ThunderBox Launches New Sonic Pop Up Shop

A few months ago, Japanese clothing boutique ThunderBox launched a new exciting range of Sonic inspired clothing and products and they’re not stopping with just one range.

Over the weekend they launched season 2 of their clothing range with a pop up shop in the Laforet Harajuku Department store (It’s in Japan).

Well… check out who paid them a visit!

Yuji Naka himself attended the store with his family! We’re not sure if he made any purchases but based on his social media platforms he really enjoyed his time at the store.

Also, one of our writers was actually in the area and managed to take some photos of the store so you can check out what’s on offer.

The store will be open until November 16th, at which point their online website will start to take orders, and yes folks, they do ship outside of Japan!

Source: Thunderbox

Special thanks to Jonathan Dixon who provided us with some more photos!

Limited Edition ‘SEGA Fair’ Merchandise To Be Made Available in Japan Throughout September

If you’re thinking of travelling to Tokyo, Japan in September, then make sure you take time out to visit the Yokohama store of department outlet ‘TOKYU HANDS’. SEGA Japan has announced a special ‘SEGA Fair’ promotion with the commercial chain, where customers can bag themselves some cool Sonic-themed merchandise for a limited time. Continue reading Limited Edition ‘SEGA Fair’ Merchandise To Be Made Available in Japan Throughout September

Giant Sonic Statue Found In The Woods of Japan!

At the end of 2015, twitter user and bike enthusiast 250moriyuki wanted to test out his new bike around some of the more remote parts of Japan, on his journey he documented the trip and posted a number of images showcasing the sights on his adventures.

Including the following…

One of three images showing a giant Sonic statue, standing on what appears to be a snowboard held in place against two trees.

Only a handful of Sonic fans had seen this, at the time only a single blog entry showing a low quality image of it existed online which again didn’t give an exact location.

Given the lack of information and the significance of the find, many users on our forums including myself attempted to find the statue. We knew that it was in the Mie Prefecture and on the day moriyuki posted his original images, he mentioned the Soni Village, so we knew the rough area it was in.

However, despite efforts to pin point the location, that region is huge, with hundreds of roads, it was going to take a long time to find searching manually.

Since then, other images of the statue have surface, but again, no location posted.


Since August 2016, the trail had gone cold. Until last night…

SSMB user BxB-Meister posted a single image from what appears to be a google street view search showing the statue! Following a conversation with BxB, he agreed to give me the exact address of the statue on one condition.


That condition is to keep the exact location a secret for now.

The reason being is that the statue is in a very remote location and people are worried that once the location is fully revealed, the statue’s days are numbered, there is a risk of vandalism or even theft.

Until someone can go out there, and document this statue with the intention of taking high quality photographs and even video, it’s exact location should be kept secret.

Now that said, I will gladly give out the location of the statue if someone is able to go out there and document it. So here is the only hint as to where it is.

By car, it’s between 15-30min away from the Kindai University Technical College located in Nabari. So if you are capable of getting to that location, it should be very easy (even by foot) to get to the statue.

If you do happen to live in Japan can get to this area and are willing to go on an adventure, contact me via the SSMB forums and I will give you the address if you be worthy! Yup, I’m treating this exactly like a quest, because let’s be honest! This is as close to an RPG quest as we’re going to get!

So until the day comes where someone fully documents this statue, let’s hope it has many years ahead of it as it cheers on riders and other adventures!

Although, as one mystery ends, the other remains.

Just why is this statue there?

Japan’s Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Special Edition Is Making Us All Jealous

How do you get people in Japan to buy the American-flavoured 3DS action game Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice? Simple – just chuck in a whole heap of gorgeous-looking, limited edition merchandise! Continue reading Japan’s Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Special Edition Is Making Us All Jealous

Sonic 25th Anniversary Cafe Open in Japan


To help celebrate Sonic’s 25th Anniversary, from October 1st until November 13th, there will be a special Sonic themed cafe open at the Suites Paradise Ueno ABAB shop on Japan.

A specially designed Sonic themed menu has been created, including Sonic themed drinks, all meals purchased will come with a special gift (coasters and stickers). Some of the drinks even come in special containers, the Tails themed drink for instance comes in a science beaker.

Some more pictures are available in our gallery and lots more are in the topic on SSMB.

