At the moment content is a little thin, only a short synopsis of the game (In Japanese) and 14 screenshots, many of which were published in the original Famitsu article.

Also, while you are visiting Sonic Team’s page, be sure to take a look at the Puyo Pop Fever page, which was updated earlier this week with some more details of the soon to be released Puyo Pop Fever 2.

Be sure to stay with SONIC NEWS for more Sonic Riders updates as they occur.

Where do Babies Come From? Website Launched

Earlier this week we saw the announcement of the Feel The Magic/Project Rub sequel, Where do Babies Come From?. Naturally, just days after the announcement SEGA have added a page to their Japanese site for the game containing some teaser images, the new logo and more of those wacky Japanese vocals featured in the first game.

We have ninjas currently working on translating the little information available, bear with us until more is available. Stay with SONIC NEWS to find out first.

SAGE 2005 Opens!

The Sonic Amateur Games Expo ( has kicked off once again, but is currently recovering from a server problem that occured during the first day.

SAGE had a big awareness level attached to it, through support from sites such as The Sonic Stadium and Sonic HQ. Fans United for SatAM and organiser “PerfectChaos0” organised a chatroom event featuring Ben Hurst, writer for the SatAM cartoon series. Continue reading SAGE 2005 Opens!

Europe: Sonic City Goes Live

Sonic fans in America and Japan have been getting the dedicated Sonic micro-site treatment from SEGA as of late, and Europe has just seen the launch of their own official “Sonic City” source.

Unfortunately, the micro-site isn’t very respective of monitor resolutions – 1024×768 is required, but 1152×864 is apparently the size for optimum surfing. Design-wise, it doesn’t lend much to Sonic the Hedgehog at all, aside from the somewhat iconic corkscrew feature around the city heights. In fact, you wouldn’t even believe it was a SEGA or Sonic site if the corporate logos weren’t present (depending on your resolution of course). Continue reading Europe: Sonic City Goes Live

Sonic Stadium News Group: We’re Open!

Hi there – expecting The Sonic Stadium or Sonic News here, were you? Wondering where Andrew’s and Dreadknux’s sites have gone? Well, you’re looking at them! Dread and Andrew have become such massive buddies over the past year, that we decided to ‘merge’ both Sonic News and The Sonic Stadium – together! All the greatness you’d expect from a double team combo such as us two.

The best thing is, none of the original site’s content has gone to waste during the making of this precious collaboration. That means, you’ll still see Sonic Stadium favourites such as Ask Dr. Dre(ad), The Sonic Fan Club and Sega Sonic Radio, and you’ll still get to view the latest News, Information and Artwork – just a few of the things that made Sonic News what it is today. Because of this team up, you’re much better off – you don’t have to go to two of the best sites online – they’re already here, together!

Also, not only does this site dedicate itself to Sonic anymore – oh hell no! We also specialise in the greatest development team ever, Sonic Team, and all of their games such as NiGHTS, Chu Chu Rocket, even Minna De Puyo Puyo! An introduction to this page now – here you will find the Announcements, from Andrew and/or me, whenever something important has to be announced. Below is the Updates list, where each section (from the menu to the left) is commented on what has been updated or added in that relevant section. Continue reading Sonic Stadium News Group: We’re Open!

SSNG: New Site Emerges

We have finally landed on your screens! The Sonic Stadium News Group takes off, and promises a lot of coolness!

To all of you that have just visited, welcome. Launched on the date of 23rd June, which is Sonic’s birthday, no less, this Sonic site is something special indeed. It is the result of months of hard work from webmasters Dreadknux and Sonic_Hedgehogs, after they decided that two of the most popular up-and-rising websites, The Sonic Stadium and Sonic News, should be merged together.

This is what you see here – two of the coolest Sonic sites, mixed together in all one package. Now there is no need to go to any other place for better Sonic information – Dreadknux covers the Games Reviews, and Sonic_Hedgehogs gets the general information sorted, while Fans can submit their own reviews.

But, there is a looooooot more hidden away within our walls than just Sonic Games. Oh yes. To tell about ALL of them would take too much space, so we suggest you find out for yourselves about the most of it – we have worked hard to innovate and to bring the best of Sonic into one website.

Continue reading SSNG: New Site Emerges