BlueTube: Help Me Un-Watch This Video


I just got linked to this about an hour ago.  Nothing says “YouTube Disaster” more than Sonic cosplay.

Basically, the premise here is that Sonic is down on his luck because all of his games have sucked.  He has no job, no money, no credit… no nothing.  Then he gets mocked by kids on a playground.  How can you save him?  Well, since this video was made a little over a year ago, you were supposed to buy an “actual good game,” Sonic Unleashed.  Sonic is still stuck in that playground.

I had a good laugh at its craptacularness (and the TV with a ring taped on it… but mostly its craptacularness).

S3&K Boss Theme – Fatty Remix


This video could possibly be the funniest thing that I have ever seen.  Watch as this kid shakes, grooves, and mugs the camera to the Sonic 3 & Knuckles boss music.  And no, it’s not actually Tweaker, but it makes it all the funnier that the site says it.  Damnit, why is this video so awesome?!