Sonic Advance 3 heading to Wii U VC in Japan on May 25th

Nintendo have just announced on their Japanese website that like Sonic Advance 1 and Sonic Advance 2 before it, Sonic Advance 3 will also be released on the Wii U VC in Japan on May 25th. Also like the first two games, Sonic Advance 3 will cost ¥702. Continue reading Sonic Advance 3 heading to Wii U VC in Japan on May 25th

Sonic Advance 2 (GBA) heading to the Wii U VC in Japan on Feb 24th

Sonic Advance 2 Japanese Wii U VC

Yep. After the first Sonic Advance from the Game Boy Advance made its way onto the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan back on Feburary 18th last year in 2015, it’s been announced that Sonic Advance 2 is next in the series to make it to the Wii U VC in Japan next week on February 24th for ¥702, same as Sonic Advance 1.

Sadly we still have no news to report on either of the two games being released in the west.

Via Nintendo’s Japanese page of the game.

It finally happened, Ken Sugimori (Pokémon) has drawn Sonic!

l_55e84605c3550Above you see the cover artwork for the just announced Sega 3D Classics Print 2, a compilation of Sega’s 3D Classics on 3DS, though only five games are confirmed right now, including Sonic 1.

What’s so special is that like the box of the first pack, this was drawn by the main character designer and artist of Pokémon himself; Ken Sugimori.

More surprises are teased, like the blurred out bit above. Any guesses?

The pack is due on December 22nd 2015 in Japan. The first never left Japan, so don’t expect the same for this.

Image and announcement came from Famitsu.

Freak Out Friday: All Aboard the Hype Train!


Sonic the Hedgehog is now on trains. I’m really not sure what else can be said apart from ‘We gots ourselves a new Hype Train to catch’ whenever the next Sonic game ends up being announced.

This very cute 1/10 scale railcar is running at the brand new SEGA Lalaport in Fujimi, Japan. The attraction known as the ‘Sega Sonic Railway’ allows visitors to ride in the Sonic themed engine seen above on a miniature railway. I’m not afraid to say that I want a ticket. Badly.

A roughly translated transcript of the accompanying post is as follows:

Today ‘ Sega et lalaport fujimi “and Sega Sonic train ‘ et et lalaport fujimi ‘ in the new open! Sonic design 1/10 sizeminitrain both adults and children can drive yourself!

Japan. Please keep being awesome.


Sonic R Soundtrack Now Available on iTunes and Amazon Music Worldwide

Sonic R OST

UPDATE: It’s now available worldwide on iTunes. In the UK the album will set you back £7.99, while individual tracks are priced at 79p each.

SEGA Japan has today announced that the soundtrack for the SEGA Saturn classic racing game Sonic R is now available via digital download in Japan. You can grab the seventeen track album, which includes fan favourites like Resort Island : Can You Feel The Sunshine? and Super Sonic Racing, for ¥1,600 from iTunes and Amazon Music.

Source: SEGA Japan Twitter

ASRT’s Soundtrack To Receive CD Release


Come May, the Japanese version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be released, and if you happen to live in Japan and pre-order, you get a sound track CD.

However, a recent listing posted on would indicate that the OST is to also get a full retail release. In fact several Japanese retailers have recently posted a listing for an ASRT soundtrack on their websites. Details are that it’ll be a single disk release, and its due out on May 14th.

Despite a strong demand for a physical soundtrack release since the games début here in the west, there doesn’t appear to be any plans to bring this over to the US or Europe at this time, which isn’t unusual for Sonic OST releases. But if that changes we’ll be sure to let you know.


Sonic Lost World demo out now in Japan

28020SONIC_LOST_WORLD_Wii_U_Screenshots_720p_1280x720_v1_4Sonic Lost World is undoubtedly a fresh new take on the modern Sonic gameplay formula we’ve seen in recent years – the new running mechanics, the parkour, the tubular level designs… it’s all stuff we haven’t seen before in a Sonic game, and as such it’s a style you can’t really relate to until you’ve experienced it for yourself. Well, if you live in Japan, you’re in luck, as a demo for both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game have now hit the Nintendo eShop!

The Wii U demo consists solely of Windy Hill Zone 1, while the 3DS demo (which can be played 30 times) contains both the Windy Hill Tutorial and Windy Hill Zone 1. In each case, you can transfer over your best scores to the full retail version when it releases in the next couple of weeks.

