Alton Towers Reveal First Info About Sonic Hotel Room

Alton Towers have revealed the above mock-up of the Sonic themed room launching alongside the Sonic Spinball ride at their hotel this weekend with a brief summary on their website of what it features.

Spin into the universe of Sonic The Hedgehog in his amazing new themed room. Stay in the famous game level of Green Hill Zone, practise your video gaming skills in the dedicated gaming area with Sonic game library, hunt for the Chaos Emeralds and test Sonic facts!

SSMB member Casanova has been in contact with Alton Towers regarding the room and managed to grab the following info from their customer service team –
– The room number is 312
– Prices start at around £300-£350 per night! And that doesn’t include breakfast/dinner/park tickets.
– Console/s to play the Sonic game library on have not been decided yet.
– There is no virtual tour on the site because the room is not finished yet.

Thanks to Casanova at the SSMB for the heads up.

Will you be booking some time at the Sonic room? Let us know in the comments.