Sonic the Fighters HD One Week Away

Looks like we won’t have to be waiting for much longer.

Coinciding with the Japanese release, Sonic the Fighters HD (along with Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighters 2) will become available digitally to Western audiences as early as next week!

The official SEGA Blog has confirmed that the upgraded brawler, which boasts online play and extra playable characters previously unavailable in the original, will roll out worldwide beginning from the 27th of November for North American PSN users at the cheap price of $4,99. This translates to 400MP on XBLA, with the arcade title releasing around the world the following day.

PSN users in Europe will have to wait until December 5th, where the game will be priced at €4.49/£3.69.

So, who’s excited to throw down in fisticuffs on the online ring?

SEGA Releases More Sonic Adventure 2 HD Screenshots, PC Version in “Coming Months”


In a blog update today SEGA of America has released six new screenshots for the new HD port of Sonic Adventure 2 showcasing some of Sonic and Shadow’s stages like Crazy Gadget and Sky Rail, as well as some of the game’s cutscenes in 720p high definition. You can view them all in our gallery after the jump. A launch trailer is also available for your viewing above.
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Sonic Adventure 2 HD PS3 Trophy List Revealed, Including Battle DLC

We got a look at the main twelve Achievements for the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Adventure 2 a few weeks back, and now the PS3 version’s Trophy list has been revealed, including the three extra Trophies the Battle DLC provides. You can check out both lists with coloured icons after the jump.
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Sonic Adventure 2 Available in Europe October 3rd, PC Version Officially Confirmed

SEGA Europe has officially dated the upcoming Sonic Adventure 2 HD port for October 3rd on PSN and XBLA in Europe, one day after the game is released on the US PS Store. The XBLA date is a little odd given that SEGA of America announced an October 5th date for the XBLA version in the US and how Xbox Live updates worldwide, and usually on a Wednesday. Could SOA have made a mistake?

In other news, a PC version has been officially confirmed, but the release date for that platform is unfortunately ‘TBC’. Once a release date is divulged we’ll let you know. With today’s news, SEGA has also released some artwork, which you can view below in our gallery.

Source: SEGA Press

Sonic Adventure 2 Xbox 360 Achievements Revealed

Are you looking to up your gamerscore when Sonic Adventure 2 hits Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360 next month? Well, the list of Achievements has just been revealed, and we have it available for you after the jump so you can prepare yourself. There are a total of 12 Achievements to earn with a maximum gamerscore of 400.
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Sonic Adventure 2 Coming to PC

US game rating board the ESRB has rated the upcoming HD digital download release of Sonic Adventure 2. Within the details of the E10+ rating, the ESRB has revealed that, like the first Sonic Adventure, the game will see a release on PC, as well as on the already announced PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. No official word from SEGA, but this isn’t the first time another platform option has been leaked before SEGA has announced it.

Source: ESRB (via Sonic Paradise)

#62 Sonic 2 HD Teaser Trailer

For those of you who may not have noticed, this weekend saw the release of the first teaser trailer from Sonic 2 HD!  It has been in the works in one form or another as far back as 2007, and like a lot of fan projects we do wonder whether it will ever truly be finished, but you can’t deny how good this trailer looks! Interested (you should be), then check out their developer blog, their official site, or join their facebook page!

Rumour: New Mario & Sonic Not Sports Themed, Sonic Colours May Go HD

The rumour mill is churning again and this time it’s from a random 4chan forum member who goes by the name Wentos The Travelling Salesman, who some may recall spoke out early last year claiming to be an employee at SEGA. This guy claimed to know that the next “main” game in the Sonic series would be based on Sonic Unleashed‘s daytime stages, but never provided any proof to his identity or claims. The claim may have turned out to be true, with Sonic Colours‘ stages playing out like those levels, but these are predictions anyone could make given such positive feedback on those stages from fans who played the game that SEGA quickly became aware of.

New rumours from Wentos’ sudden return to the 4chan forums begin with SEGA going for something different in the next Mario & Sonic game, straying away from the sports theme of the last two games in the franchise, but wouldn’t say anything more on the subject.

“Without giving anything away…this time, it’s not a sports game. It’s turning out quite well. I think some of you may be a little surprised.”

When asked why Sonic Colours isn’t on PS3 and Xbox360, Wentos cited cheaper development costs and developmental freedom as reasons.

“…Wii/DS is a much more cost-effective pairing, especially for an ‘experimental’ Sonic game like this where they needed the financial and developmental freedom to craft 50+ (!) stages,”

Wentos also claims that development of an HD version of Sonic Colours is all set to go, but first SEGA will need high sales of the Wii & DS versions to justify it ever leaving the cutting room floor.

“The technology and design plan is all set up to do the port on Sonic Team’s end,” he said. “Of course, they need strong sales to justify releasing it on the other two platforms (with enhancements, more money spent, etc) in the first place, so it’s all up to you guys.”

Again, no proof of Wentos’ identity or his claims has been provided and for the most part these rumours have been going about since Gamefest 2010, so we’re strictly filing this under rumour and suggest you take this with the tiniest pinch of salt possible.

For more and an extract of a chat log with Wentos, head over to SEGA Bits.

Full 1080p HD Visuals Confirmed For Sonic 4 PS3/Xbox 360

Good news for fans of pretty visuals in their games as the Official PlayStation Europe site and the Official U.S. Xbox site have confirmed that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 will play in 1080p HD via the games product pages at both sites. Now you’ll be able to get your classic Sonic fix in glorious full HD, Splash Hill Zone should be a treat with it’s brightly coloured environments and water falls. No other info such as a release date are listed at the moment but we’ll keep an eye out.

GameTrailers Uploads HD Videos of ASR Demo Gameplay

A “GT Original,” GameTrailers is the first to get up some HD footage (or any footage that matter) of the Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing X360 demo released yesterday.  There are two videos, both featuring single-player and multiplayer.  Each video highlights the playable characters in the demo, Sonic and Banjo-Kazooie, and show of their all-star moves.  Handy for those who do not have Xbox 360s!

Also… an announcer.  A link to each video is below:

Sonic ASR Demo Gameplay

Banjo-Kazooie Gameplay