We can also confirm now, thanks to SSMB member Smash, that the 3DS version will contain the same cutscenes as the Wii U version (albeit in slightly lower quality) as opposed to the style seen in previous handheld versions like Sonic Generations 3DS. Guess that’s the reason for the game’s slightly larger file size! You can check out one of the cutscenes in the video below… but spoilers ahoy, if you’re wanting to save yourself for release day!


There’s no word so far of the demos hitting America or Europe, but you can be sure we’ll keep you posted.  The US and EU eShops do usually update on a Thursday though, so we might not have long to wait to find out…!


3D Sonic the Hedgehog Coming to Nintendo 3DS Japan

A new Sonic game has been revealed! Well, not exactly new, but still!

Joining fellow Genesis favourites Super Hang-On and Space Harrier in Japan, the one, the only, and the original Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to its native Nintendo 3DS eShop on May 15th of this year!


To be released as a 3D Classic, Sonic 3DS features the ability to play the original game with three dimensional depth, customizable controls, and the ability to toggle between the Japanese and “Overseas” versions, and Mega Drive 1 and 2 sound formats, as reported on Sonic Retro. Like the upcoming Taxman/Stealth remastered iOS version, players are also given the option to play the game with or without the Spin Dash.

A price is set for 600¥, and there is no confirmation of a Western release at this time.

Special thanks to Wraith on the SSMB for the tip!

Japanese S&ASRT Release “Will Happen” Says Sumo Digital’s Lycett

Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett aka S0L has seemingly confirmed that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is heading to Japan. On our very own SSMB forum, the developer stated that a Japanese release will happen, but at a later date than in the rest of the world.

Japanese version will happen, but will be later dates.

The first game wasn’t released in Japan, so this is quite a nice surprise and will hopefully bring more SEGA fans to the game’s online community.

Source: SSMB

Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz Getting Sonic Birthday DLC

Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz for PlayStation Vita is set to receive its first piece of downloadable content in Japan in a couple of days time. Publisher SEGA will be releasing a Sonic statue on June 23rd to use in the game’s stage creation mode to commemorate the blue hedgehog’s 21st Birthday. Hopefully this item will be released outside of Japan when the game hits the rest of the world in October.

Hit the jump for screenshots.
Continue reading Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz Getting Sonic Birthday DLC

Sonic 4: Episode 2 Japanese Website Coming Soon

SEGA Japan has updated their official Sonic the Hedgehog 4 home page with a ‘coming soon’ teaser for Episode 2’s website. Woun from fellow Sonic fansite Sonic Scene has managed to grab the game’s full ‘box art’ and what appears to be two pieces of concept art from the Aquatic Ruins Zone styled stage and says we can expect more information about the game from the next issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu tomorrow. We’ll relay any new information here.

Check out the images after the jump.
Continue reading Sonic 4: Episode 2 Japanese Website Coming Soon

Sonic Advance Now Available on Android Devices in Japan

Siliconera reports that Sonic’s first Game Boy Advance title Sonic Advance is now available on Android devices in Japan. The game was released on the Android marketplace on Friday, and is absolutely free of charge. It’s currently unclear if this port will be released outside of Japan.

Source: Siliconera

Thanks to SuperGuzzi for the heads up!

New Sonic Generations Japanese Trailer & 150 3DS Screenshots


SEGA Japan has released a new trailer which gives a look at some gameplay footage from the console and 3DS versions of Sonic Generations to promote the game’s release over there in a couple of weeks. SEGA Japan and SEGA Europe have also together released one hundred and fifty new screenshots of the 3DS version, which showcase all seven stages in the game, as well as the game’s multiplayer mode. You can view all of the images in our gallery below.

Sources: SEGA Press &

New Japanese M&S London 2012 Wii Gameplay Video


SEGA and Nintendo have released some gameplay footage of the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games via Japan’s Wii Nintendo Channel, and thanks to Youtube user NintenDaanNC, the rest of the world can get a look at it. The new footage shows a variety of Olympic and Dream Events, including Football, Show Jumping, Dream Discus and more.

Source: GoNintendo

P.S. Bowser performing in Synchronized Swimming might be one of the funniest things you’ll ever see in gaming.

