SEGA: Sonic 4 Model Not At Full Running Animation

I almost didn’t make this a news story, but it’s been the most controversial and hotly-discussed element of the recently unveiled Sonic 4 trailer that it sort of bears extra weight. RubyEclipse from Sega of America has revealed on the official company forums that the ‘Sonic trot’ does not represent the blue blur at his fastest speed.

Actually, it is not his fastest speed! There is a faster animation for Sonic’s running that was not shown in the trailer,” wrote the SoA employee (emphasis not ours). “It is more akin to what you might be familiar seeing from Sonic 3 & Knuckles or Sonic CD.

Good news all around. We’re to be treated to more footage featuring Sonic at full-pelt soon, apparently – until then, about the only legitimate complaint at this stage of the reveal has been nuked. Enjoy!

Via SSMB – Cheers G-Force!