Team Sonic Racing Delayed?

Delays happen in game development and Team Sonic Racing may be speeding towards one, if a pamphlet from the IgroMir Expo is to be believed. A pamphlet from IgroMir, which is a Russian computer and gaming expo, was posted by Sonic fan twitter account @SAAC_RUS. It gives the game, which is currently scheduled for a winter 2018 release, a 2019 release date:

Of course, there could be other explanations for this pamphlet other then a delay. The game could be getting a delayed release in Russia, or the date on the pamphlet could just be an error. The lack of a concrete release date for a 2018 game less than three months before the end of the year is certainly unusual, however.

Whether the game is soon to get an official release date, or a delay, stay tuned to TSS and we’ll let you know!