Japan: Sonic Generations 20th Anniversary Set Revealed

Sonic Scene has discovered that Sonic fans in Japan are getting a special Sonic Generations 20th Anniversary Set. This set includes a 20th Anniversary crystal cube, a 20th Anniversary cloth and the History of the 1st Stage Original Soundtrack White Edition (Xbox 360 & PS3)/Blue Edition (Nintendo 3DS).

Here’s a Google translation of the details:

Xbox 360 & PS3:
[20] Anniversary Set
20th Anniversay Sonic crystal cube
with a weight inside the crystal cube, stereoscopic 3D laser engraved limited edition Sonic the 20th anniversary of the original design.
What you see so many angles and by moderate light, enjoy a timeless interior items.
Delivered in an outer box 20 anniversary logo stamping gorgeous!! DATA Size: 6cm Width 6 × depth 10 × height Weight: 902g ※ The picture is an image of the production. [Benefits] Store Sega Sonic 20th Anniversay Hand Sonic’s classic modern, cute and studded with hand-drawn Sonic, Sonic is a washcloth in very horsetail. ※ The picture is an image.

[Bonus Book] HISTORY OF THE 1ST STAGE Original Soundtrack White Edition ※ The picture is an image. Are limited because the number of ※, and lasts. ▼ List of songs 1.sega Call 2.angel Island / Sonic the Hedgehog 3 3.splash Hill / Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I 4.palmtree Panic / Sonic the Hedgehog CD Grove / Sonic 3D Blast 6.Resort Island / Sonic R 7.emerald Coast / Sonic Adventure 8.City Escape / Sonic Adventure 2 9.westopolis / Shadow the Hedgehog 10.Forest Falls / Sonic Rivals 11.Wave Ocean / Sonic Zahejjihoggu (two thousand and six) 12.windmill Isle – Day / Sonic World Adventure

Nintendo 3DS:
[20] Anniversary Set
20th Anniversay Sonic crystal cube
with a weight inside the crystal cube, stereoscopic 3D laser engraved limited edition Sonic the 20th anniversary of the original design.
What you see so many angles and by moderate light, enjoy a timeless interior items.
Delivered in an outer box 20 anniversary logo stamping gorgeous!! DATA Size: 6cm Width 6 × depth 10 × height Weight: 902g ※ The picture is an image of the production. [Benefits] Store Sega Sonic 20th Anniversay Hand Sonic’s classic modern, cute and studded with hand-drawn Sonic, Sonic is a washcloth in very horsetail. ※ The picture is an image. [Bonus Book] HISTORY OF THE 1ST STAGE Original Soundtrack Blue Edition ※ The picture is an image. Are limited because the number of ※, and lasts. ▼ List of songs 1.sega Call 2.mushroom Hill / Sonic & Knuckles 3.Toxic Caves / Sonic Spinball 4.Botanic Base / Kaotikusu 5.South Island / Sonic The Fighters 6.Seaside Hill / Sonic Heroes 7.Leaf Storm / Sonic Rush 8.Planet Kingdom / Sonic Rush Adventure 9.Metal City / Riders Sonic and the Secret Rings 10.Sand Oasis / Sonic and the Black Knight 11.Camelot Castle / Sonic 12.Tropical Resort / Sonic Colors

You can view the contents of the set in our gallery below.

You can order the Sonic Generations 20th Anniversary Set at at the below links:
Xbox 360: 10,479 yen
PS3: 10, 479 yen
Nintendo 3DS: 8,379 yen

Source: Sonic Scene

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

SEGA Japan Shows Sonic Generations’ Collection Room

SEGA Japan has today opened the ‘Collection’ part of their Sonic Generations website. The update shows four screenshots of a room featured in the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions of the game which holds all of the bonuses you unlock in the game, like character profiles, concept artwork, music and cutscenes. An update for the same feature in the Nintendo 3DS version has also been made. This version contains 3D character models for players to view.

Here are Google translations from the page:
Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Collected in the play “Character Profiles” and “illustration” “BGM” you can enjoy the collection room.
And development of concept art, fan, etc. lots of content past the title BGM happy! In addition, this collection room, which appears only in the private collections of the password! ? The password is coming soon so enjoy!

