Sonic Movie Hitting Hulu on February 18

Lockdown not quite over yet, where you are? Don’t fret, you’ll soon have another way to binge watch the Sonic the Hedgehog movie if you live in the US. Paramount announced today that the cinematic adventures of the blue blur will be made available on the streaming platform from February 18.

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Sonic Boom Season 2 Arrives on Hulu This Sunday!

Get your favourite breakfast cereal ready, because Sonic Boom Season 2 arrives on Hulu in America this Sunday! No more SD video off of Boomerang. No more scouring Youtube for clips because like a good chunk of Americans, you don’t HAVE Boomerang! Instead, you get Sonic Boom Season 2 in glorious HD the way it was meant to be seen. All 52 episodes will be available along with season 1 to give you a whopping 104 episodes of hilarious Sonic silliness!

There’s currently no word on season 2 streaming availability in other countries (especially the UK which hasn’t even aired any of season 2 yet). We will keep you up to date if anything else is announced in the future.

Source: Hulu (Twitter)


Sonic Talk 37: Bubsy Modded

In this month’s Sonic Talk, join Jason, Alex and GX Echidna as they discuss the Ratchet and Clank movie, Star Fox Zero, the Lego Dimensions Sonic rumor, Jon Gray leaving Archie comics, Sonic conventions, the new Sega Genesis hub with mod support on Steam (while driving Alex nuts about Bubsy mods) and…Sonic facial Cream? Continue reading Sonic Talk 37: Bubsy Modded

Sonic Boom Coming to US Hulu This Month

Sonic Boom will be made available for streaming in the US as a Hulu exclusive later this month. This will put an end to the show’s strange absence from digital services, which has made it notoriously difficult to watch legally for anyone who doesn’t want to watch the show on TV. Continue reading Sonic Boom Coming to US Hulu This Month

Sonic X Now Streaming On Hulu

A lot of you probably have already seen the first season of “Sonic X” many times and own the DVDs, but hey, why not watch it again on your computer?

Today, Hulu has uploaded the entire first season!  Currently, the episodes are only in Japanese with English subtitles that you can switch on and off with Hulu’s closed-captioning feature.  Hulu will be working with 4KIDS to obtain the English-dubbed episodes.   In addition, if you’re outside the United States, you will be locked out from watching them.

Watch Season 1 of Sonic X on Hulu now!