Sonic Generations Finally Hits Xbox One Backward Compatibility

About friggin’ time!

Microsoft held their second episode of Inside Xbox yesterday, in which they share a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s inner workings, and today’s livestream held a special announcement regarding backward compatibility on Xbox One.

The gaming giant revealed that a handful of backward compatible Xbox 360 games will become Xbox One X-enhanced, a beefy update through which last-gen titles receive a substantial performance boost on the most powerful home console on the market, after the presentation. Among them is none other than Sonic Generations, which also means that the 20th anniversary title celebrating Sonic’s history has also been finally retrofitted for the Xbox One family of systems as of today!

Episode 2 of Inside Xbox also revealed a ton of new original Xbox games being added to the backward compatible library, including SEGA’s own Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Now that leaves only Sonic Unleashed and Sonic ’06 as the remaining mainline Sonic games to become Xbox One backward compatible… I’ll certainly be keeping my fingers crossed.

Microsoft Gets Their Riders Crossed


Microsoft’s new Kinect sensor for Xbox 360 is hitting U.S. stores shortly and what better way to help grab interest than for Microsoft to show all Xbox 360’s Xbox Live users the launch game line-up in an Inside Xbox video, what could possibly go wrong? Well, it appears the Inside Xbox team haven’t paid too much attention to SEGA’s Sonic Free Riders, because they seem to have it confused with the original Sonic Riders title on Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Gamecube. When Microsoft’s Bridget O’Neill gets to the game at the 02:34 mark, a trailer for Sonic Riders is on display, logo and all. Before the end of the video the Sonic Riders logo (seen below) is shown again and O’Neill refers to the title as Sonic Riders, too.

You have to wonder, how does the company behind the Xbox 360 confuse an original Xbox title with an Xbox 360 game, especially one that’s launching the next day, only on their new Kinect peripheral? Now, I wonder what SEGA would have to say about this comical promotional failure…

Inside Xbox UK Interview Sumo Digital

If you live in the UK turn on your Xbox 360 and get it connected to Xbox Live because a new interview has hit Inside Xbox with Sumo Digitals Executive Producer Steve Lycett and Lead Artist Dave Blewett. In the interview Steve Lycett speaks about all of the various modes in the game and reveals two new multiplayer modes called Capture the Chao and Knockout, Capture the Chao is like any first-person shooters Capture the Flag and Knockout is like a survivor mode with the person in last place given just 15 seconds to get back in the pack or else they get kicked out.

Dave Blewett discusses how Avatar support and Banjo-Kazooie came to be and bringing very old SEGA characters up to todays 3D graphical standard.

There is also some new gameplay footage from a wide variety of the tracks too, it’s a very interesting interview so switch on your Xbox 360 and give it a watch.