SATBK receives highest score yet from kids mag ‘Toxic’


So what? I hear you say… Well, if anyone remembers Tetsu Katano claimed Sonic and the Black Knight was developed for the younger gamers and until now all other media have given this game an 8/10 or below and now a kids magazine called Toxic comes along and gives the game a 9/10 and their ‘Star Game’ award.

The reviewers from this magazine may not be kids but its these people’s jobs to actually look at the game from a kids point of view which alot of reviewers especially from the big gaming sites have failed to do. Toxic’s reviewers have reviewed it from a kids eyes and gave it a top score, other sites have reviewed it from an hardcore Sonic fan’s point of view and constantly complained about the gimmicks, gameplay and how it’s not like traditional Sonic. This game has been designed to be different and easy to pick up and play for kids but most reviewers just haven’t understood that.

Toxic, we love you! Tetsu Katano and the rest of Sonic Team would be proud!

Also, one of Toxic’s free gifts this issue is an official set of Sonic and the Black Knight stickers. –
toxic-mag-satbk-stickers1 toxic-mag-satbk-stickers2

After picking up this issue I’ve noticed it says their next issue is out tomorrow so merchandise fans wishing to pick this issue up will be out of luck at their local shops. I suggest contacting them through their website and requesting a back issue order of it. It’s issue ‘136 18-Mar-31 Mar’.