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Before the big move to SEGASonic:Radio, I believe that enough time has passed for me to, in a sense, archive all of the Sound Test Saturdays we’ve had over the past three months.

As we move on to bigger things on this column, feel free to dive back into the past and listen through all of the Sound Tests featured on The Sonic Stadium! Should everything go as planned, you can catch up to us on SEGASonic:Radio next week as Freen in Green will be interviewed!

You can catch May and June after the jump!


A Funky Premiere of Green Symphonies! Our kickoff on the new weekly column, showcasing Acts 1 and 2 of TheSymphonicGames’ Badnik Factory, a groovy drum cover of Hydrocity Zone Act 2 by FunkFlash, and Freen in Green’s take on Frog Forest from Sonic Heroes, “The Serene Beauty”.

What if Sound Test Saturday… had lyrics? The second issue highlights some hot vocal work from Smooth4Lyfe with “Heart of Fire” (Crisis City), and a rap duet between Darkspeeds and Speedio322 for “Speedway Jam” (Speed Highway).

Green Groves and Jet Set! A very nice and faithful re-interpretation of Green Grove Act 1 from Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis) by Dr. Mack Foxx and EspioKaos, and a very cool Sonic-based original track for Jet Set Radio, put together by Ryuuji14, are featured.

CageKame’s Legendary Rock Covers: Sonic 3 & Knuckles gets some love from this talented Italian guitarist. Sky Sanctuary and Ice Cap gain some awesome solos as a result!

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