Mario and Sonic Top Five Million

Last year, SEGA announced that Mario and Sonic will sell four million copies in it’s lifetime. People scoffed.

Well today, it seems, SEGA will have the last laugh. SEGA has announced today that not only has Mario and Sonic reach it’s goal of four million copies sold, it has surpassed it, selling a total of five million copies worldwide. “With adored icons and fun game play, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has shot to the top of the sales charts and is clearly resonating with the growing audience of casual gamers that want an engaging and accessible gaming experience,” said Simon Jeffery, President and COO, SEGA of America. “The market for entertaining games that everyone can enjoy is growing faster than any other segment in the industry, thanks in part to the explosive popularity of Wii and Nintendo DS,” continued Jeffery. “A key element of our growth strategy at SEGA is to develop and publish games that appeal to this expanding market.”

Mario and Sonic can owe much of it’s success to the UK, where the game has consistently remained in the top five every week since it’s release.

Mario & Sonic Take Christmas #1

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is the best selling game in the UK at the moment – increasing SEGA’s chances for a Christmas #1.

Traditionally, Electronic Arts developed titles have dominated UK sales charts throughout December. This has been the case for the last four years, and looked to be true in 2007 when Need For Speed: ProStreet edged into the top spot last week.

But the unlikely collaboration of two of video gaming’s greatest icons appear to have charmed British audiences, as today it has been revealed that Mario & Sonic jumped five places to take the Gold. Odd, considering there aren’t any actual Wii’s to go around…

Next week will be the prized Christmas Week. Can SEGA keep on top of the tree riding the Wiimania that’s sweeping the country, or will EA climb up and claim its star back?

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games hits Top 10

Chart Track have revealed info about the current UK sales chart for the week ending Decmber 1. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) has jumped up from No.14 to No.7 in the All formats chart. The game that pitches past rivals Sonic and Mario aganst eachother in olympic competition has now overtook Super Mario Galaxy and has recorded the largest sales week of any individual Nintendo Wii title. Now that’s an amazing feat. In the Wii game sales chart the game is now at No.1 with Super Mario Galaxy at No.2.

Stay tuned to Sonic News for more developments as they happen.

Thank you, all

I’ve been informed today by my partner (who I developed the backend used by Sonic News with) that he’s negotiating a deal with a client, with us making minor modifications to it and selling it, for what I like to refer to as Nakabux. This deal could be the start of a nice little business venture for us, and I’m pretty damn excited as I’ve never sold any of my work before.

If you guys didn’t exist, we likely wouldn’t be making that engine as good as it is. So, thank you, for just being there and encouraging us to make the site better and our pockets deeper.

Sonic DX Sales Help SEGA Profit

Below is from Planet Gamecube:

It seems Sega is slowly lifting itself out of the gutter. Thursday Sega announced a profit of 1.89 billion yen, or 15.8 million dollars, and 42.4 billion yen ($353 million) in sales between April and June. Although it is hard for analysts to make projections on the rest of Sega’s year, as this is Sega’s first quarterly earnings report publicly released, it is safe to say any profit is good for the company, whose reports have historically been in the red. 

Sega attributes this pleasant surprise to key titles such as Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut, an updated GameCube port of the signature Dreamcast title, and the quirky Let’s Make a J-League Soccer Club 3 for the PS2, both of which sold above Sega’s expectations. Sega reports it is still on track to meet its goal of 7.5 billion yen ($1.6 billion) in profit by the end of March 2004.

Looks like the ports are selling well, makes you think what the sales for Sonic Heroes will be…