Nintendo 3DS

Missions by collecting 100 coins in the game and miss communication,
different content is added. Art and history, BGM successive title,
and 3D models of characters, the fans can watch a nice content.

You can view all of the new screenshots below.

Source: SEGA Japan’s Sonic Generations website [HD version, 3DS version] (via Sonic Paradise)

New Sonic Generations Screenshots & Artwork

UPDATE: We also have the above piece of new artwork from CBBC Newsround. (Thanks to SSMB member Neon for the heads up!)

Original story:
As well as story intro spoilers for Sonic Generations, SEGA Japan has today also released some other new assets, including new artwork for Rival character Silver the Hedgehog and new enemy Time Eater, new Xbox 360/PS3 & PC screenshots for Sky Sanctuary Zone and new 3DS screenshots for Emerald Coast.

You can view them all in our gallery.

Source: SEGA Japan’s Sonic Generations website

Thanks to SSMB members The Dead Skin and Torcano Sanctuary for the heads up!

SEGA Japan Releases Sonic Generations Intro Details & Cutscene Images

SEGA Japan has given a big update to their Sonic Generations website and among the additions are 15 new images from the game’s story introduction scene. The game opens with a picnic Sonic’s friends are holding for his Birthday, before new enemy creature Time Eater comes along and sucks up Sonic and his friends into warp holes spread out across Sonic’s 20 year history.

Take a look at the images in our gallery.

Details of the story introductions from the HD version and the 3DS version have also been revealed and we have English translations of those courtesy of San.ake from Sonic Retro.

PS3/Xbox 360/PC version

Today is Sonic’s Birthday.
A party is about to start, full of treats Sonic’s friends prepared.

Or so it was supposed to…
A mysterious monster attacks out of the blue,
Sonic’s friends are absorbed into a vortex,
and Sonic is left helpless.

Nothing but a white world in front of his eyes…
What is this place? Where are his friends?
Everything remaining a mystery,
an adventure that crosses both space and time starts!

3DS version

Sonic is invited to a birthday party Tails organized.
With a chili-dog in hand, Sonic is in a good mood. However…

A mysterious monster attacks out of the blue
Tails is absorbed into a vortex
and Sonic is left helpless.

Nothing but a white world in front of his eyes…
What is this place? Where is Tails?
Everything remaining a mystery,
an adventure that crosses both space and time starts!

Source: SEGA Japan’s Sonic Generations website

Thanks to SSMB members The Dead Skin and Torcano Sanctuary for the heads up!

Sonic Generations’ Release Pushed Forward in Japan

It seems SEGA, like Sonic, is getting a little impatient to get the blue hedgehog’s new title Sonic Generations into stores, as Andriasang reports that the game will now launch in Japan December 1st, instead of the previously scheduled date December 8th. Great news for our fellow fans in Japan!

Source: Andriasang

Thanks to frokenok3 at the SSMB for the heads up!

Got a news tip? Send it in to, or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find.

2 Sonic Generations OST’s Revealed, Now Available to Pre-Order

Wondering if Sonic Generations will be getting an original soundtrack release? Well, wonder no more. The game will be getting not 1, but 2 original soundtrack CD releases. Both are titled History of the 1st Stage, and one will cover the PS3/Xbox 360 version of the game (White Edition), the other will contain tracks from the 3DS version (Blue Edition). No word on the track lists yet, but we’ll let you know when they’re revealed.

Both CD’s are planned for a December 8th release in Japan alongside the game’s release. You can pre-order them over at Amazon Japan at the below links. The White Edition will be bundled with PS3 and Xbox 360 copies of Sonic Generations (thanks CyberLink420) and will set you back ¥ 6,230, while the Blue Edition, which isn’t bundled, costs just ¥ 4,445.

History of the 1st Stage Original Soundtrack White Edition (PS3 listing)
History of the 1st Stage Original Soundtrack White Edition (Xbox 360 listing)
History of the 1st Stage Original Soundtrack Blue Edition (Nintendo 3DS listing)

Source: Sonic Scene – Link 1, Link 2

Thanks to Woun for the heads up!

Sonic Generations Japanese Release Date and Box Arts Revealed

SEGA Japan has unveiled the Japanese box artwork for all 3 versions of Sonic Generations, which is very similar to the US and EU art minus the 20th Anniversary logo. A December 8th release date for all versions in that territory has also been revealed.

