Ken Pontac Heavily Implies Being Done With Writing Sonic Games

It’s looking like we’re not done talking about departures from the world of Sonic just yet, although this one has been rumored for a while now. it’s also looking very likely that the next Sonic game is even going to have some new writers.

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Update: Ken Pontac To Write the Next Sonic Game?

ken pontac sonic game

Update: According to a post on the Sega forums by Ruby Eclipse, it is Sonic Boom Fire & Ice.

Original Story: According to the website for the AOD convention, Ken Pontac is going to be attending, and there is a rather curious section towards the end of his description.

His many admirers in the world of Sonic fandom will be ecstatic to learn that he’s written for an upcoming video game featuring their favourite blue hedgehog.

As some have pointed out, this could mean Sonic Boom Fire & Ice, however it’s rather odd they didn’t just name that or pick one of his previous works if it wasn’t a new or unknown title.

Thanks to Detective Paradox who brought this to our attention.

Source: AOD 

Ken Pontac on Lost World’s Story

Ken Pontac

Sonic Lost World Writer Ken Pontac left some rather interesting comments on TSS with regards to the story and development of the previous titles. It’s only a few small pieces of information, but it’s interesting if you have an interest in game development.

Actually, this WAS the first time that Warren and I were asked to come up with the story. On Colors and Generations the stories were already in place.

AustinOnSugar, I appreciate your comment, which is (almost) absolutely accurate. Nobody EVER gets to write a story EXACTLY how they want unless they own the project and have total control of the edit. That being said, I’m very happy in the way that Warren and I were allowed to inject so much of our vision into the project.

Eggman is EPIC in this. He’s SO MUCH FUN to write!

One mistake doesn’t make someone an idiot. It’s how they DEAL with the mistake that makes them a hero.

Source: TSS comments.

SEGA to Hold Panel at AOD 2013 About the History & Future of Sonic

Sonic 10th anniversary figurine

UPDATE: Aaron Webber has confirmed via Twitter that there won’t be any new game announcements at the panel.

You may recall an article we published last month about Ken Pontac being listed on AOD 2013’s website as the writer for an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog game. Well, we’ve now learned from AOD 2013’s Dominic Nguyen, that Ken will be there as part of a bigger official SEGA Sonic presence.

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Report: Ken Pontac Has Written Script For an Upcoming Sonic Game

Ken Pontac next Sonic game

Ken Pontac, known for writing Happy Tree Friends and for co-writing Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations in the Sonic fandom, has reportedly returned for an upcoming Sonic game. The report was found in a description of Pontac in the Guest of Honour list for the upcoming AOD 2013 convention at where he is credited for writing the script for the new Sonic in the past year among scripts for other upcoming games and animated series.

We have screencapped the report for your viewing at the top of this page in case it gets edited.


Thanks to Ryan for the heads up!