Story Mode & More Confirmed For Sonic Free Riders

In an interview with Vandal, Sonic Free Riders Producer Kenjiro Morimoto has confirmed some new details about the game. Since the game was unveiled at E3, there’s been no sight or mention of a story mode, something that has featured in both of the previous Riders titles. Morimoto-san tells Vandal that there will be a story mode in this game and that it is catered to help players improve their skills and take their time with the game.

Morimoto-san also details the amount of players the game will support in its multiplayer modes. Two players can play in versus and 4 players can take part in the games co-op mode. Finally, Morimoto-san reveals the game will contain 16 characters from the Sonic universe, as well as your Xbox 360 Avatars. Whether the character roster will contain guest SEGA characters on top of that total (like with past Riders games) is unknown.

You can check out the interview in full at Vandal, but beware, it’s in Spanish.
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Gamespot Interviews Morimoto-San On Sonic Free Riders


Gamespot has posted up an interview they held at the Tokyo Game Show with Sonic Free Riders Producer, Kenjiro Morimoto. Gamespot’s Laura Parker kicks things off by asking “What is it about the Sonic Riders series that lends itself to Kinect?” Morimoto-San explains that they felt the running in a traditional Sonic game would be too difficult to make user friendly and that the hoverboard riding gameplay style was a better fit for Kinect. Morimoto-San then speaks about the level-up system, another staple for the series, where you can upgrade your Extreme Gear’s abilities in a race by collect a certain amount of rings. Finally, Morimoto-San says you will be able to customize your Extreme Gear with parts that will give you various abilities to use on the track.

Source: Gamespot

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