Source: Sonic Scene – Link 1, Link 2

Thanks to Woun for the heads up!

New Crush 40 Live in Tokyo Concert Dates

Concert venue Guilty has revealed on their website that the Crush 40 Live in Tokyo 2011 concert, which was delayed due to the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Tokyo, will now take place on Saturday July 30th and Sunday July 31st. Crush 40 hasn’t announced anything via their website, Twitter or Facebook, but we expect they will soon.

Source: Guilty (via Sonic Scene)

Thanks to Woun for the heads up!

Sonic Generations Announced For Japan, 2 New Screens & Artwork

Andriasang reports that SEGA has announced that Sonic Generations will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan this Winter. Along with the announcement, SEGA’s shared four screenshots (two old, two new) and a piece of artwork featuring both Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. You can check out the new screenshots and artwork below.

Source: Andriasang (via CVG)

Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition Delayed

The Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition we reported about in Feburary has been delayed by a month according to updated retailer listings. The single CD album will now be released in Japan May 18th 2011. Cover art and the list of tracks are still unavailable right now, but we’ll let you know when they’re made available.

You can pre-order the album online at the below retailers: ¥2,400 ¥2,400

Source: Sonic Scene

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

Marathon Monday: Speed Demos Archive running Sonic games for Japan

Thursday 7th April – Monday 11th April at

I’m sure some of you remember when my good friends at Speed Demos Archive raised over $52k for charity at their live speedrunning marathon back in January. Not least, a beast known only as Stanski tore up Sonic 2 on the Sega Genesis in one take.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”265″][/youtube]

Normally, SDA isn’t one to do marathons all the time – they usually only have one a year and put everything into it – but last month some place called Japan had its east coast wiped out by a wave reaching 23 metres high, leaving over 10,000 people dead and another half a million without a home.

So, towards the end of March, and with marathoning for Japan seemingly de rigueur right now, SDA decided to join the bandwagon and plan a top marathon in two weeks. Unlike their usual efforts, this one will be done online from the gamers’ homes, and yours truly will also be joining the party.

Japan Relief Done Quick: April 7-10 2011

This time Japan Relief Done Quick will be raising funds for Doctors Without Borders, the American branch of the international medical aid group Médecins Sans Frontières. A Nobel Peace Prize recipient, MSF has operations in over 60 countries, and is in Japan right now providing medical treatment to those affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Now, January’s marathon was a bit disappointing from a Sonic point of view, but that’s not the case this time. Early Friday morning in the UK, there’s a solid four-hour slot where five Sonic games will be played through:

  • First up is the original Mega Drive title, Sonic the Hedgehog, played by MilesSMB on Genesis.
  • That’s followed by Sonic 3D on Saturn, played by Zyre who recently had a speedrun of another Sega classic, Skies of Arcadia Legends, published on SDA.
  • Next Venick will hammer his way through Amy’s story on the original Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast.
  • The greatest Sonic game ever made is next – Sonic 2006 on Xbox 360. Depending on donations, either Venick or Parax will go through one character’s story. If you’re planning on donating, personally I recommend Silver because some of the tricks will blow your mind.
  • Finally, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 will be seeing a full game run. The runner is Parax, the top single-level speedrunner for Sonic 4 in the world right now. If you’re on 360, check the leaderboards and then check your calendar.
  • This marathon starts at 9PM in the UK on Thursday, and is set to run into Monday. You can see the full schedule at the JRDQ site, though if you’re planning on watching a certain game, bear in mind times can change pretty easily.

    Be there, if only to laugh at me when I die in-game during my slot…

    Crush 40 Japan Concerts Postponed Until Summer

    Due to the current circumstances surrounding the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that has lead to the humanitarian distaster in Japan, Crush 40 have cancelled their two conert dates, which were set to go ahead on Saturday, 2nd of April and Sunday, 3rd of April in Tokyo and Osaka. I’ve been in touch with both Jonny Gioeli and Jun Senoue this week, and after careful consideration they have decided this is the most appropriate action to take at this time.

    Wavemaster Entertainment and Crush 40 extend their sympathies to all of those affected by the events in the north east of Japan, and apologise to all of those who had bought tickets to the two sold-out shows.You can read the official statement on the Wavemaster Crush 40 Concert page.

