UPDATE: The Spin: A look into Sonic’s history with Nintendo


UPDATE: I just found out and added that Marvelous (then known as MarvelousAQL) helped with Mario & Sonic London 2012 3DS!

Hello again! 🙂 Over the past while I’ve made lookbacks covering two Sonic games on Nintendo systems, specifically Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and Sonic Unleashed, both for Wii, and I thought, you know what, why don’t I just cover the whole history? Of course, the opinions in this article reflect my own thoughts and may not reflect the thoughts of the other Staff members. With that, let’s start from the very beginning…

Mario & Sonic Together

A rivalry past, comes friendship to last

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SEGA to Hold Panel at AOD 2013 About the History & Future of Sonic

Sonic 10th anniversary figurine

UPDATE: Aaron Webber has confirmed via Twitter that there won’t be any new game announcements at the panel.

You may recall an article we published last month about Ken Pontac being listed on AOD 2013’s website as the writer for an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog game. Well, we’ve now learned from AOD 2013’s Dominic Nguyen, that Ken will be there as part of a bigger official SEGA Sonic presence.

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TSS History: The Banners

One of the things that The Sonic Stadium is known for, beyond our eight-year history, is our bizarre sense of humour. This humour is usually implemented in our banner adverts, which we’ve had rolling for several years now. Although the banner advertisement service allows for other Sonic sites to get noticed via visiting TSS, sometimes we got bored and made our own stuff to put up on the rotation. These varied from adverts for articles and specific updates to the site itself to random ways of advertising the advert service itself.

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Sonic and the Black Knight Art Contest

No matter what you may think about Sonic’s upcoming Wii exclusive, you can’t deny that SEGA has just discovered a great way to involve the fan community. Apparently, Black Knight is going to feature some sort of gallery illustrating Sonic’s past, and SEGA wants you, the fans, to draw it. See the quote below for details:

Hey Sonic fans! We are looking for artists to help us tell the story of Sonic in a special animated gallery in the upcoming new title, Sonic and the Black Knight (Wii, spring 2009).

Draw Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Blaze and other characters (or any combination of one or more of them together) in your favorite scene from your favorite Sonic game and send it to us before the deadline of September 19th. We’ll choose 20 of the best to feature and each of those winners will also receive a free copy of Sonic and the Black Knight

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The History of Sonic, as told by 1UP

1999, Sega Headquarters

“Hey boss! It seems the kids really liked Sonic Adventure, except for uh… every character that wasn’t Sonic. Also, the adventure. What should we do for the sequel?”

“Hmm… Sonic Adventure 2! Add new characters, some all new adventure… it’ll be a hit, I tells ya, a hit!”

2001, Sega Headquarters

“Well boss, Sonic Adventure 2 was received pretty well, but people still want nothing to do with those side-characters. What now?”

“Hmm… Sonic Heroes! This time, we’ll force them to play as side-characters even while playing as Sonic! It’s genius, I tells ya, genius!”

2004, Sega Headquarters

“Boss, Sonic Heroes didn’t go over very well. I really think we should listen to the fans, and pare it back down to just Sonic alone. What do you say?”

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