Sonic-a-thon for Child’s Play ongoing, ends on Aug 20th

maxresdefaultWell this hasn’t been posted yet, so I’m here to correct that mistake! HellfireComms as well as guests like folks from BrainScratchComms and others will be playing various Sonic games until August 20th, check it out the livestream HERE!

Right now as I type they’re playing Sonic the Hedgehog 3 while playing as Knuckles with SomeCallMeJohnny playing and Ryan co-commentating.

As well the total donated as I type is at US $11,458.41 with 811 contributions!

Missed the previous games? Worry not! HellfireComms is archiving them on their YouTube channel, so far the games archived are:

Sonic Adventure DX (GC), Sonic Rivals, Sonic Spinball, Shadow the Hedgehog (GC), and Sonic the Fighters (Arcade).

Hop on over, enjoy some great games being streamed (and some not so good games ;) ), and consider donating for a great cause! Chances are, if you have a game you want to see, it’s going to be streamed, check out the schedule on the livestream site above. :)

I want to wish all involved the BEST of luck and keep up the amazing work!

Freak-Out… Monday?: Shadow the NumHog

EDIT: Always double-check drafts… Ah well! Guess that’s what happens when you’re too busy preparing for February.

With what appears to be one of the funniest glitches in a Sonic game ever, at least if you choose to ignore the fact Sonic 2006 exists, Hellfire Commentaries plays Shadow the Hedgehog with some rather famishing results.


Special thanks to Faseeh and SSF1991 for the heads-up!