    We will keep you updated here at the Sonic Stadium when dates for the rescheduling of these dates is due.

    Sonic Free Riders, Kinect Hitting Japan November 20th

    Today, Microsoft has revealed at a press event in Tokyo that Kinect will be available for Xbox 360 in Japan November 20th of this year. Titles available at launch will include newly announced brain training game Lead: New Brain Training Where You Answer With Your Body, Kinect Sports, Dance Evolution, Crossboard 7 and SEGA’s first Kinect title, Sonic Free Riders. SEGA Japan has backed-up Sonic Free Riders November 20th release date in an update to the games official website this morning.

    Sources: MCV and Bloomberg

    The Jun Senoue Interview – Part 3

    My busy schedule (which has included scoping out potential locations for Summer of Sonic) has meant this has been heavily delayed, but here it is! The illusive final part of the Jun Senoue Interview! Because there were so many questions asked by the fans, Jun agreed to answer some more of the other frequently asked questions:

    T-Bird: BlueHedgehog25 asks are you planning on having any Crush 40 or similar songs featuring on the Rock Band Network?

    Jun: I’m hoping that we can have some Crush 40 songs on Rock Band in the near future.

    T-Bird: Exciting! Sure the fans will be please to hear that! Waaurufu asks who was the designer of your Sonic the hedgehog guitar?

    Jun: Yuji Uekawa Sonic Team illustrator and character designer provided me with the artwork. Hiroki Hayashi, one of the people who is in charge over at ESP guitars took care of the rest!

    T-Bird: Here’s a good question from SuperStingray: Where did the name Crush 40 come from, and what happened to Crushes 1-39?

    Jun: I picked the word “Crush” up because of my favorite soda drink and Johnny added “40” onto the end. You will have to ask Johnny about other numbers!

    T-Bird: A less Sonical pair of questions now! Pelon13 asks what is your favourite food, and what is your favourite colour?

    Jun: Mexican food is my favourite, but it is very hard to find really good Mexican restuarants in Japan. Talking about colors, my favorites are Red, Purple, Black.

    T-Bird: Moving back to technical preferences, Kasey asks what your favourite guitar is and what amplifier set-up do you preferentially use?

    Jun: I like the combination of ESP guitar with Schecter pick-ups and Soldano amplifier with Soldano or Bogner cabinets. I only have small ones from Bogner at this moment though. With regards to “Knight Of The Wind” on “The Best Of Crush 40 – Super Sonic Songs”, I tracked all backing guitars once again with Soldano amplifier and Soldano cabinet.

    T-Bird: Gwiz210 wants to know if Bubblicious Blvd. are planning on recording an album or an EP in the near future?

    Jun: Nope! Bubblicious Blvd. is not a serious project at all. We [Jun, Mike etc…] just try to have play any dates we can in our spare time at the moment. Jan. 9th was the first day we were introduced to each other and we played the gig without any rehearsals! We’ve only met twice since then back on February the 20th to rehearse and to play another show a day later on February 21st.

    We have played just three times, two shows and one rehearsal!

    T-Bird: With regards to that gig, how did it go?

    Jun: Talking about the show on Feb. 21st, it went much better than 1st gig since we’ve learned the songs 🙂 I was really surprised that a singer I used to work with back in the early 90’s came to the show to say hi to me! We had a dinner the other day, discussed several things and we will have a show on May 16th in Shibuya, Tokyo. The band was not famous but we had some good memories!

    We will have a show with my drummer and bass player this time but I hope all four members from that era can share the stage in the near future.

    T-Bird: Sounds like a very busy schedule! Nozwhompolton asks are there any plans to give Blaze the cat a theme? If so, will it be similar to the Sir Percival theme or something different like the Vela-Nova track from Sonic Rush?

    Jun: When I worked for “Sonic And The Black Knight”, I had a plan to make her theme song and yes, my idea was to make a full-length version of “Sir Percival Theme”. I could not make it for several reasons…. the main reason being the short instrumental I composed for “Sir Percival” was good enough for the scene, and we didn’t need the longer one for use elsewhere in the game.

    And that’s all folks! Hopefully we will be speaking to Jun again in the summer with regards to the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 soundtrack…and maybe some other things too!